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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Quote Originally Posted by IA56 View Post
    I did get this as an aswere, I do have a deep feeling that I want everyone to be saved....EVERY-ONE no matter what they have done or who they are.....To stop this behaving and starting to put limit´s ....I got to know...EVERY-ONE will be only take´s different time....and that no-one can go only take´s different time to find the path to wake-up.
    Sounds like true compassion to me.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream this:
    I was working in a hospital kiosk/café doctor come and I first did not understand why he did come because i could sence he was not going to buy I started to tell what he could buy for like 5 swedish krown´s....He said he is diabetic...but I did show him a soft salmiack bar for 4 crown´ he did buy was closing time and I did notice that the cash box was gone and I did not have any change to give him 1 crown back...I told him that I give it to him tomorrow...Now he was filling in some kind of form and now he ask´s for my help.....I answere him....I have not yet learned that task, I just started work today....Now I hurry to the office to ask if the cash box where on the office and if I can go home for the day....Out I see a bus comming and I start to run to the bus stop...a women whom I know said she will hold the bus and I do not have to run, there is time....On the bus was the word...young....written....and the women is holding a sighn where it was written....Arlanda...I was thinking if I take this bus then I have to take a train at my I decided to wait for my own bus??....I was totally at a new place and did have difficulty to orientat myself where I was.....and I was trying to calkulate how long my work travel time will be now when I have accepted this new work.

    Please give me feedback to sort his out. Thank you!!


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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream about my sister...I heard she was coming and I told our relatives that I want to see her too...I did hear from distant that she arrived, but no-one did run to tell I went to see her...I hear realives she is coming...I did shout that wait for my sister stopped and waited for me...I could sence irritation from relatives....I look at my sister and she has got new teath´s....I am nearly chocked ...they are so big and like total white in the middle and around grey...they sure look fake to me...and when I look at the side teeth are not fixed at all...only the front teeth´s.....I was thinking why not do whole mouth??....She is in a hurry and I follow her she is going to pay for her tiket´s....she have her payment on a CD and she give´s it to the seller......She is not communicating with me at I gave up.....She is like hiding something so I do not get to know the truth about her....and all my relatives are protecting her to keep the secret strange.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that I was in a cave and looking out was a real big storm outside and plant´s like cactus was blowing in the wind and I was is not good time to be out...

    I was witnessing 2 other person´s who did live in a cave too.....they had found some kind of nest ...or it might have bean like an animals stomach they had put some kind of food in and like boiled or cook it by digging it into the earth.....I was looking and trying to understand....but this must have bean some one living of the earth....survival skill´s.....anyhow long lost skill´s for me ....but old knowledge good to know.....maybe need to re-learn something.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I was talking with a man (do not know who he was) about energies/life form´s.....I asked if he know about "The big seriousness"....but he was so occupied to try to know about as he said..he showed with his hand´s...he pointed with his pointing finger and he start´s like a dot of flame...and then it goes like this...and he did loops with his finger and then it wanisches...I asked if he ment Djinn...but obviously not....

    Now I am pondering what I might have meant....with...big seriousness??

    Any idéa?

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I had a dream about a dog. I have always bean afraid of dog´s and specially in my dream´s.

    I was talking to some neighbour´s and they did invite me to them. I said...I will walk to you through the forest...I was walking on
    this path and now I did see the neighbourous house, and they where waving to me...Here we are....suddenly I see a very big dog
    running on the path toward´s me...and the neighbourous shouted...catch the dog, it has run away from us....I raise my hand up
    and said...STOP...the dog did stop and went very I did catch him from his collar and started to walk towards the
    neighbourous...The dog did shift shape couple of time´s....first it was a German Shepard, then a big pitbull but when the neighbourou said it was a Greyhound it staied in that shape...but it was so big up to my armpit....I did hold on to his collar and leaned my arm at his back...the dog did lean his body to mine and I felt how he was trembling...Now I went unsure, did the dog
    not have a good home at the neighbourous??...I felt it so hard so I did awake me from this dream.

    I do se here when the fear is gone beneath it is other thing´s to cope with, not easy at all.....extended responsibillity.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    In this night´s dream´s I was talking to the "Elit"..and she used word "firstling" she tried to paint it up to me so to speak how it started...I only said...I do not like it a bit, I find it horrible to differiential people like this...but I did understand it though, and what was the most deepest finding for me in this was how to "judge" or what meaning you yourself give it to this "gap"... to me that I can be happy with or without money....I do not value a person by this parameter but by how a person does respect all living life....

    In this secqense I was looking at a group of people eating a birthday cake direct from the cake box....and I did hurry there and asked...did you save some to me??...and when I opened the cake box nothing was left to me....I did see there was another box and I did open it and I did say....oh my dear friend T (she did die some moth´s ago) she gave me a pastry with a cow on it...she was smiling because she did know that I will take it negativly to be a cow as a cow does be seam as stupid but that she does know the deeper meaning ...and she is waiting for my tantrum but because I did sence her deeper mening I only went confused ...why did she try to take the worst from me??...It did be 2 pastries on top of each other´s so I did gave the one without a cow on it and is to you too.

    I am still ponderig on this...why??

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    This night was strange....In the dream I was walking out and did walk through a gate and decided to fly...and I ran a little and jumped up in the air but was drawn backward´s??...I did turn around and I saw my jumper to have a thread wrapped around in the gate, I hade to un-wrap it, it did be wrapped very tight, so strange....I did try again and ran and was just about to jump in the air when seveal people unknown to me did drag me down and did not let me fly....I was so confused so I did awake me from the dream....
    Who are they not to want me to fly??....Is it outside of me or is it part´s in me who is keeping me down and back??
    Who kan tell??
    In this writing moment it feel´s like outside of me....but maybe I am wrong??

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Since most dream experts (I'm specifically thinking of Jung here) agree that most dream characters are self aspects, I'm going to go with "parts in me who are keeping me down and back??".
    It is possible that the unwrapping is a metaphor for how you have to 'loosen up' in your life, relax a bit, so that you can soar. Or at least it's the mental picture I got when reading your post.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Thank you CFT....Maybe I first do notice it outside of me and then understand the inner blockage how and why ...maybe.
    I do have dream´s what are telling me also what is happening outside of me, because I am so childish trusting and all people are not kind or nice always....This too is a big thing for me to accept and understand, that there are people who are jelous and be-grudged and has done awful thing´s against me and even I have sort out many people who only exploited me specially when I had my own company.
    But I do understand I think what you mean CFT...Thank you for your responce, it is very valuable for me.


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