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Thread: Vividdreamer journal

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    Vividdreamer journal

    Lucid in a dream. Low level of light, trying to turn them on with affirmations and statements, but nothing is working. I find a small tv and I'm able to change the channel. Could not remember my goals and woke up.

    Later night slipped into another lucid dream now I'm an airplane, but dream fell a part quickly.

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    Re: Vividdreamer journal

    Non lucid dream. An older man is yelling at a child. He takes him out of my office and begins to spank him. I walk out there and make him stop. I told him that I will not tolerate his abuse anymore and that I was done warning him. I then tell the old man I know he is hurting the kids because he was hurt, but it is not ok to hurt someone else. Emotional dream and began crying. Woke up.

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    Re: Vividdreamer journal

    No lucid dreams. Ended up in some kind of doctor's office or chiropractors. They were adjusting my back and asking me to walk with better posture. Everyone time I would correct it they, would say I was doing it wrong. When I did fix it, the feeling was uncomfortable and exaggerated.

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    Re: Vividdreamer journal

    Spent last night in a presentation telling me that they know best. Guy presenting is in an expensive suit it and gives me the exact time the presentation will be over. I start the clock on my watch to test it. Then, the dream shifts and I'm standing in a mansion. I"m told that everything is done, but we have to find $500k first. Everyone is tearing the house a part looking for it, but I know it isn't there.

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