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Thread: Test for those who want to use their third eye for tracking

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    Test for those who want to use their third eye for tracking

    This can be seen as an exercise. I quit my meds and became highly psychotic. Sorry for some posts but at the same time I would say thank you I did quit the meds because I could experience the kundalini at It's fullest. I could actually feel a stiff snake going from my base out of my third eye. Then I had the merkabah with an eagle screaming whenever I could find a target that was good.

    I don't know what the frack kind of technology the CIA has to track persons but it must be pretty advanced because they found me quickly.

    I made a simple slightly threatening statement on Google Youtube that immediately got under surveillance. The days after they opened up for me. I was snooping around Egypt, Iran and Iraq and I could actually see censored names on the map. I could hear someone slightly in the background saying press two for zoom and three times for target. I targeted two persons on the map and the names disappeared from the map. I sensed some kind of marine presence nearby. I started targeting all kind of things. I felt something in North Korea, I got the info of a launch platform. I got a name that actually existed in North Korea.

    The names were like this:

    El-Dabu El-Muhammed-Ali

    I went into town and I started to get shadowed by the cops. But I immediately realized they were looking after me. After all they had found the eye of providence once and for all not just some random psychic.

    I got aggressive with the psychiatric hospital nearby and they locked me up. Soon all kinds of people started arriving at the hospital. The last guy was arab but he clearly declared he was christian. Soon they moved me to another place with higher security because i threatened several of the workers. The visitors did not manage to abort the transfer but it didn't take long until I got visit by the security police wanting to take me home. Afraid of the new people I said no and stayed for a while longer. Suddenly a capsule looking UFO arrived at the building and cleansed my kundalini. My kundalini unleashed into an oscillating high voltage cable. I became highly psychotic however. The cable was really strong. I could feel this extremely high counsciousness and the reptilian ship right above me. The ship and I were in a symbiotic relationship. Something also knocked out the power in the building while they tried to force me an injection. I highly believe that something has landed on the roof directing an EMP or the likes to the office.

    So now my only wish is to end psychiatry. That is also what I believe I will do. I would replace it with chinese medicine. First I need to get out of here however. I have no contact with the security police but I believe they check me up on my phone from time to time. They seem rather afraid of me. If everything goes as plan the world will transform to more natural living. After all it was my fault declining their offer to get me home. Instead now they offered me women from the building.

    The attached picture shows some targets.

    You need to set intention to the third eye. Like now I'm going to find some taliban. This picture is from Iraq. I got several of these. You can try Kandahar in Afgahnistan..

    The world is going to get better trust me. Cleaning this mess up won't be easy though.

    The trick is to pick an area from a very high altitude and wait for a strong pressure and what can be described as an arrow pulling against a target in the brow center.

    I feel It's a very nasty offense to lockup the high priest. People have lost all respect these days. Like a psychic said, I shouldn't go through with this.
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