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    Last night I did dream that I was visiting a hospital I have worked for before, and I was so surprised to see the changes what was made, I could see toy´s so children also can enjoy visiting the old people, and I could see big difference how the old people did be more healthy because of the more human treatment of them, the women who was working there whom I did know, did recognize me and I said, do say hallo to all who know me that I said hallo, she now did lye down becides an old women and she was so happy to get both the nearness and be treated as a person, I was so happy to see that old people was treated with such grace and respect, much had happen since I worked with old people and I am happy to have this kind of dream, thank you.

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    Last night I dreamt that I was remoat viewing and I saw a man luar a very young girl into his bed, I told my sister and the girls mother what I did see, and they went there and all was true, the girl was found in his bed, but not yet had happened anything to her, she was very angry when saying to me that I have destroed her relationship to this man. I asked her if she do know how old he is, yes she said, he is 47 yrs old, NO I said he is 56 yrs old...she now understood the truth.
    I was in pure fear and did not dare to go with my sister and the girls mother to this adress where the girl was, he awoke all fear and horror in me totally.

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    Last night I did dream that I visited a funeral of one young foriner girl it was a honor of killing, when I left the funeral one girl did spoke to me and told she was also a honor of killing, I asked how many children they where and she said 7. 4 boys and 3 girls, I was so surprised because she was so young, I thought that this kind of killing did happen to older than like 10 yrs old girls.

    In this seekvence it was like a parade of cowboys, all riding horses and they had decorated the horses, I was looking with big eyes and I did notice they where looking at my reactions because this was done for a reason I should know what it meant, but really I do not know or understand, I have hard time to believe it has to do with an episode in my life when I was asked what kind of women I am...I said I am a cowgirl, because this did mean I am one man´s women, it was cowboys like to show me all kind of men who was telling by this way they where strange.

    In this episode it was winter and like beginning of 1900 century, the most funny children did know was to get to train ride it did go round on a round railway line.

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    Last night I did dream that I was to a school taking some kind of course...I was already late and when I passed by a man who was resting on the sun on the side walk, when I passed by him he grabbed my ancle and did not let me pass, I stated to laugh and said, this is more worse than the kindergarden, let me pass, he did hold my ancle and I said I am already late. When I did come to the class room they where dancing, and I did remember that I must loosen up more and remember to enjoy life also and not all the time only study life. Then we started to look at a video but I did not find any chair to sit on it was to low or to backwards or something wrong, finaly I did find a chair but then I was called out of the class room and when I did return the chair was again taken, I did get so angry and did go out to find a new chair to me but when I returned the class have taken lunch break I did meet the teachers but not a word did they tell me about the lunch break, I was happy that 2 class mates have stayed to tell me about this break, I did feel as I mostly feel in life, not to be told anything and that I am not a part of the society or the life in it self how hard I try I am not fitting in.

    I want to know when I feel horror about a person or a situation what is this, what or why do I react with horror and fear, I never get to know the real reason, but my reaction does not lie or my intuition or my feelings, how do I get to know the underlying reason, I know I react into a persons inner, even if the person is calm in outside and the first impression I know it is his/her inner I react, but how do I get to be sure??!!

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    Perhaps you're developing more abilities than the fix (six) senses?

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    Thank you Pauli, I was asked for several years ago what abillity I´d like to have, I said, I want to scan a person to know their real intention and truth, so maby this is happening now?? To see/feel a persons darkness is not easy to lodge

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    This morning when before I awoke I hear a voice saying...NOW we are even, and if this is what I think it is, then I feel it too, yes I feel total free and calmness and no fear in this moment, nice to get to feel it how I should feel every minut of my life.

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    Last night I did dream that I had a life threatening condition in my mouth, my teeth was broken and have to fix them at once other wise I might not survive, I went to a dentist and before he started to examine I had to tell him that I do not have money now but he get payed at 27 this month, he had this expression on his face what I would call ...haha...pitty on you...but I will not help you....he showed me an inframed rule´s with this impression on his face...I said...I do understand there must be rules to follow but there must be also understanding then I told him the seriousness of my condition now he become unsure and started to tremble, but he couldn´t stepp back from his rules so he asked me to lye down on the floor, so he could see in my mouth to get confimed my saying, he couldn´t let me sit on the examine chair then he had to get payed, so he examined me lying on the the dream stopped I do not know if he treated me and trusted to get his money on the date I had bean most helpful for me to know it had helped me have bean trusted, and that there are people still daring to take risks to help when life threatening is at hand, that life still are valued before money.

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    Last night I dreamt again strainge because I can´t say so much about the dreams only was with foriner people and we was going to some place we could see the place they could like walk or run there but I had to take the road because I was driving a car..and we did take it like a race...but when they counted they did it with what did sound to me like name´s....I heard like...Gunnar....and then name what I can´t pronounce...I knew they would win the race but they liked me to feel I have a chans even I knew I did go along with the idea of me having a chans...

    When I then awake from the dream to go to bathroom I never lit the light and when I blink with my eye´s it is like bright light anyone know what this is??

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    Last night I did dream that I was in my aunts appartment with a man and we noticed one plant to have one huge leaf and the man said....No do not tell me this plant is developing such a huge leafs...I said No I do not think so..look something has gone has onle ONE huge leaf and the other is under developed....this I noticed on other plants too that the leafs has not developed as it should...and what more I noticed also was one curtain pelmet it was placed odd like not on the window but like across the room diagonal and I noticed that I have had one like this once in my life and I was thinking can it be mine and I just wondered where my curtain had gone, so little bit that this might be mine and that it was odd that my aunt would have my old curtain...then we went to another room and this room was my other aunt...the first room was aunt from my mothers side and this room was my aunts from my fathers side...and I noticed plants not grown in normal way...

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