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Thread: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Just for completeness, at the second session the TOE forum user who participated in our
    PE has the nick Targobaath. Also, hydro1's gf participated, but I have no forum nick.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Some of my thoughts about the "Robot".

    The appearance of the robot could mean several things, and because I didn't feel any
    presence of a being inside the robot, the robot could be some kind of dummy. Perhaps
    it was a lesson to us/me, which I used the next day (on the Sunday PE session), when
    I met the real Tabitha and was overwhelmed, I imagined her shrink into a handable
    size to get back control of myself.

    The robot could also be a rehearsal or a test of some kind. And well, the robot could
    also be the real Tabitha in yet another very strange appearance, but the robot
    looked so different from her other alien appearances that I actually doubt this
    last possibility. The robot didn't have any "evil" radiation to it.

    Other possibilities exists as well. The robot could be some kind of shield created
    by Tabitha or some sort of camouflage, to hide herself from others. And that
    shield had to be removed before any more PE action could take place.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    What comes to my mind is from my own dream about the robot, not dead but other words....mendable...and not an impossible mission.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Just for your info, when in session today (did nothing really yesterday) I
    saw something which could be a residue of Tabitha, like an Aspect of her.

    I just sent the Aspect/residue Love for 5 minutes and it slowly turned
    away and left.

    I also saw 3 or 4 aliens in the inner Garden. They were all of different
    species and I think they stayed there out of curiosity in case anything
    still could happen out of their interest. The energy levels at the Garden
    were clearly lower compared to what it was during our PE.

    One alien or alien guard (I don't know if it really was alive or just had
    some machine consciousness) was standing on the red spot in the inner
    Garden. I stepped into the alien guard and could look out through its
    eyes, but I couldn't move the guard's body around.

    I think the access or entry point in the Garden to the albino aliens' world
    is closed. I wouldn't say that I saw any albino aliens in the Garden as I
    doubt the guard was an albino.

    I just assume now - I think I should be able to visit the albinos again
    without having to go through their entry point, but I haven't tried so

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    I finally posted my experience here:
    I had pm'd it to Pauli (without the grandmother part) to avoid influencing anyone, but now that he's written his report, I went ahead and wrote mine up in my OBE journal.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Here comes my report of the PE session.

    13. I was only able to partisipate 30 minutes when I had to abort the session because it become so painful.
    It started with my throat, what was a reminder of my lack of communication...then I felt so much energies rushing throug my soles so it was very painful and I got a feeling of swollen and sore like I walk on water baloones....Then the crown chakra did hurt so much so I did stop and I off course felt like a failure, but I did my best.
    I did have a pressure in my ears too very long time after the session, like when you are in an aeroplane or traveling very fast in a tunnel the shut down of your hearing...

    14. This session went better I did partisipate in 55 minutes, but I did become total numb in my body and this lasted very long time after the session.
    I did see a little girl be helped, she was taken higher up....I saw my self flying togeather with others I did not see how many we where but it felt like a mercaba formation....I did hear me say....that I have problems to be heard and listened of that my own voice is too weak.....I did go very deep in trance so several times I did almost fall off the chair I was sitting on.....I said also that I want to see I was reminded that I have said before I do not dare to see, and this is true...I said I now want to see, but was recomended to have patience...I am sure I am not ready to see the reality yet...

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Experiences on monday and tuesday
    I have had several flasch backs and dreams I practically did sleep whole day monday....I am getting a new body to work with sight/ is so hilarious that I did call for my son to come to help me....I shouted...Jimmy are you here, come and help me, I have got a stroke...then I started to see little and Jimmy did come but I did feel it was Tabitha who helped med....who ever it was it did cling to me as you described Tabita to do Pauli, and she/he was exited I let her/him help me.....
    So I think the task I was asked to do in the 1980-81 when I was told about our undestructable core is to heal or help awoke love in these cold and destructiv beings....because they have watched that it is possible through what I have done here and got back my own son.
    You showed the right behavings towards Tabitha, not to give in, not to give up, you did a genius thing...shrinking her so you could handle are genius that was so genius of you to I am making me ready for the next session if you are doing it you can count me in.
    Thank you for being you!!
    Tuesday during my meditation I was totally showered with so bright light that I bursted in tears, I was surrounded with pure love....Thank you for healing me!!

