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    Learnings about the current world

    I would like to share how the current world works.

    First our world is owned and run by aliens primarily grey and reptoids. The reptoids are basically now taking back what is theirs. They have made their return and are now probably going to land forces. Basically humans don't own anything on this planet. The aliens make occasional visits at certain areas specially in the United states. There are usually meetings where the alien commander will sit down and a human officer will try to negotiate information and deals. The alien mind works much with colors and symbols. The officer together with the base will have to arrange a proper meeting with the proper surroundings.

    The aliens are extremely sensitive to everything from colors and air quality. This can create severe problems with their physiology like exema in the airways.

    The world works by the pyramid model with an extremely high ranking entity on top. This entity is known as Solomon. This entity is not god, he's just a very advanced alien. Governments are carefully selected and the society works much by pyramids on top of pyramids. Every country, company and agency has their kind of protection. These protections work directly with the counciousness.

    One of the strongest protection is currently carried by the quack organisation called psychiatry. Many aliens have been trapped here and the organisation is currently undergoing inspection. I'm currently heading that inspection. Many of the problems with psychiatry have happened because their protection symbol is corrupted. From what I can see the symbol is partially reptoid by design.

    The world works much by safe and none safe zones. Safe zones are those that need to be kept in order and usually these countries produce quite a great amount of interesting items of high value. Non safe zones are such zones where people can be expended. These countries usually have black in their flag. I call these countries cursed countries. Yes the aliens are currently supporting the crusades against for ex islam. I know this may sound evil for you but that's how it works. Non safe zones are currently being recycled. Examples of such zones are Libya, Egypt, Palestine and Syria. These areas are from my knowings being purged.

    The aliens current concerns are the balance of wildlife, nature, technology and population. The aliens are currently very concerned with overpopulation. The current population level is not sustainable. The aliens want to increase wild life and nature.

    It took me a while to understand that I was extraterrestrial as well. I kept getting visits by everything from angels, demons, reptoids, greys and other kinds of beings. The reptoids were very friendly and I loved their smell.

    The reptoids smell amazingly good and are rather large beings.

    I don't know why the US has plans to land troops in more countries but the current mode is actually air strike only mode/non infantry mode. The plan is to pull back all troops and move over to artillery/air raid only mode.

    Below the eye and the aliens the world is being run through jewry of course . That's why world leaders are carefully selected.

    Hey don't shoot the messenger.
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