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    Last night I dreamt that I was travelling on a train, when it entered a station I went out for little fresh air, the train started to move and had locked the door´s so I couldn´t enter back to train...I run and held the door handle but had to let it go when it speeded up, I was shocked and did spot a station master and he did understand my situation at once and said..follow me..we went to another trckl and he was talking to take the next train and it will take you to next station...your train have a longer hold there so you will catch it up ....suddenly before we where to the next track he found cigarettes and started to smoke??

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    Quote Originally Posted by IA56 View Post
    Last night I did dream that what ever vechile I did manuevre..a car or a bicycle ...I did not have any breaks ...but no accident did happend I did always manage to handle the vechile some how....A women did ask me when I was going back to japan...I said ...I live in kungsör....funny!!

    I got a important is it to tell the dream with all it´s part´s??
    I did not be so precis with the part of the women asking when I will return to Japan...she had an old women in her company, and was going to ask if I could take her with me ...she was living in Japan...I was total aware in the dream where I Kungsör....but now when thinking about this...the Japan is something inside of me, or ??...Please help me here how to think??
    I felt big surprise in the dream that she asked...When are you going back to Japan??...
    I wonder if it is importent to always write all detals in a dream and every feeling??

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    I think that it is, if you can recall it. If you don't, no worries- but if you have a dream in which your emotional content is very pronounced, I think it's for a reason and should be noted. Just my opinion.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Thank´s CFT.

    Last night I dreamt that I was talking in phone with my bf, he asked me where I have the dog.(I was taking care of one friends dog).. I said the bf said...why do you not have him loose daytime?..I said...because I did not get any instructions what food I shall give the dog..?..I said that I will feed the dog with same food as I am going to eat.

    In this episode I was with my class mate´s and making food for son and his ex. gf was also there, I made many sandwisch so they also could class mate said she had own food...Tornedalingar..I worries..then I will eat your portion tomorrow for lunch....I looked out and saw a women eating ris porrige with a wooden spoone...she was also my class mate and I was thinking why she was not with us...Then I over heard my teacher talking to another teacher about our trip to Prag....the other teacher asked how it teacher was a real success because everyone was partisipating all the time...oh said the other teacher...then I will take my class also to Prag when it went so well....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night or this morning I had this dream....My ex colleague and my friend L was going out to eat. She said we shall climb up the building front to the restaurant...she did disapered very quickly and I was standing on the ground and looking up and did not manage to follow her..I looked at left side and saw staires so I thought to take them but then I did see that that building did not have any contact with the restaurant where my friend disapered into.....I did go up the staires and saw a balcony door open, it was to a kitchen...I apologised that I am bargin in from their balcony, I did put my hand on my chest and my heart hurt´s...can you please let me eat at your place...she looked at me and gave me a plate with food...I said...I am not asking food for free I will pay...then I tried to joke up the situation when I did drop some food on a dessert plate, I did wipe it away and I have to eat this too, but that was too much for her, she looked at me and did not agree with me, that I would have the dessert too, I felt awful...I took my phone to call L to tell her I am here at this place, but now I noticed that I have taken my son´s phone by misstake, we have very similar phone´s..but the background was like in my bf suddenly my son was also to this place and I asked him for help, I was not able to manuevre his phone, but he did not give me any help, I felt horrible and stressed..The whole dream was so unbelieveble and difficult to believe in...that I would handle the situation like I did in the dream...This make´s me compelled and thinking what was the point of this dream...I really do not get it at all.
    Am I this stupid in solving and making things right??...Unbelieveble!!!

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that I was in some kind of wilderness...the scen did repeat it self until I did understand the inviroment, I was with my bf when we here some one calling...halloo...halloooo....I said to my bf that we are not going to answere the call, so I made my bf to understand that we have to be very carefull, I found a cave like passage and we went throug it....I do not remember more of the dream...what is new for me is that I did follow the feeling of being alerted and understand the importans of security and be wary and catoiusness..

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that I was walking from my bf appartment and looking around and noticed that on the buldings front they had digital bilboard´s where you could see if there was wacansy apartment´s...and I noticed the house me and my bf wanted to live in...I started to run home to him to tell that we have to hurry and aply the apartment now.....

    In this episod I was traveling with a camping chair with high full back support, it was light and just perfect for me to carry around, I could rest when I needed...just perfect...

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    During my nap today I did dream that my sister did embrace me and said...I love you...I did hug back in very surprising feeling and said...I love you too....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    I did dream last night that I was sitting in a bus, my phone rang and I answered it...I hear a male voice asking if I am IA who have applyed work in his company...Yes I said..and I remembered ....suddenly he was on the bus too, he was a doctor and owner of the company...we went out from the bus to his home where he was going to have the intervieuw...we entered his appartment and I suddenly asked for his doctor´s id....he was not a doctor at all, he was going to fool I ran out and I was in fear but not panic...I saw a school yard and went there for it was much pupils and teacher´s, I did explaine my situation and a teacher said I could go with the school bus, I looked at the school bus and I saw to the left my own buss stop so I was thinking what was best to take, so if I go with the school bus then I have to walk a long way to my I decided to take my own bus....

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    Last night I had several dream´s...I was going to sing a finnish tango...Täysi kuu....Full moon...I asked the man who played the piano if they had lyrics, I can´t this song I went away to google the lyrics...but everytime come out something else but not the tango lyrics....and I was wondering why, but did not solve the problem...(Am I entering new areas, for me unknown?)

    In this episod I was petting a black dog...the dog was lying on the side and enjoying my petting but suddenly it did start to wine in fear and stand up and ran away...I was surprised and thinkig what the heck is the matter with the dog, then I looked up and saw a man with a black big beard...and he had frighten the dog...(It was nice not to feel fear at all)

    In this episod I was looking out of the window and saw a view of a pathway in a forest and a elderly coupple was stick walking on it....up the hill I saw a pack of wolf´s and the couple was not aware of what was in front of them...I was in total panic...what to do...but there was nothing to do but to hope for the best...and the wolf pack did attack the coupple and I couldn´t look...but next time I looked up I saw the coupple running with their sticks up in air...and they had escaped the wolf pack...thank god I said...and now I started to think how on earth did this happend, the pack was huge...did they hit with the stick over the wolf´s noses...I did not get to know...but happy I was they had survived...but suddenly again the pack returned and attacked them I closed my eyes...and was praying for help...and next time I opened my eyes the pack had changed to a pack of runners who where jogging in the pathway...phiuh...saved again ..(Nice feeling all did end up good.)

    In this episod I was talking to a women who was standing on a balcony...ther daughter did sleep under the balcony in her bed, and their dog was always on the yard but now was I asked the women where their dog was, if it had run away, No she said...he is not far away as long as the daughter is at home.

    In this episod I did see long stick´s with code´s on...I could read said...this man has murded a person....and I asked what is standing on my stick...but she did not want to revele it to me...she held a lamp on her hand´s and asked me if the lamp was mine...No I must be someone who is not longer here...this place was like a resting I said to her...I think you can have the are worth it....and she was happy and she took the lamp.

    I am still thinking of the dream with the lyrics...that I did not manage to get it out of the computor...can this mean that I am serching in wrong place for my answere´s??

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