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    How it all started, well...

    I shall include this to make my story a little more complete.

    There could be many starts, but the first time I saw the alien A Edvard, was at
    a PE arranged from the Moen site. The full report is longer but, I'll only include
    the part related to Edvard, done on 2012-08-18.

    ----------------------- Excerpt follows below --------------------------------------

    PE to do Healing & Improvements; PE-Prep3

    Saturday, PE-Prep3.sess03, Alien

    I went directly to the lawn and found the steak table with the extremely sweet
    sugar cake. There was plenty of big cake pieces, newly baked for everyone, some
    of the size of a small brick. Behind (or beside) the steak table there seemed
    to be a dark green hedge and not veneer fencing boards as I first thought, but
    the hedge could be a completely nonphysical construction as well.

    There was several people there. I greeted everyone by shaking their hands.

    This time I placed myself in the middle and acted much more as the host of
    the PE event. There was a lot of garden chairs around me. The feeling was
    different this time, more target on a goal.

    I think I said hello to about 10 people. Than I counted the empty chairs
    and at least 8 empty chairs were left at the PE circle, so there are lots
    of open places for anyone to join. I said hello to Moen as well. The chairs
    nearest the house had been taken first. I choose one chair a little
    further from the house so we would spread out more in the circle.

    We all sent healing into the middle of our circle of people. No one was in
    the middle at a start. The pillar of energy began to raise in the middle
    several meters thick and quite tall.

    I tried to use some of that energy to get info on a missing person in a
    country close to Sweden which the papers had reported about, but I got
    no hit.

    Someone entered the middle of the circle and we sent energy to that person.

    I was thinking about the unpleasant woman, URLW, who was at our PE the session
    before. Now it wasn't as unbearable if she would show up. I didn't see her
    but somehow a piece of her person was there anyway, I sensed her but more
    in the shape of a guide I've seen before. Perhaps a guide had impersonated
    the URLW? The feeling soon faded or some guide helped me get rid of the
    feeling of her presence?

    Our surroundings seemed larger than a garden now. It wasn't the full park feeling
    as of last time, but the area outside our circle of people and garden chairs was

    I noticed some bushes at a distant. Strange neighbours Vicky had.

    I saw two persons, or rather two aliens. I got a good look at one of them and
    it/he (I got a slight male feeling) had a large head, two big black expressionless
    eyes, almost no nose and a tiny mouth, a slim neck and a naked child like body.

    An alien?

    I must have been watching too much sci-fi lately. This alien must be a creation
    of my mind. In fact they seemed to be two aliens, but only one looked at my
    direction. The other alien went about some business at the ground which I
    couldn't see as the grass was to tall.

    I tried to ignore the alien impression at least three times and concentrate on
    our energy sending work in our PE group. But the alien came back into my view
    again and again.

    So I asked the alien: "What are you doing?"

    Alien: "investigating."

    I got the impression that the alien was here to find something out. Either observe
    something or perhaps collect something from the ground. But one part of me got the
    impression that the alien was here to observe human behaviour.

    So I told the alien we had a healing get-together and asked him if he would like
    to join, just to know what we were doing?

    The alien entered our group and placed himself at the edge of our circle. I pointed
    to Moen and told the alien that Moen had been to F 34/35, so perhaps the alien
    knew who Moen was?

    Alien responded: "Never seen him before."

    I invited the alien to enter the middle of the circle, where the fountain pillar of
    energy continuously was rising. The alien went into the middle. We sent him
    energy and PUL for quite some time.

