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Thread: I was attacked

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    TalibanTom Guest

    I was attacked

    I had my first OBE and I was attacked by a being that looked like my brother. He pinned me down and I freaked out. At the time I didn't think I was in the astral real time world. My question is did it attach it self to me and if it did how would i know? I think i pulled it off me before i went back to my body but im not sure. help

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    This experience was not an attack. If a nonphysical entity attacks, it will not just pin a person down as if it were physically attacking. This is a physical world type action.

    The astral being you saw as your brother was most likely your own projected double.

    Astral feedback is also likely here, which would have added to the intensity of the experience.

    Here's what probably happened...

    You spontaneously projected out of body. Your physical mind stayed awake and you gained astral sight, and were able to see into the astral. This often happens at the start of an OBE. And it is quite common for one in this situation to see an astral being who looks very much like themself.

    Your physical aspect saw your astral double, mistaking it for your brother.

    Your physical aspect is at this time paralyzed, because a real time OBE is in progress. This would have added to the feeling of being pinned down.

    Your astral double tries to reenter your physical body, but this freaks out your physical aspect, which then fights off the reentry.

    Fear compounds from both sides, traumatizing both physical and astral aspects.

    The astral double panics and fights to reenter. The physical aspect panics and fights this off.

    Eventually the physical aspect wins and reintegration occurs.

    Both sides have strong memories here, but the memories of the physical aspect take priority in memory storage. The strongest memory set for a single time period always forms the final memory download. In this case, because the physical aspect has a stronger connection with memory storage, this is the side that forms the final wrinkle of memory.

    If you think about this, it makes sense. Blame the mind split effect for this.

    But, now that you know what can happen, next time you should feel a bit easier if you see an astral being that looks like yourself.


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