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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    I have had strange dreams lately, only remember I hear someone saying....staci..(here my reaction was fear).and someone asking me if I am going to stay living at my adress where I am now registret..(here my reaction was..I do not know, how can I know know)...Then I see a tube like form on a roof what is supposed me to get into....and I can see it is too small....wondering if it will lead to nowhere...that only the opening is small..??..but the destination is huge??

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    Last night again strange dreams...I was looking at a women lying on her back...I looked that some have cut off her feets...I felt fear at once, but I forced to look closer at I noticed that it was a dummy with feets cut off..and now I can see she has all her limbs intact..but this dummy is affixed on top of her, and it look likes she is like a prisoner .....and I can´t understand what and why this is done to her....

    Now I see my bf naked, but the odd thing is that he is like a little boy, not developed on his genitals at all, and he took from the frizz an iscreem and he is going to eat it in bed lookin TV ...I see a man also naked and his head is where my bf feets are...he is now very slowly nearering my bf to kiss him, he is closening him so gently and I am sure my bf do not even notice him, but I am too afraid to look what happens, so I awake me from this dream....I wonder if this is the abuse against my son what happened when he was little, and I have hard to accept it still....and that now similar happens to my bf and I can see he is not aware of what is going to happen....this is still hard for me to accept...all abuse is so hard for me to confront and accept to be released.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that a boy was jumping from a balcony very high building, I just got to grab his hand´s but he was so heavy so my right hand did loose the grip of him and my left toes did cramp, so I shout out...please help me, suddenly one person was becides me and grab the boy´s arm and we did pull him up....

    To heavy physical weight does give me cramp´s in real life too....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that I was looking in a mirror and looking at my nostriles and I can see 2 vick´s blue breast mints in my nose...I was surprised and little bit afraid how to take them out, but it went well.
    Then I looked in my mouth and I see it full of garbage like plastic ´candy paper, here I feel I must be very causes and take it easy, because I do not know how far in my throat and what more I find there, I pick fast and now I see my throat and when I breath one peace of plastic is moving back and forth, I know that I breath deep I will suffercate my self, here I did feel fear and it felt more delicat so I had to focus more and I did succeed.

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    Last night I had some strange dreams again...first I did look at my soles (foot palms) and a big circular shaped skin bit was cut off, it did hang on a small skin sting so I cut it off with a sissor and when I looked once more I saw a smaller circular skin bit to be cut off again so I did cut it off with sissor again??

    I was with my son to some place where he was taking some kind of test, I said to him that I will look around and come back soon for him, (he is in his real age in this dream). I came to a building and a man did meet me up, he seam to recoqnize me and he spoke to me, (I looked at his eyes, the left eye was not there and the hole did pulsate and did give me very odd feeling, but on the whole it was a feeling I could trust him) Hi, do you remember you working for Tomas church...No I said, I remember me doing some work for them but not worked for them..I got the feeling that the stroke have destroyed my memory and I did accept it...he did take a grip of my biceps and gently drawing me with him, I asked him where are you taking me,..he smiled at me and I did now see he is taking me to a cherch seremony...I said..wait I have to go to bathroom, but I also remembered my son so I wanted to tell him where to find me, it took longer time then I expected so when I arrived back to the church the door was closed, I thought they had started so I was little bit wondering if it is too disrespectful to open the door and sneak in...I glanced the door anar did see they have not started yet, so I went in..I did look for some kind off program and on the altar was a small pamplet and I took it..when I red on it I saw written...IA has landed..I did find this strange but did look around and did see to the left was comfy sofas and to the right was normal church I had little bit to make up my mind where to sit...but where the sofas was did not had so good acustic so I choosed the right side because I love to sing psalms...the lady who played the organ started to play, but stopped when no-one did sang with her and I could both feel and see her irritation.....Now the whole so called church started to move, it was some kind of vechile and I started to cry instantly, I asked, where are they taking us...I cried grandchildren...I said...I have not had children in so many lives and now I am taken away from them...but the moving"church" did stop and we could go out, I saw 3 buildings..I looked at the pamplet and now the text had changed there was not anymore standing...IA has landed..but like Liam a ....I did get angry and did say...I will report this and write an article on a news paper to revele this scam.....I start to walk to the building to the right now my mother is walking towards the same building as me but she do not talk to me,only listening to her cell phone and now she change direction to the building in the middle and I go with her, in that building is my aunt and my sister and several other´s I know sitting on the floor and having picknick...they have saved a spot becides my sister and now I find it total natural to sit becides her, my dissapointmen at her is gone and only good feelings left.....

    There was more but I do not get any collected picture of the rest so I do not even try to write the fragments what I have..

    One detail I might write..when I looked at my feet´s I was toes did melt away....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    I have again a period of not remembering my dream´s. I do know I dream but can´t keep any memory of them. I know it has to do with energy level, I have though developed deeper understanding about the self and I, so this might be also why my memory is not so good because of development on other levels.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    I'm there too. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and know I was having some adventure or a pleasant experience, but when I wake up in the morning I can't remember, or I sleep through the night and wake up clueless. My excuse is that my husband is now sick and coughs a lot during the night and I'm too tired to remember anything.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Thank you CFT for your respons, it is very valuable to me.

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    WoW..what a night ...I am not sure I can make any sence from it but I sure did dream a lot
    I was standing on a balcony 6 floor up and a tree fell on me...I noticed my left ancle was red and swollen, I pusched the tree over the balcony and was looking that it did not fell on fell on a tree who´s top was cut off but off course it did not stay but fell to the ground and did not harm anyone, I felt eased.

    I was visiting a person whom I do not know who she was, she was living on the ground floor, she smoked and did have the backyard and I was surprised how nice it was, she said to me that I must remember it is sunday so the bus does go seldon so I must start to think of leaving, I did feel stress, so I did take the elevator to my floor, a man did run out off the elevator and a young boy was left, he looked strange so I asked if he was harmed, No he said and I did trust him him telling me the truth...I did live with my ex. and several men was visiting him and a lot of dog´s both old and puppies, I did give my ex a kiss and I asked if he will drive me at my home if not then I must take the bus and go at once, I did not get any answere but a man did come very close to me and said something like...are you that kind of person who ...then I did not understand so I asked ...what ....he repeted but still I couldn´t undersand the meaning of his saying..and I asked we started to laugh and he did come very close to me and I was rather confused...I could see one of the old dog´s help one puppie with pusching with his leg and I was so surprised and the owner did look at me and like say with his eye´s...they are more clever then us...

    My sister was telling me that they where thinking off building a house and I said, then I could rent it, yes she said.

    The tree dream I had a similar that my car was driving up on a tree and did breake, and I did get sick a tree fell on me..I wonder if I get healthy now... joking...haha...

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did have nice dreams...
    I was reading a news paper on a sidewalk sitting on a window-ledge I had moved to a new town, I did like the atmosphere there, it was calm, welcoming, nice and friendly. A couple man and women did be so happy to see me, she said. I was just thinking of you and here you are, I did become so happy and I said, I was just dreaming of you 2 and here you are now and I smiled and hugged her, noticing her husband to be happy too to see me, he was so beautiful so I was almost gasping after air but off course I had to hide my feelings not to be taken wrong, I am always so afraid to awoke jellesous feelings in people if I show my likening too open...I did quickly look at the women not to dis-respect her in anyway, but I noticed his eyes be so clear and glowing and pure, I was so happy for her to have a faithful husband, I always get so happy when meeting such a people.

    So I was so happy to wake up this morning to have met so pure and kind people, thank you!!

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