    The alien got a very funny expression on his face, almost like a kid tasting some
    new food the first time, not knowing if it/he likes it or not. The alien really
    looked surprised and a little in disbelief at what he experienced.

    After a while he moved out of the energy fountain and returned to his place at
    the perimeter of our circle. I now encourage him to think of someone he would
    like to help or who was important to him.

    We could now all see a new (a third) alien appear in the middle of our circle.
    I got the feeling that the new alien was sort of female in nature, but looked
    almost the same as our alien in the circle. They had no gender specific physical
    attributes, so this was my Interpreter working it out.

    The new, female alien didn't seem to notice us as we sent energy and positive

    I asked the alien: "What can I call you?"

    Alien: "A... A... Edvin."

    Me: "Are you sure? Sounds like an Earth name. Edvin? A Edvin?"

    Alien: "Yes."

    I wondered what the "A Edvin" meant and what the "A" was standing for? Could it
    be a joke, like "A = Alien"... Alien Edvin? Later I realized that the name was
    probably indifferent in both English, Danish, Swedish and perhaps some more
    languages, so perhaps "Edvin" wasn't picked at random?

    I then asked the alien: "What are you doing on Earth?"

    Alien: "Abduct people."

    Of course. It was a grey alien, so what had I expected. This could clearly be
    a joke from my guides. I asked the alien: "Why do you abduct people?"

    Alien: "I have been told to do so."

    Me: "Hmm... So you do what you are told without questioning it? Go about
    abducting people, just like that?"

    Alien: "Yes."

    I asked: "Would it be possible to visit you in F 34/35?"

    Alien: "Sure. Anytime."

    I suddenly realized that I in that moment would be able to try going to F 34/35,
    but then knew that I couldn't leave the group. I said to the alien that it had
    to be for another time as we were occupied with this energy work of ours, but
    I would like to visit him some day.

    The alien responded that he understood.

    The alien sent some kind of message to me that he would leave. He then exited
    our circle and went towards his friend, who was still working around at something
    on the ground a fair distance away.

    I was a little surprised to say the least and had to talk to someone about this
    event. I turned to Vicky and asked her: "Wasn't it strange that an alien appeared
    in our PE like that?"

    Vicky showed a funny smile and responded: "What alien?"

    Surely she must be joking. Everyone had seen the alien, no doubt about that. Our
    group then proceed with sending energy to one person at a time, in the same manner
    as the two previous times. Only one special thing happened.

    When we sent energy to an old person who I know, who has problems walking, that
    person moved about somewhere indoors. As that person walked, the energy fountain
    maintained that person in its middle so everyone could see that person clearly.
    The only thing that moved was that old person's home surroundings, where some
    parts moved out of sight as the old person walked and new parts of the room
    entered our sight as the person moved forward.

    Looking into the energy fountain was like looking into a scrying device, like
    a fairy witch's crystal ball.

    Eventually we finished. I said bye to everyone and had to rest a little. I sat
    down on one of the chairs and just enjoyed the peace. The small black dog came
    up to me and placed its front paws on my legs. I patted it a little before
    I left and moved to "my place" for some moments. Then I broke up
    from my session.

    I wonder what the alien meant. I guess that I'm personally done with group healing
    for a while and perhaps should move on to the next step whatever that could be?

    Those three encounters, the One-Eyed Man, URLW and the Alien Edvin. They all
    meant something, but perhaps only to me? Where they tests or obstacles I only
    could overcome with the help of group energy or a group surrounding?

    I may have forgotten some details. If I remember such details, I'll add them
    later into this thread.

    Thanks for your participation. :)

    (Later added:)

    Right before Alien Edvin left, I wondered to myself how I was able to understand
    him without needing to use the beep-and-click-sounds Moen had to use in F 34/35.

    I said: "It's like you are talking a human language. How can I understand you?"

    The alien answered: "It's in your imagination."

    ----------------------- End of excerpt --------------------------------------

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