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    I did hear myself say...Daily inspiration...and then I hear a voice say....Make it to come towards us...or let it to come towards us...somehow I thought it was my soul what we where trying to come forward, but I am not sure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IA56 View Post
    I did hear myself say...Daily inspiration...and then I hear a voice say....Make it to come towards us...or let it to come towards us...somehow I thought it was my soul what we where trying to come forward, but I am not sure...
    Maybe it was the object we are trying to see in RV LAB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyeswideopen View Post
    Maybe it was the object we are trying to see in RV LAB
    now you awoke my interest, how are your thoughts running, please elaborate me

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    Last night I hade a really odd dream...I was looking down and I see a small island and a white pudle dog have a big snake in his/her´s mouth, I just can´t understand how it is possible the dog still are living and the snake is dead??..The little dog eat the snake, but shortly after it has swallowed the last bite what it eat from a white hand ( it was like white porsline plate formed lika a mans hand)..the dog throw it up and it was such a heap of snake, unbelieveble amount, aftewards the dog did fall backwards into the water and now I did go down and pick it up, it was bearly alive, I shouted for help and 2 men did come and said, we have a custome, you must cut down trees and make a stretcher, from this area it is only this way you can carry away with the dog...I did accept and did ask for help from the men, one did carry a gun with light it was like a flashlight and I said, that is useful now when it is starting to get dark so we can see in the woods when we cut the trees down for the stretcher.

    In this episod I was called by my birth-name R and someone did bring me 2 black cat´s....I was surprised and little bit wondering why??

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Lots of dreams last night...I am married still with my ex-husband, I am lying on my stomach in bed, x:es working friend a women is sitting on a chair in our bed-room and my husband are working on my ischias-nerv I feel the tingle. My son is little and we are going to walk him to school, I did be so surprised when the working friend also go with us, she talk´s to me and say...I want also have lunch break´s.... I get confused and I go to another direction and I do not care that it is my son whom we supposed to walk to school, this is my marking that it is not okay to have this working friend so close to us.

    At the same time I have my bf whom I am seeing also, this confuses me more, how is this possible, so I start to think that maybe I do not have any right to judge my ex husbands bond to his working friend.

    I am walking in a forest and I take my cell phone and want to contact my bf but my cell phone is like a screen and I see my aunt E and it awokes frear in me..the scenario is a tree and it is like a hole and I see my aunt through it (this is a symbol of death for me) so I feel my aunt´s husband is dead....

    then next scenario is my best friend who is standing with a man who holds her from behind and she is leaning her head on his breast and they are looking at a sun rise (I am sure this is a future vision)

    I go back at our house what also is a my husbands working place is a big mansion..I meet a unknown man coming from the house and I ask...who are you...he say...I work here...and now I see the other working friends also and one of the highest bosses appologizes for making this mess, and I worries, I am only confused because we have not met for so long time....

    I get also surprised that we have living a family with like 7-8 children, most girls, and they are coming from upstaires and I help them by holding hand and help them down the staires, and I say...what a priscesses you are...and the girls felt so happy, I looked at 3 other girls eating breakfast and I asked if I shall put light´s on and they said yes...with closer look I did see one of girly looking was a boy, and I was thinking if this is somekind of century thing that boy´s also dressed so you couldn´t see difference of girl´s and boy´s...

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night in my dreams I was walking with my bf in a unfamilar area of houses, people was going in a house and my bf said, we go inte the cellar of this house, I did not want so I kept going and he did become angry, so I felt bad refusing his wish to go the house but I do not know anyone in this area so I did not understand what we should do there, but I felt bad and now I saw a door open and I said we go in here it was the same building..we entered the house and it showed to be subway and there was a mall too...much people and soon I hear my bf saying to someone...oh hallo baby...I tried to see whom he was spoking too and first I saw too tenaged girls read in faces and imbarressed so I guessed he had hugged them and make them I spotted my bf and he is following a women with 2 children he is like occupied of the women but she did not pay any attention to him...looking clothes and not even looking at him...he was seeking her´s attention, and said...about the little boy...he own´s his mother and I do not understand why...(this frase did the beater say about my son when he was 3 yrs old) I felt so bad so I went away, and when I was out of the underground mall I remembered I do not have a nickel, not even a I was thinking what to do, I did not want to go back, but I realised I have to, with no money I can´t get back home, so I felt so bad to be so dependent on him...I felt so bad so I had to awake me from this dream...

