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Thread: My experiences in Sedona

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    My experiences in Sedona

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to share some amazing experiences I had during my trips to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. For those of you who have never been to neither of these places, I strongly suggest to put it on your list for “things to do before I die”  Seriously the Grand Canyon is the most breath taking sight I have ever seen in my life! From one end of the horizon to the other, you can see and sense the entire earth’s history from millions of years ago to this day. The gigantic rock formations stretching for hundreds of miles in distance and depth, pull you into its vastness and you can’t even comprehend its size and magnificence. I have seen videos and photos before, but you just can’t gain a real perception of the spirit of this place. When you are there you can feel a great presence, which I can’t really explain. There is stillness, silence, calmness, sense of letting go, greater understanding, etc.
    From the top, the Colorado River was barely noticeable. Then we hiked down for about 3 hrs, and as we were getting lower and lower, the walls of the rocks were growing bigger and scarier lol. What an experience!

    Next stop was Sedona, which is about 40 min away. Now, there I had a bigger spiritual adventure. For those of you who are not familiar, Sedona has many rock formations, some of which are known to be energy vortexes. Well, I wasn’t sure if the whole energy thing was real, because companies would do anything to attract tourists. However, from personal experience and these of my friends ( some of them were highly skeptical and were not pre influencing their minds to feel the energy) we concluded that these places were charged with energy.
    There are four vortexes in Sedona. First we went to the Airport Rock. When we started hiking towards the exact spot shown on the map, we felt the tips of our fingers pulsating. With every step, the tingling sensation was spreading through our hands and traveling up our arms. Luckily there were no people around. So we sat quietly and meditated for a few minutes. I put my hands on the rocks and felt the energy passing through my core. I just focused on the sensation and imagined myself becoming charged. We were literally sitting on the edge of a large rock formation, and all of us felt like we wanted to jump of that cliff, which was pretty high.
    The silence there was very “heavy”. I don’t know how to explain it. The interesting thing is that the next day on the way home, my friend wanted a rock from there, so we stopped by and he asked me to hike and get him a small rock, while he was waiting in the car, because we didn’t want to pay another parking ticket. So, it was very early in the morning and there were no people around. The vortex spot was way up on the rocks, far from the parking. And while I was chiming alone, I felt like the time stopped. It felt so weird at that place alone, but I liked it.
    This was the first time I felt actual energy serge throughout my body in waking life. It was absolutely amazing. But the curious thing is that the other three locations we visited, none of us felt anything. Even the famous Bell Rock, which is suppose to be very powerful. I think it’s because we got so charged at the Airport Rock, that our bodies had the same frequency as the vortexes and we could not feel it at the other places. Neverthless, we had great experiences in Sedona and the views from everywhere in town are absolutely amazing.
    Places like this really affect one’s spiritual perspective.

    What’s curious is that I collected some rocks from the vortexes and few days after we returned I put one of them under my pillow and I don’t know if it was just me premeditating my mind, but I started feeling that tingling sensation in my fingers again. That night I had a long OBE. (I haven’t had one in a while). During the night I turned on my other side and as was dosing off, I heard a loud purring noise above my head and I instantly knew that these were my kittens. Sadly we had to put them down few weeks before, because one infected the other with FIP ( a fatal cats disease) and I was absolutely devastated. So, I knew it was them, but I could not open my eyes and I was paralyzed. So, I gave a command I’m out of my body and I tuned to the other frequency. I opened my eyes and I saw both of them next to me. Oh, I was sooooo happy to pet them and cuddle them. Such sweet kittens! Then I ended up at home in my country and saw my sister. We were sitting at a restaurant and I said that I wanted to order some chocolate cake, because in real life I was on a diet and I could not have any. So they brought us a huge slice and we both started eating. OMG, I have to tell you guys, that taste in the astral is so much more enhanced. That thing was so delicious, that I want to go back for more lol. Then I was telling her that we were out in the astral and to convince her, I grabbed her waist and we both flew few feet off the ground. Then I told her, “now, you try flying by yourself” and she flew off and disappeared in the sky.
    After that I was walking by myself somewhere and I was thinking about my physical body, but I didn’t seem to loose control and snap back. So I thought about it and I thought about it and I said to my self that I must be dead, since I am not returning. But for some reason that thought did not bother me at all. In fact I felt liberated somehow. Eventually I woke up!
    That was three nights ago and ever since I had the rock under my pillow and I had such a vivid dreams and experiences the following two nights.
    I am continuing with this experiment, and I am loving it. I am more in tune with my inner self than ever.

    And here is something that I have not come across during my OBE life. The next day I was talking to my sister and as I was telling her that in my OBE I found her, she interrupted me and started telling me that during my exact time of OBE, she was taking an afternoon nap (time difference) and she was dreaming that she was flying. (OMG, that was the first time another person involved in my OBEs have recalled an exact experience. Truly amazing.) Then I continued telling her that in fact I was showing her how to fly and sent her off on her own. She could not believe it!!!!!
    “Only through knowledge we grow. This is the universal law.”
    “WE ARE CO-CREATORS - We Create not only objects composed of physical matter, but the physical matter itself.”

    Maria Velika

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    Re: My experiences in Sedona

    I love reading experiences like this. Fabulous - all of it!

    You know, I think your friend sending you up to get him a rock because he didn't want to pay for parking was an experience you were meant to have alone.
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
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    Re: My experiences in Sedona

    Hey, Light Beam.
    I went to Arizona around twenty-odd years ago, and loved it. Went to a few of the places (don't remember the names anymore) and you're right, the energy can be felt. I didn't specifically go to all the vortexes, but there was one specific place I remember that was near a creek, that was breathtaking.
    The grand Canyon was also sublime, but I didn't like the energy there- I can't describe it, but it seemed there was "too much" of it- at least too much for me.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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