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Thread: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

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    Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    The magickian begins to form the Goetic stage
    as an appraisor of peers at this stage, not a maker , yet

    perhaps will end life here and begin to be a Goetic seed in another life
    but the potential is in all

    then we will wear the costumes
    of those already in the robe/closets of the existing Goetic forms
    learning through these ourselves
    as we appear to the live magickians in dreamstate
    or meditative trance
    and teach through these not creating a new one, yet

    then we may manifest a new goetic form when ripened

    we choose the curriculum of the new apprentice Goetic form
    from our life's work
    and that which afflicts us most

    we can not hate that in another that we do not despise in ourselves
    I have never been addicted but have watched partners of my daughters and my adopted son and his partners ruin lives with methamphetamines. I despise meth addiction.

    "If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."
    Hermann Hesse from Siddhartha

    there are amongst the magickians at this stage the ; stones, chameleons, seeds

    the new generation are seeds

    some are stones unable to wear but one identity solid in foundation but can not complete others , so they practice pathworking by wearing the existing Goetic form most familiar to them most aligned to them.

    the chameleon understands by being within it
    seeking universal commonality
    this one can easily move but may limit self to a range of same gendered or similar culture /paradigm avatars

    I felt uncomfortable thrust into Thoth or Christ feel wrong in male forms
    I prefer Konnan/ Quan Yen , Freya, Mary, Nammu et al

    My Goetic Form is born
    Today in hot tub meditating 3 April 2014
    Preliminary Exercise to open spine and ears better
    saw the head as new bicardinal crux and cardinal cross wheels then saw these throughout the spine

    cross + at third eye, nose, mouth, throat, heart, navel , womb, perineum
    crux X crown, at eyes ,nostrils , jaws, tonsils, shoulders, breasts, gonads, knees

    a cap that is unwound to open the spine above the supernal heavenstone
    and below the infernal helstone, too
    twisting widdershins to open deosil to close if facing eyes forward

    stretching the spine; hyper extending the neck
    and pulling the feet up to the hips
    balanced to draw energy from the crown to the knee caps
    and open the ears and throat better

    open the third eye draw in energy from there and out both ears forming loop throw back into third eye , repeat until energy runs clean , fast and clear

    open the heart draw in energy from there and pull up to throat out both ears , repeat until energy runs clean fast and clear
    Recall of attack in dreamstate 2 April.
    I was with a grandson, Riley, whom is estranged from us. He lives with the daughter's ex partner's parents.

    I bought a transformer robot for his birthday in March. He morphs into a giant transformer not the yellow Bumblebee I bought but his own akashic silver knight with a right blue sword /pliers arm .

    I chuckle and transform too to play with him trying to become the gray bad guy transformer and begin as a cloud like chaotic form when i get stabbed in back, suddenly.

    I look behind self and think I see his mother, my daughter, who felt her son is threatened by this 'demon' appearing not knowing that we are only having a game in the astral. I see his brother, my grandson Jacob. I am carried back home in projection as a limp astral form seemingly near death ; so ill in the physical too . I don't know who carries me.

    I awoke in another bed with Christ beside me cautioning me to rest and he heals me . Then, I plummet back to my body and wake again to vomit. I feel weak , pain in chest , black energy in my gut where the wound festered .

    I drive to pick up another grandson who is not ready for school yet. So, I plan to return a little later. But I become seriously ill when stepping out of the car, spinning head, nausea, chest pain and projectile vomiting. I spent the day in bed, instead. Warned to eject this black goo from gut by vomiting and cleansing, again. Had lessons reminding me to shield self when playing in astral because others can attack misinterpreting "fun" as endangerment.

    saw imagery from higher self
    first a tulip becoming an onion
    like the turnip blanketing chaos of Billy ,above

    the bulb of the angel/ demon
    the seed of the Goetia in all of us
    emancipated when the season has come and it ripens
    now is my time

    Hegethuriel my angelic form appears

    My new goetic styled demon is Irathmus (pronounced 'ee wrath mus'
    firey wrath of God

    all Goetic forms ascend from demon to angel as they appear in subsequent lessons that are learnt until the archangel or avatar appears.

    five horned skeleton riding a syringe like a broom of a witch
    two on head with pointed ears as it fleshes out
    two on shoulders like epaulets
    one on chin like a bearded crone

    the skeleton becomes anorexic fleshed and straggly long gray haired
    demonic punishment syringe up arse through spine painful inflicting
    downward spiral

    the horns on head leave last, first the shoulders , then the beard

    the chin beard becomes pointed and fleshed out
    as are the upturned ears like a cartoon red fox or dog perhaps
    fur less but a tail definitely a fox tail red golden tipped with firey tails
    Giving strength inspiration and cunning to evolve and overcome or chasing the drug addict through nightmare-scapes to death

    the pointed ears leave and human flesh appears
    a skinny pock marked methamphetamine old homeless woman
    giving nightmares about poverty and isolation

    a young anorexic pock marked bad skinned, bad teeth,zombie coloured meth freak
    warning about becoming addicted

    a faerie face with gossamer wings
    holding grapes and cannabis bush
    advocating more natural less addicting substances

    a plump hippie mama wearing a mumu with long red golden hair

    a crone wearing a judge robes angelic wings and carrying a constantly thumping gavel and Bible who warns about criminal activity and jail consequences

