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Thread: Do you recommend MAP?

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    AstralCody Guest

    Do you recommend MAP?

    I am all over anything Robert makes. Whether it's Ebooks, or anything. I recently got his Ebook Evolution and I enjoyed it so much. Still going back reading bits and pieces for exercises.

    My question is, do you think I should get MAP? I been reading peoples success stories and it's motivated me alot. I do get out of body at least once a week now but I want to go even further.

    What do you think?

    Safe travels.

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    Re: Do you recommend MAP?

    It's what taught me to project at will. I always recommend the book version, although there is a CD version now too.
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    AstralCody Guest

    Re: Do you recommend MAP?

    Awesome CFT.
    Gonna save up some money and give this a go.

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    Re: Do you recommend MAP?

    As far as depth and breadth, I think MAP is an excellent book, probably the best you're going to find; however, I also recommend you dive into other material that addresses the "why?" of Astral Projection instead only focusing only on the "how."

    Specifically, what is the broader context to conscious exploration? What purpose does it serve, if any at all?

    I took on MAP with a lot of enthusiasm, but hit wall after wall after wall until I picked up other texts that went into detail on critical spiritual topics that have an equal, if not more important function in the big picture. MAP is a great toolkit on getting out, but this whole conscious exploration thing is profoundly personal and no two people are going to find the exact same experiences out there. Why does one person get out quickly and another go years with little to no success? What happens when you find your travels dark or not following the expected pattern you read about?

    CFTraveler introduced me to Kurt Leland's books, and I will tell you right now I think The Multidimensional Human should be required reading right along with MAP. There are several others, but if you want the whole story start here. It's all about diversifying your portfolio, right?

    As always, my two cents are worth half a penny on most days, especially on Saturday night.

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    AstralCody Guest

    Re: Do you recommend MAP?

    Soul you make a great point. I will check out that book as well. After all.. You can never learn to much. I think if I can get the more knowledge about consciousness, and dimensions, and everything you mentioned it will be essential. I will be honest there is still terms and stuff I am still shaky on.

    I see people with different techniques, beliefs, different views on this subject, and I say believe what you experience. I always been a person who had to experience to believe a certain something.

    Was getting off topic there. Your point is very good though and I am going to check out that book you mentioned.

    I appreciate it soul.

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    Re: Do you recommend MAP?

    Also Astral Dynamics is awesome. I guess thats the best book I'v read on the "why" subject. I can recommend that along with MAP. The one thing with MAP I feel I have to write about is that in todays busy society, even though the exercises are fairly short, its hard to find the routine and time for them. I guess there is no shorcut. Anyway I find it hard to follow the schedual in MAP, every day. I'd like a bit more motivation, but thats not MAP's fault Its a great book and Id recommend it to anyone interested in astral projection.

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    Re: Do you recommend MAP?

    I do recommend MAP, especially for those inclined towards the energy work/occult interpretation of OBEs. 90 days is a short amount of time for mastering OBEs, especially considering that some people spend years trying to get a hold of this stuff.

    For reference, William Buhlman's techniques are guaranteed to work within 30 days, though I'd expect this is more the case if you are actively involved in one of his workshops.

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    Re: Do you recommend MAP?

    ¡Hi, AstralCody!

    If you are strongly committed about your purposes, MAP provides an structured, suitable and reliable guide in order to discipline you about OBE capabilities development.

    But, remember, COMMITMENT is the keyword.

    NOTE: As far as I can remember, Robert Bruce develop such abilities following coarse instructions (those from "You Forever" book, by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, not from a manual as detailed as MAP) at a time when he didn't discovered yet his Energy Work techniques; a great tool in order to be proficient in OBE. That he could, you'll can.

    My best regards,
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