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    Last night I did Dream I was Walking with my friend L it was night and pitch black, I said to my friend that we have to be quiet, Little bit fear I felt but it did leave me soon, but what I noticed was when we where quiet I couldn´t navigate at all, in that quietness it also was timeless, emtiness, and it felt like we did not move at all so I had to awake me to leave the Dream, really odd feeling.

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    Last night I dremt that I did loose a lot of hair and I met a women from Asia who told me that she had the same problem so she did cut her hair short, that she had as long hair as I have now and I could see how Beautiful her hair was and healthy, I was thinking, so strange that again one more person trying me to cut off my hair short, I do not want, but I said to her, I have bean thinking to cut if I cut my hair short I would cut the same cut as you have done...(In my real Life there has bean a period when several people have told me that I should cut my hair short, my hair is to my hips, and I feel they are jelleous and want me to cut my hair short, my hair does look healthy, it is not dry as she told me in the Dream that her hair was dry so she cut it off)

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    Last night I did Dream that I was with my sister, my brother and my father and we where to my fathers house. My brother wanted to leave nearly right a way but father did say, no we are staying, then my brother sudgested that my sister could drive one of his car´s, my father replyed, even if she can but the car is not going anywhere. My brother raised him up to leave so I stand up and stayed infront of him and said, do not leave I want you to stay , stay please and I started to cry, he smiled and felt good about my reaction.( I noticed my brother having pimples or pustules on his face, my sister has in real Life this kind of skin condition and are under going somekind of treatment).My father wanted to help me to get better relationship with my siblings, and this was one of his tryings, to keep us long enought under the same roof so to speak ...and he succeeded, thank´s.

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    Last night I dreamt that I was looking at a wall and on that wall was a little bit of cloth and on that cloth was full of small insects like lice or maybe more like flat and light brown and tre centimeter reaction was that I was thinking if I now go associations to these bugs was negative and making me feel to become sick again

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    Well, last night Dream has many aspects of my self and of my bf.....I find it very clear symbolism for the first time I can say...It was very chaotic...If I did lift up a cat it shape shifted to a Child...and vise verse....The Child showed to be my bf...and I was so happy and I could say to it not wonderful...we starting to understand so well...and he was happy too...but then his father did interrupt and marked that we have to move on...we can not stay there and only be happy, there is work to as well as it is my self aspects and I am sure it was our higher self who did make us understand to go forward....I have no abillity to tell the feeling and the knowing in the Dream...with this absurd symbols...yet total clear.....haha....I feel so wonderful today.....

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    Last night I dremt that I was visiting a place and had to go to bath-room..the door was strange or the locker to the door, door did go invards and could be opened but if they did not know that the door go invards so they try to pull it outwards and then the locker will keep the door shut and I was very compelled over this door so I had to drop it for to go forward...and I sat me down to the toilet and my poo was so messy and I got it on my fingers and hand, so I had to try to find a shower to clean me up, I did not have any towel so I said to one who was with me to give me paper sheets to dry me was very chaotic whole dream, people as old co-workers coming and going and saying things I had hard to understand....
    What symbolism is poo??

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    I am all tears here after my night started with me and my bf sleeping in a bed on a hotel...and I woke up and had a naked Child on my right side, I awoke my bf and asked...WHOs Child is this?? He the Child did Wake up and directly fansied my bf...she like jumped with her hands on his bf is very embarresed and like want some help from me...I calm him down by saying..she do not know what it please do not mind...but now the Child started to grow and showed sexual interest and now I start to worry, and I like say asking my bf you Think she has bean abused...and we like observe her to grow and now she is like a prostitute..and saying like L´amore to my bf all the time...I say to my bf..who is she?..My bf now get dressed and planning to drive her at home...I get so angry and say...if you drive her I breake our relationship...he want me to calm down and Sayed...Then you be all alone and cry...I looked at him and said...You will also be alone without it Worth...I tell her to leave..but she is so sure my bf will go with bf now goes to bathroom and me too, I Close the door to put her outside, but the door is not solide so she can peak in...and this makes me fuourious...I say to my bf to say to her to leave...but he tries me to let him drive her at home...but when I shout to her...I Count to 5 and if you have not left then I call police...and my bf said wispering...thank you....and I took my cell phone and tried to call police but did not be able to...and here I awoke my self it was so hard to be further in the Dream....

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    Last night I did awake my grandfather from the death??...My parents did tell me that grandfather had died and they wanted me to come with them to give our farwell to him. I did come to his house or my mothers childhood home, he was in the bedroom and first the door did close infront of me, and I started to cry because I wanted to see my grandfather, the door did open for me and I was able to come near him, he was lying in the bed he was almost ash pale and I did touch him and he opened his eyes, I did become so happy, and I asked if I could come very near him, yes he said, you can come and lye besied me in the bed, I did be so happy...he did fell to sleep and did awake with a big burst and his hand did wave so harsly that I fell on the floor and I did grab his arm so I dragged him with me on top of me on the floor...we did get help from my parents to get him up and I was thinking all the good my parents are my whitness that he is not dead....and I remember the feeling my parents felt when I touched my grandfather and he did awake parents was anoyed that me being right about there is no death.

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    Last night in my Dream I was lost...I Went out from my house and I noticed I was dressen in a pyjamas, but I Went out ...and I thought I only go for a short walk and I tried to remember how the surroundings look like, but I lost my self and started to cry and said ..why is it like this that I do not find my way to navigate or to find back from where I started...I noticed houses as they are painted in fairytales and I couldn´t Believe my eye´s, and like way this is real.....Then I whitnessed a horse running like crazy and no one riding I felt the horse will soon run my way...I find a building...high building...and like a corner to hid in..I took like a plank like hide behind...I put the pland in front of my face...the horse did sence me and did stop, I was so afraid, but did the best to master my fear, and talked calmly to the horse and I pet it too, the man who was the horse owner did Catch up and grabbed the horse, I noticed the man to bend the horses head like to fear it to obey him and not to dare to run from him...I did not feel good to see how he did put the element under his controll....I did try to find out if his way was the right and ulitmated way to Control the horse, it did not feel like right, but because I do not know what is the right way, it make´s me unsure and gives me low self esteem and low self confidence.

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    Last night was really strange...I was with my bf to a family who did run a spa or something likely...I did demostrate some Products....and I did like spray it on the air and it did fell on the womens face and she did be like a stiff I smear it on your face it is good for the skin...and the the boy did have a bottle with very Little Cork and it did come like fogg from the bottle..and I did take the bottle and did pusch it upwards quickly so it made smoke rings....and I did several of them...and that did mean something what I do not remembern now....and then the man did massage one womens sholder with some kind of oil..and I said...yes it is neutral, it is not added any smell in it?? or color......Then I did instruct my bf how to sew inside of my nose...and he did like joke with the needle in his hand like to not show how unsure he is....that this is a piece of cake....but I do not know for what reason he should make stiches inside my nose?? strange indeed....

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