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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I was looking and listening to 3 men who was talking....One of the men was a real hunk...he was so gourgeous and one of the men was a artist/ the older man did say to the paint the young man naked...and I do really understand he wanted to immortalitze his image..

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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I was to India with my grandchild A...we where at a place and there was a small window at the floore so we had to be on our knees to look through it....I did recognize H whom I had known and also visited his home in 1984, I told A that I know A started to shout....H....H....I said to A that he do not know who she is, so A gave me her place so I could try to catch
    his attention and after som while he did see me and did also remember me...I told him that A is my sons child and that he do have 2 children, he was surprised that my son is so old and that it has passed so many years since we spoke.....I asked if he has children and he said yes 5....I asked
    when did he move back to India and he said...Too late....It was very hard to hear through the glass I said good bye
    to him and we went out from the room through a door, he looked like in chock but did not say anything.

    I must say I am surprised to dream about H but if it is true that he has own children then I am happy real happy for him...because I left him because I did not want more children so I did want him to find a women who was willing to give him children.


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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I did have a deam what I have not fully understood the whole meaning was like this.

    I was working in a very beautiful house/building and it was in a wonderful nature inviroment, like a paradise...I was so happy
    and felt so blessed....I was sure everyone felt the same...I was looking at my 2 co-workers who was smoking on the terrace...I was in this deep happy feeling but I stopped for a while to listen to theires conversation....K sayes....Never more...and the other women did are right never more...I did notice at once my mood to drop and I felt sad...How easy my mood can be changed...I consentrated more to understand the subject they where talking about...Never more an abusive men/women...I agreed in my inner.....

    This dream showes me how sensitiv I am to the outer world....I notice I have hard time to keep my happy feeling if not the whole world are happy....I understand more about my self now....and what I have to focus on.....To get thicker skin so to speak...


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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I did dream strange again.....I was comforting a man who had a big wonderful house, and I hugged him and said...
    There are so many different typ of families ( I did feel I was talking also about my self here)...with my minds eye I saw a man
    made of stone who closed his eyes and felt hope, I had some kind of connection to him...and he was part of my family, I did count
    me in as this mans friend and was offering to be "family" with him??

    In this secvense I was talking with my co-workers and I was working at a hospital...They had noticed to have made an error
    to my friend who also worked at the hospital, and the boss was now talking to offer her a very expensive corse as a compensation and for her not to report it ...I was so thrilled because I was like in the inner circle where these things was disscussed and could deside like a board memeber....I was so thrilled to come home and tell my friend about the expensive education they are putting her did get bored to sit on this meeting so I said...please can we do now something els take the elevator so we get moving somewhere else....and I got all in the elevator.....but do not remember what happened after that.


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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I had a very strange dream.
    A man and a women I do not know who they are....The man did offer me a cigarett and he did turn there usually a filer is in a cigarett he twitched the paper and when I did take a smoke the paper did wrapp up and I got the tobacco in my mouth...but very
    soon I did feel dizzy and now I did see the man and women smile toward each other and I did fall into sleep???
    What is this??

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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I did see how energy threats connected to my throat, I was adviced to cut them off...I got a small scissors and I opened my mouth and looked deep in my throat and I did see these energy threats....I did do as I was adviced...cut them was very tricky but I did it

    Do you think it is like this....that whith communication we get attached with energy threats to each others??


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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Do you think it is like this....that whith communication we get attached with energy threats to each others??
    Possibly we make stronger connections through communication and interaction if there are strong emotional and mental bonds but perhaps we already start strongly connected to certain people because we're in the same soul group or we have pre-existing karmic bonds.
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
    (Therapist and dreamworker Strephon Kaplan

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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Interesting though. Thank you Beekeeper.


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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that a bat did flew into my hair....I asked several to help me to take out the bat from my hair...but no one helped me...but then I find one to hold up my hair so I could use my both hands to free the bat....then I could examine it and look very close at was facinating.

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    Re: IAs dream diary....

    Last night I did dream that some one asked me if he/she could enter my sphere and I said Yes, I was cuorious to see what happends...something very heavy did sink over me...I tried not to panic but I was very intimitated, suddenly I see and feel
    something under my covering....the first what hit my mind was....negs...I do catch it and are now holding under the cover and
    I shout to my sister....bring me water...I know my sister did go from the room but she never come back with the water,so I was
    thinking what to do, my knowledge about these things are limited, suddenly I see a litle foot and I am now sure it is not a neg but a child....I take it off the cover and I am now looking at a little cute girl...Hi I say....How did you come to my apartment and into my bed...??...She said...through the door, it was not locked...Oh I say...dont you have any own place to go to?? No she said..I want to be here with you...I now see she has some marks on her tribes has....she had pink dots and I was just about to ask how she get these when I woke up and I was in small chock.

    This dream is about my sister trying to suffercate me she did like this to me often in my childhood...I am sure the work has begun to free me from this horror I still feel when I think about my sister and her treatment of me.
    But now I was the one in charge here in this dream, even I thought it was negs first, and my knowledge was limited how to handle this so I think it turned to be about my fear from childhood what is first to be relesed in right way for me to get past this then I am sure rest of fear is more easy to handle for me, it think

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