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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that I was watching a little baby to throw up...and the mother did not bother to help the baby so I held her and I was so afraid it will choke but then it did throw up a whole slice of bread/toast...I was in chock....I did yell to the must help and learn the child how to can´t give this small child a slice of bread it can´t chew yet.....

    In this episode I did meet the man from India I did be together with in 1983-85..he was so happy to meet me...but I had to say as it is...I have a bf now...he did see very sad...but what was strange was that I saw him having a hole in his trousers where his genitals are and it was round and I was thinking why it is this way...but I did not get to understand and somehow I was happy that I am not with him anymore, he did give me very unsafe feeling.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did meet new people, we did shake hand´s and said our first name´s but I do not remember more than that I said my own name...I do believe this means that it is new era starting in my life, exiting

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    Last night my sister asked me if I am married....No I said...and looked at my left hand, and I see 2 rings on the I did understand why she asked....and I hear me answering....I am training/practising to carry rings.....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did have a dream where my father did make me aware of my went like this.....I did press some kind of liquid from a holder and all did splash around us and father looked at me and you not understand how strong you are...and now I did be aware of it and I did ease the pressure and all did flow as it should and not splashing around us and all over us....

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    Last night in my dream I was walking with an old man with heart problems, I did support him and asked if he think he can walk to the doctors office, it is not far away, he said yes, but in a minut he said and I also felt that his heart are going to give up, so I asked if he thinks he can manage into the waiting hall and sit on a bench...he repeted my saying...sitting on a bench yes he said...and just as I was opening the door to the waiting hall I woke up and had to go to bathroom.....

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    Last night dream I was invited to a gay bar....I did look around and I see me bf sorounded by all people and they are celebrating, a man what did show to be my bf bf looked at me and to see my reaction, I nodded at him in acceptace and he did be relived that I really did like truth as I claim..he went with a plaket to my bf was with the of the year 2013...they where photographed togeather...I was off course sad to be told in this way, I had appreaceated him to be truthful to me and tell me him self instead of his former bf inviting me to see this in this way...well this show me how hard people seam to feel about truth and to dare to be truthful, often they live double life´s.....

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    Oh, I now remember another of my last night dream.....I was outside of my body, and also me lie on the stomach has like a door, and I open it...and there is something black...I do take it out, and try to understand what it is a dead dragon, black??..I try to awake it but it is total dead...I embrace it to try to give it energy, but is dead...then I start to draw out the intestines to see if they are okay, and as far as I can understand all is well....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    I only remember one short seqence from last night...I did nearly drop one glass plate but I did just to awake to catch it in the dream off course

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I had several dreams but I only remember fragments from dream was odd...It was joggers on a pathway in the forest, and they did do like flipbacks into the forest and I did go...ouch...and then went to look how it went...and it did hurt me to see these people do like this on and on and on??

    In this episode I was visiting an odd family, they did lock there children into a room every night, and they did not cook only eat frozen meals heated in microwaveowen....I did you not cook in this house?

    I was walking with someone and the dialog must have bean about who´s fault things are...and I little bit laughed and said...own fault off course whome else is there to blame...

    Then I did get a falling sensation and I did get a feeling that same happening has different meaning on different "level"...and this is very helpful to me in my process I am in now...

    Then I see a big box solid..might have bean steel or it could also bean some kind of stone..and this is a was silver colore..

    I also did hear someone to say...that this union is now sealed and must be kept...I really do hope this will come to more surface to know more about...if I do not know more than this then I do not know what I have to keep.....


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    Last night my attention was draw to a naked man who got testicle rupture and I noticed he had feases also so he must have done nr 2 maybe when the rupture did occure...this did awake fear in me, because the way my attention was awakened to remember this seqense......

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