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Thread: Robert Bruce & the Red Orb

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    Robert Bruce & the Red Orb

    Another dream from last night - Robert Bruce & I were talking very intensely; I asked him about red orbs, saying I had seen one in my bedroom once (as I have done). He seemed concerned, saying they could be dangerous at times, & were able to morph into human-like entities.

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    Re: Robert Bruce & the Red Orb

    I'd suggest that you ask Robert directly about this in "ask RB" telling him about this dream. It would be very interesting to find out if this is indeed what he thinks (then you have a kind of telepathic validation?) about red orbs, moreover he might give you further advice on this.
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    Re: Robert Bruce & the Red Orb

    Good idea, will do - thanks!

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    Re: Robert Bruce & the Red Orb

    I've seen red orbs of light lot during m y life. Alo white black yellow blue and purple. I don't know what they are or what they mean many cultures have a explaination but I have no full idea. I'd be interested in knowing myself
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