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    Then my sister asked me why I did not be anymore with the lesbian women I used to be with...I said that the circumstanses had changed.....
    Something wonderful has happened in the dreamer's life, a new acquisition on the soul level, a prized treasure she has sought in unnatural places for far too long. This is why she does not seek the unnatural any more, because the treaswre now resides in its natural place, where the dreamer prefers it te be. Her satisfaction may now achieve a new depth, when she knows her acquisition consciously.
    "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."

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    Thank you Pneumismatic....Can you give me another word for "treaswre"..I do not find in my dictionary this word and I want to understand the meaning of the word, it is importent to me....thank you.

    Last night I did dream that me and my bf where in pure joy...we where flirting around and enjoying each others company with much joy and laughter and it was much more space than it ever have bean in my dream and pure joy and nice and much love and pure joy....I love it.

    First dream ever to only joy and happiness....other wise my dream always has a message of some understand and solve some issue...but now only to enjoyment and happiness and wonderful!!

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Treasure, tesoro
    Schatz in German
    Schat in Dutch
    Blago in Croatian
    Poklad in czech

    I'm avoiding real work.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    Treasure, tesoro
    Schatz in German
    Schat in Dutch
    Blago in Croatian
    Poklad in czech

    I'm avoiding real work.
    Ahahaha.....Thank you CFT was only spelling lapsus.....

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    Last night I did dream that I was floating abow and looking down to a forest pathway, on it was walking a women with a disobedian dog, she held him in a short leash and did almost dragg the dog with her, behind her a women on a horse, she had to hold back the horse not to panick because of the disobedian dog who now was barking like a mad.....they where in company so the lady on the horse did be a bit behind and now I only could hear the dog barking and they dissapered from my view, now on the pathway was coming a black panter and it did allert and stopping when hearing the dog barking and with this black panter was a horse with a human head...they where in company with each the human-horse allerted also and they did agrea to go back on the direction they did come from....Suddenly a wild dog come from no where and did am for the barking dog...I can imagen what happened when the wild dog did reach the barking dog....uh.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream about Justin Timberlake he did say to his girlfriend to go and he would stay until police arives...She did climb over the fense and I could see broaken glass all over the place....

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    Last night I did hear in my dream....Go to the source of thing´ the initial.

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    Yesterday I did dream that a boy 9 yrs old was jumping on my back and saying...father has come home...father has come back home....I did not even in the dream know who the boy was so I felt...okay...but what has it to do with me...and I went on and now I entered a room with many people and I knew it was not my folks but I did socialise a while and went I did enter a room with my folks and they where critizising other´s I did not feel good at all so I went away and now going to my room but my bed was gone, it was like a hospital or rest home....I did find a nurse and asked where my bed was taken, she said I was moved from this place to some where she wanted me to puch some code into a like pay maschine...she gave me the code...9547...when I puched the 4 she said there is two of them so I can choose whom ever of them...I noticed I did choose the for with a red 9 on too and the other 4 was only plane 4 on now I started to think what differense was between the two 4 but did not get to know the difference if there was any, but little bit worried feeling did enter me me maybe doing something wrong when I did pusch the code so quick withhout asking more instructions or directions....

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    Last night I did have comfusing dreams again....I was invited or more forced to a party, I did not bring any gift with me because I did not have any money to buy anything with, my mother asked me if I did have a gift to give, No I said, you know I do not have money to buy anything with, she went mad and started to be nasty to my, so my cousin T did come to my rescue, she gave me a purse grean/blueis and I asked her if I shall give this to her emty?? Now some one else come and gave me money to put into the purse, one had already give a gift to the birthday person, but when they did understand that my gift was not ready the party did take a break and I had opportunity to go and wrap the gift into a box or gift papir....

    In this episode I was carrying around a boy child, I did almoste drop him because he was so big and heavy...I looked at the child and asked if he wanted me to go and give him back to his mother, yes he said and was so happy with twinkling eyes of happiness...I went to the boy´s mother and dropped off him into her lap...she was not at all happy and I was feeling that I can´t carry hers resposibillity any more....

    In this episode I did hug a very big child...almoste fat...and I so big you have become....

    In this episode I was meant to take the elevator and I did open the door but it went up without me, so I took the staires down...

    There was so much more but all is so comfusing so I do not know how to dress it in word´s..

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that what ever viecko I did manuevre..a car or a bicycle ...I did not have any breaks ...but no accident did happend I did always manage to handle the viecko some how....A women did ask me when I was going back to japan...I said ...I live in kungsör....funny!!

    I got a important is it to tell the dream with all it´s part´s??
    I did not be so precis with the part of the women asking when I will return to Japan...she had an old women in her company, and was going to ask if I could take her with me ...she was living in Japan...I was total aware in the dream where I Kungsör....but now when thinking about this...the Japan is something inside of me, or ??...Please help me here how to think??
    I felt big surprise in the dream that she asked...When are you going back to Japan??...

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