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I was with a man into a second hand store, I do not know who the man was. I was looking around and I found one item I wanted to buy but it was only one of them so I was thinking and I said to the man, I had buy it but it is only one of it so maybe someone does need it more than I do so I do not take it, the man did show me, he had one more of the same item in his hand and an expression on his face, here you see, there was one more so take the I took it...I did say to him that I get so confused with so many item´s and I have hard to see, it is too the man started to talk loud how awful and no order in the store, I was little bit wondering about what he was doing, I can´t say he was complaining, more commenting we are second time into this same store..and it is so cleaned up...the shelf´s where it was like a million porsline item´s now was only big wooden jar´s like 3 on one self and it was so nice...he looked at me and you did pay off to I asked where they have put all the porsline item´s...and they pointed to the kitchen and I looked into the kitchen and I saw like one tray with the porsline item´s on, and I was like could it be what looked like million item´s when they where on the self´s in the store and now when they are gathered togeather it was not so much??

    This is very good metaphore to adress thing´s in right way, when it is all over a place it look´s so much but when putting all togeather it is not so much and it does give a better picture...and also to clean up the old thing´s and replace it with new, the old time has bring many thing´s but now when I see it in retrospect and gathered I can clean up like with one big sweep and then the new does have good room to come in...more less but bigger in dimension.

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    Last night I was trained to sort out and put in right places after my will and feeling....I do not remember so much but like this.,..they used my love for my bf as a ground or start point for my feeling and will....Like...your love for bf...I said to eternity....then it did go like this and I felt secure and calm and that I was anchored in me or myself or what to call it..maby my core...then when I was in this relaxed secure state a women come forward and asked..may I go and rest in your bed...and I only said...OUT; OUT; OUT,...and I did get the feeling that when I before did not have any clue or contact with my will, in this way all kind of entities and energies did get access when coming in peace and positive mode....I did also really feel for the first time an agenda what was not what it appered to be in the first place...really powerful night

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I dreamt that I had returned to my appartment, I had it on groundfloor, I noticed that my window was open and that they had broken the window and put some hard plastic with black duckt tape around to affixe it...I was not happy, who have used my appartment whilst I was away, I felt total unsecure and did not want to live in this appartment anymore.

    I was looking out and I saw teen´s in big groups and adults pooring alcohol on the ground ..

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I was in a hotel with a group of women, I had to go back to my room, I had a sheat in my hand´s and was going to delivere it to my room, when I entered the elevator I had forgotten totally what room number or on what floor when I entered the elevator a man did come out from the elevator and we looked at each others but did not say anything...but his look did stay with me, you not know who I am...and I did not reckognize him at all...he kept coming in when I went out from the elevator and when I went in he went out...on one floor I did see like a reception and I did ask them if they know what floor and room number I have...a man did at once stand up and said...come with me...we entered like an office and he did taka a paper and said..yes and your friends are my favorit...I asked to see the list..and I did not find my name on it...and I said,...I am not on other staff women did allert and like was going to report me being there without having any right to I did see the name´s on the list and then I remembered that one of the friends (from my making lace class) did not have any time to go on this trip but she had paid allready and she asked me to take her when I remembered this, the release feeling did feel in the whole room...and I could relax and got help to find my room.

    I still wonder who the man was and he did know me, and he wanted me to remember who he is...but I really do not?? Maybe my guide??

    Can I have a male guide?? shouldn´t it be a female??

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