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Thread: Alchemy and Azrael

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    Alchemy and Azrael

    I just had one of the most intense experiences ever, there was almost too much going on at parts to describe.
    For now i'll leave my keywords here, and come back tomorrow to fill in the gaps...

    interactive animated 360 degrees Alchemy thru Sex chart
    secret's in the plants (hemp? DMT?)
    oil (hemp?)
    driving thru walls, across fields, thru fences, directly at a being... who is he? Azrael.

    learning centre. listening in on kids lessons.
    kids playing out the parts of various energetic interactions.

    looking at the interplay of all the relationships involved and surrounding my friendship with Pete.
    can't put them into chronological order...
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Re: Alchemy and Azrael

    I can't comment on all of that, but I've encountered Azrael. It freaked me out a little, because of his association with death, but he was actually a sort of escort. He took me over a threshold somewhere on a "higher plane" (I put that in quotes because I don't know where I was; I'm just guessing). Haven't seen him since, though. When I saw him, he had black curly hair and very blue eyes, and he didn't talk much.

    Remember that alchemy doesn't necessarily have to refer to material chemicals. It can refer to spiritual transformation, as well (in fact, it often does, from what I've seen).

    Alas, these things don't happen to me any more. I kinda miss it, to be honest.
    May the light surround you, may you be blessed. May the light surround us, may we be blessed. May love and light surround us all, and may we all be healed and blessed. And so it is, and so it shall be, now and ever after.

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    Re: Alchemy and Azrael

    Hermeticism is often referred to as 'Spiritual Alchemy'. At least it's how I see it.
    I always picture Azrael as handsome, for some reason. FWIW.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Alchemy and Azrael

    Meeting the archangel of death could be really positive from a spiritual point of view. Only that which is limited can die. That which is eternal and true stays. Just saying.
    ...but my words like silent raindrops fell
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    Re: Alchemy and Azrael

    Wow, I am feeling so much from this. I am rather curious when I read, so I just popped out and have a good sense of whats going on with you lol ;P. You are very much like Azreal in spirit form. I SEE YOU . I am feeling that Azreal is assisting you right now, for your own 'Death' as such. Aspects you no longer need, but will fill you with higher energy in return.

    I will fill you in on the other details in person

    Fasten your seat belt Neil Templar becuase you are upon some journey

    p.s Ask to 'SEE' it

    Aurora xxxxx )))))

    pp.s I am sorry but you told me to come this

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