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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I had for the first time an experience feeling 3 aspects of my self....I was the mother holding the child and the child was watching and following the witness or maybe the higher self and I felt I was all these separate parts, it did not happen more than that I become total aware of these 3 parts of my self.....I feel bracing and stimulating this experience.

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    I have had many dreams but nothing I can remember more than small fragments, like my sons father who is no longer with us here come in one dream but I do not remember more. But today when I was taking a nap I did see in my dream a person fall down from a balcony and I saw him/her fall over a fence and it did not look good, I started to run down the staires and when I arrived to the yard the ambulance was already there, I did stare at the face and asked, do you want me to come with you to the hospital, he did only stare at me, and I asked again, then the ambulance man said...IA he is broken....and now I noticed it was only the head and it was parted from the body....and I was thinking about the mans saying...he is broken, not dead...then I noticed it was a robot??

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    WoW what an informative night....I was able to watch me from several levels...and I also could see the "animal" part in me what I am so afraid went like this....I was in an inviroment with several dog´ 2 dog´s are that kind of dogs what easerly fight, so I had to put them into my house to keep the peace with the other peoples dogs, I could handle them though but I was so unsure I could handle my 2 dogs and keep them calm so I did put them indoors so I could socialize with the other

    Now I feel I can do something about my inner fear, I have face it and have seen it, before it was only a blure fear, now when it has materialized in shape of dogs I can start to handle it, when I did not have any picture I was not able to understand it eighder, now it is easier, off course it can transforme to other shaps too but I think it will now be easier to grasp.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did see my self in a mirror and I was so surprised to see what color my hair had.....white with gold was beautiful

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I had several angry dreams, or dreams where I was angry....we where my bf and me to my relatives, my bf asked me to give my usb stick to him, I went angry and did not want him to plug it in to my relatives computor, he tried to over talk me saying that they have printer, so my bf tried to take it against my will because he though he knew what is best for I did see that they did celebrate my fathers birthday without me....I did accept we went to bed and I put my clothed on a chaire and put my night dress on morning I wanted to leave but did not find my clothes so I went angry again...I did go to kitchen and my sister where there I said to her...can we stop this fars and she did look very sad, and I felt that she did not feel as I did....I tried to find my clothes but all the time they escaped me, now they did say to me that I now can eat as much as I want of the cake, and it was as I knew they did celebrate without me, so I said No thank´s.....and went to serch for my clothes....I asked if there was more houses I could look in. ...and I was showed new direction and new houses ...I went into a house and it was some kind of kinky store with leather and lack clothes...I was looking at one women who bougth 3 bodies of leather....I went to next house but all the time it escaped me and I did not find so I gave up.....

    I had little of a panic feeling in the whole dream.....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night in my dream I hear me saying....I am not sure if I said...shall I....or I shall convert to a belief what I now do not remember, but when I said the bf did press my crown chakra with his arm ...he had his arm abouw my I did awake and therefore remember this....

    It felt like a recomendation, and I do not know now if the gesture what my bf did do was to confirm that I convert to something else then my belief is now.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night was horrible, my anger did awake again, I was with my bf to a party and people there did flirt with my bf I did become total angry and turned around to leave when one spoke to me...we only test you to see your reactions, and I did accept this and my anger did leave me but now my bf did smell on one women, this was too much so I did leave the party and my bf did come with me total unaware what he had done, he was like not at all understand that his behaving did hurt me, him smelling on some unknown women, I was angry and he did like accept it like it is my way to be, and not to connect my anger to his he this ignorant or do he be a good actor so he can get away with un acceptable behavings playing stupid??

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    The night before last night I had this dream......I was watching my son having a mask on him, at the foot of the mask and around his mouth it was formed like the ohm mark. He put the mask on fire and it went like a fire line as the mask was out cut....I started to loudly cry and asked him WHY he does hurt him self so much....He was pleased to have my strong reaction, and the damage on his face was very little to my surprise. He hugged me and was happy for my reaction because it was what he was looking for.

    In this episod I see me doing and saying sigh heil...and I awoke in the dream and said....stop this madness.

    In this episod my higher self (first time I see her) doing a very strong gesture, raising her right hand and puching it very strongly and hit the ground and saying...BE MORE CLEAR/DISTINCT...

    In this seekvence I was out fishing and got a lot of fish....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I had several dreams but remember only little of them....I had rented out my appartment and I called the man who was hiring it from me to tell him that I now are going to move back at my home, and that he can leave the rent money on the kitchen table before he leaves...I did have my mother and father with me when we got to my apparment he was still there, and talking in phone with someone...He quickly tried to leave without paying, so I did grabb him by his arm and said, you have to pay the rent, but he tried really to escape from paying..but I was precistent for the first time in my life and I am sure he did pay me in the end even I did not see him handling the money to me but the feeling was there.

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    Yesterday I was to a employment interview, total chaos company, I did get so stressed out that I catche cold and in no time was real sick when I come home....and my dream did be as chaotic as the interview...a reminder and I still do not have controll I am very quickly controlled by other´s....all the possessed time´s did apear in my dream´s, but what I could do was to tell that my want is not what they try to put on me, when I was firm enough to stand my point the all did stop the harrasment and I could again get to feel that I must become more clear/distinct...I am still too weak and do not be anchored in me yet...a very good test indeed....and now I know more what to work with in me.
    I am very disapointed on me though.

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