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Thread: Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

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    Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

    Hi, first off all, i want to appologise for my English, i'm from Belgium, i speak dutch and french
    and i think my english is 'okey' .. i understand absolutely everything but my grammar and vocabulary are bad when it comes to writing! so i do my best!

    So, i'm 20years old, and from belgium, i must say that i'm very happy to have found this forum, there is a lot going on in my life lately ... so about two years ago, i was a totally different boy, i was happy, i'am still happy, but everything is changed in my life, my way of thinking, what i do, where i live, my contact with parents, its totally different but i dont regret how i was, but its hard to believe that the boy i was 2years ago still is me!

    about 2 years ago i've finished secundairy school (18y/o) and went to university ( i had a 'kot' its like a room that you rent, and the week you stay there and the weekend you go home if you want) and little by little i started becoming 100% self sustaining .. by this i mean that i went less and less home, and know i have my own appartment and almost have no contact anymore with my family, because its always about money and negative things they find important... and i feel much better without my family, i know it sounds so rude but i want to be honest with you all!
    so i began to show interest into ufo's and so ... i was always thinking it was possible, and was thinking it was absurd of people to not think it was possible ... my friends use to make fun of it... but then i began to see lots and lots of documentary's about animals/insects/plants/nature... everything was so beautiful, and so much more intressting than watching series or normal television.. since then i stopped watching all that 'bullsh*t' the media showed us, the newspapers i used to read regularly i were in a short time so boring to me ..

    half a year ago i had real financial problems and i was very depressed, i even had tought to commit suicide, but then i began to intrest me in meditating and the divine, and it helped me so much, now i'm happy and everything is going so well, but the problem is, i'm obsessed with it, when i'm alone i spend all my time to researching it ... its the only thing that really interest me, the only thing that has a true meaning, all the rest seems like its all so insignificant ...
    my opinion about school, money, work, friends, nature, god, .... changed deeply

    What i see among my friends is that they to begin to interess in it, before they where making fun of me but now when we see eachother we almost only talk about life, philosophy, our civilization ....
    and i like it soo much, but its like i never have enough of it ...

    i discoverd this forum because yesterday i was laying in bed after i watched lots of video's, and i was trying to sleep, ( it is not hard to fall asleep because i can sleep all the time, in the past before all this intressted me i sleep like a normal person, but i feel like i have to sleep much more now) but when i was closing my eyes i felt something so great but weird also because i never felt something like this ...
    when my eyes were closed it felt like i was becoming bigger, but not just a little, it was like enormous, and it was constantly bigger and bigger, my heart was beating faster than normal, and after several minutes i felt that my whole body was hotter than normal, it felt so great ... it was almost i was going out of my body, i tried a few times weeks ago to meditate and then my heart was going like crazy and felt much energy in my stomac but it never happend, yesterday i was totaly not expecting this to happen everything was going on by itself ... another thing i can describe that happend when i was going bigger, is that even if my eyes were closed, what i 'saw' even if it was almost all black .. looked different, less like what i was viewing was a frame (its very dificult to explain it but i do my best to describe it the best way possible) but it was like everything was black.. do you understand, you know with my eyes open, i only see in front of my .. its like a frame ... but when it was hapening yesterday it was like the 'frame' dissapeared and more like 360 view even if everything was black ... it was so strange but i liked it sooo much ... can you help me understand what was happening?

    Thanks for reading and answering!

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    Re: Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

    Oh yes i have one less question,
    it's really weird and i'm a bit ashamed of it, but lately i began to be afraid of the dark ...
    and i only feel confortable when there is light on at night, when i'm with friends i always have to ask if they can put some more light on because i dont like it when there is not much light in the room...
    its so bad that when i sleep i keep almost all the lights on ... and when i'm in a bad lightend room or like the kitchen at night, i'm really scared, but i dont know of what, my appartment is really secure, and i'm not afraid of robbers or so, im just afraid ... hope you can help ( in the past when i was little i was also afraid of the dark but i think its normal as kid, since my 14-15years i slept without light and i thought i was gone the fear .. but now the fear is back and it terrorizes me!)

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    Re: Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

    Welcome to the forum! Your English is very good indeed and I congratulate you (but it would be nice to see a capital for the word "I" !) 360 vision is common during astral projection or with third eye vision. I can't help you with your fear of the dark in the physical realm; no doubt others with experience of that will come forward. Warmest best wishes to you!

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    Re: Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

    Welcome to the forums Esteban.
    I agree with LPCF, your English is very good.
    What you are experiencing (the need for 'more information', the 'obsession' is a spiritual awakening- the alignment of your conscious mind with your superconscious mind, that part of it that 'knows' about your part in the larger reality. Many of us have gone through that path and can relate to what you are describing. Many more are on the same path, and have found the same apparent obstacles, but I can feel that you will overcome them.
    The feeling of expansion is just that- a conscious awareness of your own expanded energy, and the description of the state you went into is called '3D black' and also the 'void'. It's a temporary state (that many of us enjoy when we get them) that is a precursor for OBE or a place to center yourself in meditation. It is not external to you, so you have nothing to fear.

    About the fear of the dark- this is a primal fear that is evolutionary in origin, but it may also be caused by the stimulation of your amygdala by the expansion of your energy body- once you see this as what it is, it may help you to overcome it and move forward in your development- and move forward you must, you don't want to get stuck in fear.
    One recommendation I can give is to meditate during the day, so that if you do project, it happens in the daylight, and it helps overcome the fear. But please sleep in the dark, because it is not healthy to sleep with the light on- the body needs complete darkness to achieve deep sleep to make the necessary chemicals to heal and maintain health.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

    Oh thank a lot you for your quick answers!
    and thanks for the good comments about my English

    the 3D black is a good description for what I experienced
    but how it come it happend naturally, I wasn't even trying to!
    next time i have this, what do i have to do?

    i understand that it cant be good to sleep with lights on, and now its day here in belgium, and when i think of it its sounds so absurd but once im alone here and its dark outside i cant help but be afraid, what i think can be the cause is that upstairs next to my room in the bathroom there is a leaking faucet ... i dont know if it can be the cause but it leaks a lot, 10L in 21minutes ... do you think it can be the cause?

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    Re: Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

    Projection is natural, you do it every night, so to go into the void or hypnagogia is also natural; another way to look at it is, by your desire to know more you are being shown more.
    I don't know if the leaky faucet is the reason for your new fear, but it probably helps make your sleep less restful.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Hi! i'm new on this forum, and this kind of forum is new to me too! :)

    Greetings and welcome Esteban
    LPCF is right as your English is quite good.
    One way to learn about OBEs and astral projection is to look at videos (mostly at There it is possible to watch videos of such well known (OBE) authors as Robert Monroe, Robert Bruce and William Buhlman. Also, occasionally a member of this website (or a member of another OBE forum) will post a video at youtube.


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