    Fun Loving Smiling Angel with Bells on ankles and wrists and hems
    an angel wearing hindu red mark on forehead wearing a red sari with bells on many hemmed silk garment

    demon punishes; with syringe up arse to crown or down crown to arse, painful consequences, downward spiral, criminal consequences, physical decay and rot, descension to death

    judge closes off the condemned into themselves
    into a helscape for a time of nightmare realms
    and causing own death if drugs are not put aside
    faerie who inspires to celebrate naturally when appropriate

    angel awards; inspires to break addiction ascending on spiral with new hope aspirations love forgiveness

    punishes syringe using druggies who harm own families and friends

    HEGIEL /Hegethuriel
    awards those who give up drugs and inspires them to do so
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    Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    Super Moon of July 2014
    Asmodeus + appeared near the conclusion of a series of lessons which began as an amalgamation of three Goetic forms ;
    Marbas, Asmodeus and Allocer. He appeared this time in a form of a golden lion headed rabbi wearing the jeweled ephod depicting the Tree of Life. He appeared also as a Throne Angel; a cherubim with rainbow of Isis coloured wings and the body of the Hermetic Sphinx crowned like Lassamu but with a lion chest and forelegs and a serpent tail.

    He was angelic and gentle and taught that there are 5 principles of the aspirant;
    1. To Love all
    2. To Forgive all
    3. To Heal all
    4. To Teach and Share Wisdoms with all
    5. To Attune and Raise the consciousness of self and others through alchemical contagion

    He placed his hand upon the Hand of Mysteries floating in a vision above the circle and each hand became segmented as a vertical line of 4 golden brown aged papyrus prayer scrolls held closed by blue indigo ribbons ;

    Then, his fingers were four without a thumb and seemed human like fur covered but thin human phalanges;
    each segment a particular Hermetic coloured energy. All were as prayer scrolls golden brown papyrus pulled apart or wrapped together by indigo ribbons.As he touched my hands his hands became golden light and my fingers became as a set of 4 prayer scrolls on each one;

    right hand; pinky top orange , then other male red then reciprocal green then reciprocal blue at opposite end.
    ring finger; top indigo , green then red and bottom or opposite orange
    middle finger; top salmon red, then orange then indigo bottom chartreuse green
    index finger; top chartreuse green, then blue then orange then salmon red

    And we have a thumb which is silver on the tip then emerald , ruby and gold.

    There are two bands upon the right arm at the elbow and half way down between the elbow and wrist these are wrapped around the forearm of the amalgamated Goetic Angelic form. We are bound to this angelic watching consciousness. We are expected to heal and love what is put upon our plate.
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    Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    W 16 July 2014
    A U shaped structure of 5 forming Goetic gigantic stems appearing attached to each other
    like phalanges or feathers on a fan being ;
    5 Demonic/Totemic
    5 Goddess/God Avatar

    These can flip at the base/ground bringing any image to the foreground or the entire dark or light fan of stems forward.There is a mirror image below the ground.

    On Jodi this appears like this;

    I left hand image of Goddess forms each gigantic larger than human

    1.Index finger position; Gaia sitting as a mountain plump smiling with the head two heads higher than the physical form; holding sun and day on right ,holding moon and night over a river on the left.Long blonde hair to feet becomes a river of cornfields down the dress that is the body of the mountain.

    2. Minoan Bee Goddess;exotic blonde striped brunette hair to toes, thin woman cocoa skinned young sitting in empress Tarot asana holding a mace in right hand which is a bee hive swarming with honeybees

    3. Athena/Artemis standing as a spidery webbed skeleton form then as a crone hair pulled back starkly with a stony expression; the observer who judges. "Sagacity and wisdom", I hear.

    4. Hecate kneeling over the hearth stirring the pot back to me turns slowly and smiles a middle aged woman with a fresh face wearing humble peasant clothing her hair in a scarf hidde and a broad contented smile.

