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    I woke up this morning with nausea?..Last night I did dream that I was on a boat with several of my relatives...I was walking on the boat and I see my cousin standing between floors on the stair-landing I did great her and I felt me very happy, she did not great me back, and my mode did drop but I did accept and off course tried to understand why she does want to keep this distance to me, I had few opptions in mind but felt odd if those would be the case...

    I did go to eat lunch and did stand in cue and I did see it was lasange, on other cousins man did take over full plate and then flipped the plate and carried like a suitcase and odd that not the lasanga did drop on the floor, I did try to coment to him to behave, and I said to other cousins man who was infront of me in the cue, that if he was my man I would have given him a snap-knock on his forhead, he said, if he was yours...I comentet back that I do not mean that way, you can never own a person but if we where a couple...than it was my turn and now I was served on a very small plate and I was only thinking the difference, he got all on a big plate and I only got a very small plate smaller then a desert plate and was thinking about this why it is like this....but I did not say it loud, typically me, only swollow and keep my mouth shut and not to ask to get answeres so I could understand, but then it has bean difficult for me to get answeres in life so far....

    This episod I was looking when my grandchild did partisipate on a run race, I was supporting her, and I did yell to her that come and eat after the race, I hade put the plate on one table and was thinking of to waite for her to eat with me, so I went back to the lunch-room some thing happened but I do not remember it now.....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    This is the dream I did not remember before.....I went back to bed and I did remember one more seequece from last night and then I did have few new dreams....The one from last night is like this...I did notice a couple...the female did have a dress in cherry/rosa colore it was why I noticed her, then they did come and talked to me and said they can help me...and she also see how thin I am...I did not think she was so paritcularly thin, but I think she ment that the help she and her husband can provide are also helping with overwheight....She said she needs my home key, I did off course questioning why she would have my key, and she did not have any good answere to give me, I said that the front door do not close until 20.00 and you can always call me and I can open the door, but she did insiste on giving my key, I did not...and we did not come to any conclusion....I did notice a thumb also when I did drink water from the water tap, It did really look authentic but with closer look it was a soup-ladle.

    I was dancing with a man (gypsy) and he was very gentle with me, and he did make me laugh to make me relax, and he asked me if I was scared, yes I said I am so scared and I felt my whole body in knots and tensed, he did talk gentle to me to relax and he did assure me all will be alright and all will go well....I trusted him.

    I did also get and see a little baby and I did get the feeling that all will be done from deep down again, total healing feeling...I feel blessed and humbled.

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    Last night I again did dream alot but does only remember fragments of one dream...I was at some kind of cultural event, I was misstakenly taken for on famous singer, she did have a stage make-up like the group Kiss has...He was some kind of reporter, he did make a date with me, I was in some kind of school and we was allowed to go to make a visit for purpose of study and because he was a reporter I wanted us to meet there, at the cultural center..I had some kind of passport to be signed that I have bean to this center, I did come there and was just to sign in when I did see him, I waved and he did come to me, I was to login to this center I asked him if I have to login and he said, No we are not going to stay here, I will take you to a restaurant and we can talk, we went and soon we where in a elevator going up, he was so thrilled and happy and he look much more cool without your stage make-up..I did intantly froze, when I realised he was thinking me to be a famose artiste...I started to think how to tell him..I did not find anything else than to say how it is...I said..I am not that artiste...his face drop instantly and he did say..oh..I remembered I have an important apointment, and he rush of...I remembered the passport I had to have his signature, and I run after him, I see him far away soon dissapareing from my site, so I hallowed try to awake his attention, one person was nearby him and did hear me and made him to stop, he was waiting in his car when I did reach to him...I said we are even (do not remember now but I did catch him in a lye ) I said, I need to have this sighned...he did it and said, I hope there will be more surprises and he did meant to use his name for some other course not it was he who did take me misstakenly for the famous artiste I only did go along with it first, but I was not able to pull off the play, but he did lye to me so pity I do not remember what it was....I hope I will remember during the day.

    In this seeqvence I was in a car and the person who was with me did open the back door and lot of our items did fell out...I did see an upbrella and camping items...we did come to the campingplace and he had a very very heavy toilet it looked like a pile of heavy deal the wood was brown painted all was in a pile and had to build up everytime of use....I did see the itmes all over the place and people did pick them up, I did not say anything that it is our stuff, I only observed quitly.....

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night in my dream I was in school again, and had to read loud, I was so unsure and did not know how thorougly I should read, the teacher wanted me to carry on not thinking so much, I could really feel and see my unsecurity.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I dreamt that I asked my bf what he think´s I have in the box....he old candle....I did repet in the dream what I had in the box but I do not remember it now

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that I was with others and expoaring the astral, and we did find very electrical spot´s ...and those spot´s was entrapping the person who did go into them, so had to change charges in the energybody to get away from the electrical was very easy to do when knowing how did give me self confidence to notice it was easy for me ....

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    Last night I was examined by a healer, a man, I looked at my arm´s and asked him why I am so cold, he said first that are not cold, it is normal, and I looked and touched my arm´s and they where total cold, He said he is cold too, I touched his arm and I said, No you are not, you are hot...and then I like get the answere to why he was so warm and not me...I said...yes...becace you are working, and I did like feel an inner fire in him....I guess my inner fire has not yet come to flame so to speak...

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    I don´t know if this is any dream to be awakened this way,

    I did see a man with 2 dogs, one brown dog and one black dog, the man and the brown dog did not awoke any fear in me but the black dog did, I did be in total horror....then the second happening what did awake me was I hear a door bell go off, and I awoke and looked if my bf did hear it too, but no he was sleeping ....and just before I wake up this morning I did see a TV show or program when I was living in Finland ...I have not thought about this TV program since I was so surprised to remember it...I think I was like 8 yrs old at this was with dolls, 2 femal and 2 male was like a space ship it could be underwater too or in space...I did find it very interesting even I could see it was dolls, but the theam was interesting for me.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I had a really odd dream...I was in bed becides my bf and we had long pants on and I feel something wet on my foot, and I was not sure if it was me peeing or my I went to toilet and noticed my pants to be wet I smelled at them but I did not feel it smelled pee...I was happy the pants was of that kind of fabric to be dried on no time so I did wash them to be sure not to smell pee??

    Before I fell to sleep last night I did see several angels ...and they did look at me in pure happiness, and I felt total support...this is first time I see angels...I feel humbled...I have never seen so beautiful

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that I was somewhere with some of my relatives, we did baby sit for some we knew, I did carry one child and the other baby was carried by some I knew, I was talking Finnish to the children and the smaller baby did repete what I said, I smiled and said, soon their parents do not know what they say they learn to talk I did look down to the first floor and I see 2 crocodile´s trying to come up the staire´s where we where, I did through a shoe and make them not to come, I felt such a fear, I knew also that I should call hospital to tell that we are coming to get my sisters son but did forget in this horror to keep the crocodiles away not to reach us...I asked my sisters husband if he could call the hospital it is his son, but he said no he will not, and my phone did not function at all, so my panic did become huge, I did also know that relatives from Finland will come and I had so little money to feed them, so my fear did arise to a level that made me go nearly crazy and no help or support what so ever from I had to awake me from this dream of stress..huh!!

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