People believe this:

- thoughts are thoughts
- things are things
- people are things which can think (somehow)
- both do not interact and integrate at all
- technology is things designed by mind

I think this:

- thoughts are things
- things affect thoughts
- people are both (physical is the result - of thoughts)
- both have no choice but to interact with everything else
- magic is deliberate thoughts in action

The conclusion is this:

- magic makes things
- universe is magical
- every ability is spiritual - and possibly mental and / or astral
- ability is a higher-level tought, or is like a function in mathematics: it creates things
- things are lower-level form, or are like numbers in mathematics: they are infinite and are the effects of creation

Abilities are part of magic, and magic is a part of abilities. Both are functions of mind.

Creativity is like a function to abilities and magic. It creates both.

Spirit is the source of creativity and expression.

Lack of self expression means being not expressed / manifested / extinct on a certain level.

No spirit means... no existence.

Expressing magic means being in touch with inner yourself.
Using technology means being out of touch.

Mind cannot be defined. And spirit is outside the boundaries of mind (which has no boundaries - just a paradox).

Here's the condensed secret of magic - i.e. the entrance to the essence of the universe:

I'm coming on way too strong
Don't think I'll be crushed