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Thread: Teaching NEW

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    Back to the main topic...

    I am putting together a class outline for teaching NEW. I hope to have a class possibly around the beggining of september. I am looking at starting a few classes abroad as well (a city about a half hour away). Althuogh that might not be until October/Novemberish.

    Are we going to have a seperate area for this? where we might be able to consult Robert or any other "experts"?

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    In answer to Firewaru...

    Neg problems while meditating.

    It is not the act of meditating that causes neg related problems. If neg related problems arise during meditation or altered state work, it is because these problems already exist. An altered state merely allows one to experience and perceive such problems. Therefore, meditation brings to ones attention problems that need to be dealt with and resolved.

    It is up to the individual how to react to neg related meditation problems. Some may choose to cease all altered state work to hide the problem, while some may choose to face and overcome the problem.

    Keep in mind that there are certain barriers that can be likened to initiations involved with spiritual development, eg, astral noises and voices, dweller on the threshold, and many others. These can easily be misconstrued for neg related interference.

    Altered state work can have many reasons. Sometimes it needs focus and intent, while at other times one just observes what happens. If OBE or clairvoyance is desired, or if one wishes to give healing in such a state, then there is intention and action within the altered state. If there is no reason other than communion with ones higher aspects, then one just observes.


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    ranlinra13 Guest

    NEW Teaching Class

    I would love to attend a NEW Teaching class in the US - preferably eastcoast.

    I do believe that there should be a special class to cover many possible effects of such energy work. I have done other types of energy work - but when I attended Robert's Ohio class, it was a bit different. A day after the workshop, I did a lot of the energy work, concentrating so much on the electric blue color, that the energy became very much electric. It was extremely stimulating and I worked a lot on legs.....a little too much. I actually damaged some skin layers with too much energy, where my skin on my legs couldn't regulate my body heat. I needed to do some healing work and shower off my legs when I was too hot.

    In another "teacher" training class which attended, the instructor would actually play the part of a student in our class (we would have mini mock classes) and try to stump us with questions or comments to get us used to some of the unique or challlenging personalities or questions.


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    karnautrahl Guest

    Teaching NEW

    Hi Robert,

    I don't know if you'll remember me now. I came on your course 2 years ago in Wales. Since then I've had numerous "tears of joy" moments, voluntarily induced and I spent quite a lot of time on training using the NEW methods as well as what I could already do. I have taught a few people, freely of course and the latest one I passed on your book to. One guy learned enough in 4 minutes to utilise it on his wife-in his case he was a)An extremely effective listener and B)Just about ready to do it or something! I've also passed it onto a guy with MS who also learnt it very fast.

    I've hit numerous chakra strobes-easiest with music! However I reached a point some months ago where nothing new (no pun intended!!) was happening. I'm not sure where to go with it all now as I've hit a kind of limbo with it.

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    Pahk1s Guest

    NEW Teaching etc.


    Likewise with previous replies, the idea of accreditation to teach the NEW system is very appealing indeed.

    Unfortunately I live somewhat further away in Finland at present, though I may be moving back to the UK next year in which case a joint venture might be possible over there sometime.

    In the mean time I am particularly interested in how NEW relates to traditional Chi Kung training and how both might be effectively combined to empower both. This means extracting the essential principles from Chi Kung and its own enshrouding mumbo-jumbo and relating them to the NEW system, a process which I have already been working on for some time.

    If this kind of project is of any interest to Robert Bruce and others, I would be glad to hear from you and also participate in any such endeavours the NEW team undertake.

    Best wishes,

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    NEW Teacing

    G'day folks!

    I have thought long and hard about this and have a solution.

    I am in the process of founding an online school, using state of the art remote learning software and server...very cool stuff. I can teach better using this than I can in person, albeit without the charismatic factor.

    The first online multimedia course will be launched in April..ish.. an OBE 5 week intensive, combining my work with Hemi Sync. More courses will quickly follow, funded by the first course.

    Once we have the basics established, we will create a course for teachers. We'll work out the details of how best to do this as we go.


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    Rayson Guest
    Robert- it's great to hear that your school is finally becoming a reality. This is very exciting

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    Yes, very exciting. We had an absolute blast filming the content for the first workshop PAPI (practical astral projection intensive) over 11 days. We did not want to stop. But to be sensible, we must finish this course first and then fund the next course from that.

    This course will be awesome, using state of the art remote learning software and streaming server. Eleven units will be presented over 5 weeks. Each unit will be about two hours, containing video of me and Bob Felix presenting material, audio, pictures, power point, etc, plus Mp3 downloads of course material and extra reading, a private forum for the group, and Bob and I will be keeping in close touch with the group to solve problems and etc, via chat, video conferencing, etc.

    I have long waited for inspiration and opportunity for my research school to appear. But I did not see the obvious, in that I had already started this with my website and forums, and to make it work all we need is the online training. We'll expand on this as we go. Things will start happening rapidly once we get the bugs out of creating these training units.

    Robert Bruce

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    I have completed the PAPI workshop and highly recommend it, especially for those who prefer the workshop approach vs. reading a book. Even though I have attended one of Robert's courses at the TMI, still learned a thing or two from the online workshop.

    In a note related to the theme, my minister (yes, you read it right) has asked me to teach her about AP, so I'm using the MAP program (the book mainly) to guide her through the process. Wish me luck.
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    Re: Teaching NEW


    We are making progress in this direction, teaching teachers.

    We are preparing material, online courses, and etc.

    However, it will take some time to get this right.

    Currently, the best way to start this journey - if you want to teach new energy ways - is to take our online PAPI course and bring this up for discussion in the PAPI forum.

    We will be introducing 3 dedicated energy work and self healing online workshops sometime in 2009, which is a step in the right direction.

    Until then, should anyone wish to train as a NEW teacher, email workshops @ for more information


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