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Thread: Soul v Higher Self

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    Soul v Higher Self

    Hi everyone,

    I was responding to Imogen in another area, and it gave rise to a question I'd love to ask, love to discuss opinions:

    Do you feel it is your Higher Self or you actual Soul that is astral traveling around?

    (I would say HS, if only because it is bound by the physical body, ultimately...the soul is already there and everywhere, if that makes sense....)

    Thoughts? Love to hear them!
    Be well,
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    Re: Soul v Higher Self

    It is interesting to see the different definitions we personally give to the same words.
    To answer the question, I'd say neither. I feel it's my conscious awareness or point of view that goes out and experiences- many more 'mes' are experiencing other things and my conscious awareness doesn't register it- in my view, my Higher Self has all the info, for any of these versions of me to access.
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