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Thread: Tubes of rotating energy

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    Scorpyn Guest

    Tubes of rotating energy

    I had a slightly weird experience a while ago...

    I felt a "presence" of sorts in a very small part of the crown chakra area. My first reaction was something like "omgitmightbeaneg" (or maybe it was the 2nd reaction... I don't remember) so I tried to attack it by sending energy towards it (note : that's is a simplification, I didn't just send energy towards it).

    This had the interesting effect of causing a small part of the crown chakra (I assume) to activate, making it feel like a small tube of rotating energy.

    The "neg" or whatever it was moved on to another one after a while, and it kept moving on, making more and more small rotating tubes of energy activate (I assume that this is what's described as "a bunch of fingers massaging your head", so I suppose it's some sort of good sign).

    Whatever it was decided to leave before activating all of them though, and I haven't been able to do it without the help that I actually recieved from whatever it was.

    Anyway, to my point : It seems to me like all or at least several of the major chakras actually consists of a bunch of minor ones sitting very closely together and working almost as one. So far I've only been able to feel this "dividedness" in the crown and the brow chakra, but to me it seems likely that the theory would be true for a few more chakras at least.

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    jalef Guest
    i also dont think that major chakras are just one huge thing. i suppose they are just like organs and consist of several parts that are working together to form a greater structure, just as you said.

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