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Thread: "Teleport It" & "Materialize It" commands

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    "Teleport It" & "Materialize It" commands

    Dear Sir...

    Despite worrying lack of knowledge about teleport physics, done God like capabilities of Higher Self, ¿why not ask Him with commands like "Teleport It to (insert site target here)"?

    And done a mental conceived thing, ¿why not to materialize it?

    All previous done when OBEing, of course (

    Just some adventurous thoughts...

    My best regards...
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    Re: "Teleport It" & "Materialize It" commands

    Yes, this will work.

    The difficulty is your 'beliefs' in that your beliefs must support this in order for it to easily work.

    And this type of belief must come from personal experience.

    For example, if you lived with a person who teleported frequently, you would soon come to believe through personal experience that teleportation is possible. Then you would be in the perfect state to actually learn how to teleport yourself.


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