    5. still forming on 'thumb' stem/feather

    II Right hand fan of gigantic stems.
    The 5 behind began below but became above and can be behind or in front;
    1.'thumb' a dark purple silver black dragon with black long bat wings wildly whipping next about

    2.pinky ; wolf bear large mouth beady eyed totem menacing scary

    3.ring; a skeleton wearing baggy harlequin black and white chess board silks like a clown , a justice Tarot image; the judge

    4.middle finger; black on black a sheet or film of black begins to turn and magickian's face appears holding up the mirror

    5. forming still ...
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    Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    mentions that the crescent moon is bright
    "like laughing God popped a smile "
    his shin is bleeding trailed down left leg
    an accidental puncture
    unnoted before reading

    Beyond the Goetia
    The Hollow
    thin 2D form
    like Japanese Spirits in anime
    like a kite
    like a manta ray
    massive larger at top three metres
    shorter at ground .5 metre
    reciprocal below

    Steady Blue White cloudy
    undulating shiny like oil upon water
    like a mirror
    silvery black

    / ♥ ♥ \
    / ♥ ♥ ♥ \
    \ ♥ ♥\/♥ ♥/\
    /\ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥/
    \ ♥ ♥ ♥/

    in head and heart and in palm
    a vacant cobalt hollow

    into which what is cast
    is what ♥manifests in appearance

    incomplete initiation
    feet and later joints also imbibed
    may cast off a limb morphed as a dragon
    to ♥ally self
    set at peace

    on his right hand
    initiates ceremony
    by a length of golden ♥cord one metre long
    loosely laid upon palm

    on left hand older self with a bushy beard
    also wavy hair not straight like present self
    more reddy blonde
    dark red ♥golden robe
    long sleeve shirt button down slacks
    about 40 years old

    places burden of responsibility in hand
    the tome of the law
    a tall red folio gold embossed
    a connection to core circular column of
    slowly revolving books
    central to each astral library
    and above them ♥all
    of code of practice
    connecting all astral libraries

    destroy under sanction
    heal mercifully
    protect with indemnity

    at inception on left
    Thin blonde brown hair average height
    Robert Kennerly Bruce's father
    Walter Bruce

    and on Billy's left hand William Francis Curran
    all in black and sad but smiling
    he ties on armoured belt to Billy
    a heavy ornate swath of armour plate
    on leather ♥and cloth
    from beneath breast to hips
    wide and very heavy
    tied at back
    silver lozenges
    in 4 columns 3 rows

    in contrast to traditional 3 columns ♥4 rows vertically set jewels
    were ♥set horizontally not vertically like the apron of the Priest
    not shoulder to hips either

    will become coloured jewels
    like the ephod
    of Kaballah
    once earnt

    Christ concludes by presentation
    of ♥an arm dragon manifested
    from his arm into Billy's palm
    ascends his right arm
    thin tapered pointed tail
    three pairs thin tapered pointed wings;
    red blue yellow
    emerald green body

    men's business
    first a gathering of those at this level
    a short recognition
    then a friendly gathering of spirit
    in celebration
    mates and rellies arriving
    see maternal grandfather
    a great great grandfather
    and maternal stepfather
    a male cousin
    and two mystic peers, in spirit
    Andrew Oats and Tom Curran
    et al appear
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    Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    Free energy body readings offered on Skype.
    Ask to be added as a contact to Aunt Clair on Skype.
    In your message mention this forum and that you would like a reading.
    Microphone and quiet time is necessary.
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    Re: The Human Energy Body as clairvoyantly witnessed

    Quote Originally Posted by danielgrant007 View Post
    Some people do emit negativity. But at the level where you can turn clear water in dirty water, you have to be a master, or a society working together. I don't think they could be bothered with being stamped selfish.
    On the other hand, the majority always held the few back. And the few always had the task to discover new ways, and teach the majority.
    And ultimately, without the majority, those few wouldn't excists. You need opposites for something to excist. No positive w/o negative. No light without dark. No selflesness without selfishness.
    The law of Yin and Yang, shows that at it's peak, a condition changes to the opposite condition, and that there will always be a small part of it's opposite present.
    Do not limit yourself on what is "required". Yang and Yin exist in an infinite number of forms, and the only "task" that you have is to choose your time-line for yourself - not for others. The biggest misconception about the reality or those "few" that you mention is that there is a "mission" to accomplish. You would waste your life chasing others to be "taught"; instead, learn what you want to learn, or just take your time for any goal you want. I believe that the Christian and Muslim religions spread this "mission" idea, which finally ended in an emergence of warlike "inquisition" - in many less or more hidden forms, and it did NOT cease to exist even now; you can find them in many different disguises, even among scientists. So once again, whoever is emitting negativity, it is his or her business - and have right to do so. You do not have to change it, unless they become harmful in some way.
    Do not be a slave to the limiting beliefs. I'm not teaching you, I'm discussing new, better, more expanded way to live - beyond the ancient limitations. There must be a turning point in the mentality change - and in exceeding the schemes that existed for millenniums.
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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