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    Last night I did dream little bit strange and I have difficulties to get it out in word´s...
    I was in a group of women we did spend time together, in this episode we where to a church..there was hanging somekind of pendlums or of the women was going to be confirmed so we had to go to another church or sacred place, I took one of the hanging pendlum´s or something hanging item with me, one church-worker questioned or tried to stop me to take the item but when I said that she was going to be confirmed I was allowed to take the item with me...the group of women I was with had arrived on bike´s to this place so we where leaving on bike´s to the other place where my friend was going to be confirmed...I did not have own bike so I was riding behind one of my best friend´s from the group...we where wearing very beautiful clouth´s and I did help my friend who did drive the bike to put the shawl in a way that not the wind would mess up and hinder her to see or to jeopardize the safty.....

    In this episode I was watching my aunt (she was young here) walking like in a ditch and suddenly she fell...I waited for a moment if she will rise her up but did not so I went to see what happened, she did lye there on the ground she had fainted..I touched her and are you...she opened her eye´s and did be confused, she did not understand what just had happened...and I was very surprised that I had gone back in time and did talk to her but I was not a child as I should have bean but I was in my age as I am now....strange??!!

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    Last night I had a dream that I was sleeping in a bed, it was not mine, and that my sister was looking after me...she come back and forth to the room...A very strong energy did paddle me with his hand´s...I could see it was shaped like a man but did not have hand´s with finger´s but paddles when you get electrical schock´s when your heart has stopped...he paddled all my organ´s....heart, lung´s, liver, and so on...all what is in front of the body...not like kidney´s what are back on a body...
    It was very hard to cope with this electrical paddling...and my sister did not notice anything and I couldn´t talk...??..Maybe I was in coma??....

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    I am truly, truly jealous of the fact that you can remember all your dreams so well... I've been trying, but with no luck at all. I just kinda black out during the evenings, and at some point in time I feel the need to open my eyes, and then it's morning again. If my dreams were so clear at night I think I would enjoy my sleep much more, at least you continue to have experiences and new memories even after the lights are out
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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Maybe some part of you thinks you wouldn't get enough rest if you did. It could help to do an affirmation like "I sleep well, I recall my dreams in the morning and wake fully rested." before going to bed.

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    I say loud before sleep....I want to remember my dream´s and I say it 3 time´s and deeply deeply feel I will remember them...I do not remember every night´s dream´s thoug eighder, but some night´s I do remember several seckvenses...

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    This is so complicated this dream all is mixed, very old story or happening from my life is mixed with my today life...I´ll try to write as best I can because I need help to understand....
    In 2002 I met a schaman online, I have never met him IRL...It did happend very much during this year´s I comunicated with him through email´s and in forum´s online....I was so sure he was my partner to be, I had had vision´s that it is needed a combination of a male and a female to do this work, and I had this vision already in 1980, so I was so sure it was him, I was also told that he will be my partner on all level´ what that was ment to mean was...I should be married with I was totally in chock when he told me he was already married...I was torned and ripped appart in my whole soul...and now I did not understand anything ...(the truth was that the future-vision was not that simple I do understand it now and that I have not understand it right yet) today I am so in love with a man who is interested in these thing´s but he is afraid, but he does listen and try to understand when I am talking about out of body projection but for now my practising in down, my understanding is elswhere for now, this new boy-friend does work as personal assistent to dissabled person´s, he is very supportiv to me and I felt when I met him or started to talk with him December 9 2011, and we met December 18 for the first time, and when I did lay my eyes on him I did get some sort of flachback and it felt that he is my "cornerstone" and yes much have fall to right understanding on several level´s and still out of reach for clothing in word´ this be come´s the dream...

    In real life my boy-friend did call me when he was driving to a store with his client and he does talk with the speaker on so she can hear me too, the client have bean very interested about me, so now she got to know....after this phone-call I did fall to sleep I am ill with fever and cold...
    I did dream that this boy-friend is this schaman and that I did really understand it in the dream so well, I went awake in the dream....I did also understand that the client is his wife and will give her blessing to our relationship but she want me to also start to work for her as her assistent, and in this way my boy-friend will be able to marry me.....

    All is so mixed and as I can tell there is nothing of any truth in this as far as I can know....but I feel this is very much trying to tell me something of value and importance....I feel frustrated.....please tell me if I need to give more details....

    It was so huge in the dream when I did understand...that the client was his wife....this did give me so deep understanding...but I can´t grip it and put in word´s....but this understanding come´s from that hight what I call...the space what you can´t tell with word´s...the final truth.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    I took a nap and did have very strong dream´s...very strong energy was approaching me, it did hid behind a very messy colore, like dirty grean/brownish ...I tried to wake up but did not succeed so I remembered the bannishment and did get control over my fear and did it very firm and precise....I was surprised that I am so strong and have very stong will when I am calm and made up my mind....I am happy for to get to know this, this give´s me self-confidence and self-trust....I hear my self saying...soon very big thing´s are going to start bannishment did come to like bean drawn with a pencil on the air...and I was only using my thought or is it mind to do the bannishment I did not even use my hand´s only by could see the bannisment very long time on the air.

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I was in my son´s appartament in my dream and the inner door was transparant and closed but the out door was open and slamming in the wind...I was thinking in the dream if the door was broken but when I shut it it was okay and did close tight and felt very firm and steady and I was pleased...

    The other seecvence of dream I was living in a very high building on the top floor and was called all the time to open the door to let people out from the was a lot of up and down in the elevator the whole night but I am not exhausted
    So what does this mean??....I know that I am in a cleansing period now so does this mean when I let people out of my building that I let go of old thing´s and happening and people like releasing bad energie´s or stuck energy??..It sure feel´s like it...

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I dreamt that I was to my grandfather´s place, it was summer and I was collecting plants...some-one asked me, how do you know what plants are eatable??...I said I can see it from the shape of the leaf...
    Second episode of dream was that I was overhearing my boyfriend´s conversation with another girl-friend, it felt and old relationchip before my time....she was angry with him being unfaithful and he was scraming at her...let me do and let me be...I did wake from my sleep very quick, it did not feel good at all...I feel nervous now???

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    Re: IA´s dream diary....

    Last night I did wake up within a dream...or I was dreaming that I had a nightmare and did have sleep paralysis and I tried to wake up from this dream and my boyfriend did also wake up in this dream....I did ask him if this did happen and he said no not in the real this must mean I did wake up within in a dream.....does this mean anything?? like I am becoming more aware deeper??

    Then I did also dream I was with my sisters children....the girl L did talk much as she always does...and her brother T I noticed was sad and I felt he ought to have our attention so I said....Now we have to talk about feelings....I did notice he was happy that I noticed his condition...but his sister did keep talking so he did pusch her arm gently to get her attention so he would get the opportunity to talk....

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