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Thread: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    I've now finished writing my report from the first session. I clicked out a lot
    but it still became 300 lines of text. I'll post it on Monday.

    I decided to give one piece of info away in advance. Someone asked me if
    the TA had a name and it told me its name was Tabitha.

    Perhaps the TA scanned my brain and found that name from one of the
    recent forum discussions at AstralDynamics. Anyway, if it/she (?) wants
    a female name - Tabitha, that's ok for me.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Thanks to you all for participating. It was more work than I
    expected. I've now written down almost everything I've
    experienced. I'll post it on Monday, when I've cleared out
    all spelling errors and such.

    You've done an Excellent job!

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    First Session; PE-Alien6.sess01, 2012-10-13 at 18.00 UTC+0,
    local time (DST in effect) 20.00 UTC+2.


    During the afternoon I got more and more headache. That could mean
    that something would happen during my session as nonphysical energies
    would be moving.

    As I'm the host of the PE, I decided that I had to start a little
    earlier to greet everyone as they arrived at the PE. I began my
    session around 19.48 - 19.50 my local time.

    As soon as I laid down, I got those familiar goose bump energy wave feelings
    which I sometimes get during sessions. Just this session I had more of
    these energy sensations than usual, throughout the whole session.

    I gathered PUL, made a REBAL and then did something I seldom do. I did a
    Monroe Resonant Tuning (I just used the regular old "Auuoomm..!" sound),
    several times. I made the sound for each one of the official PE participants,
    and just to make sure, I also "tuned" in for some of those unknown to me.

    And then I started my PE activity.

    First I tried to go directly to the outer Garden at the Park area. I was
    only partly successful. I lost impressions rather soon. Did I do something

    Before my second attempt I relaxed even more and went to "my place" at
    Focus 27. I saw some of my regular outdoor surroundings and then suddenly was
    up in the air, close to a tower, watching all of the landscape at my place.


    Strange. Why am I into the air?

    I relaxed some more and was suddenly in a beauty parlor were a woman had
    her face/appearance (?) improved somehow. Indoor. That was unexpected.

    I put firm intent to go directly to the Garden Park area, but instead ended
    up inside the high dark green hedge at the House (see map). This was better
    but not perfect. I decided to walk around at the inner Garden to see if there
    was something I was expected to do there first.

    I saw some of the odd aliens I've seen before, one alien was scary with big
    eyes, but probably harmless. I only saw one albino alien at a distance.

    Then, while walking around at the inner Garden (to the right corner of the
    House on the map), I saw an alien in a vehicle, which looked like a sci-fi
    car or a huge, futuristic lawn mower. This "gardener" alien looked cartoonish,
    like one of the small green aliens in the movie Mars Attacks. Staring
    at me in a menacing way with its large head inside a big glass bulb... I've
    never seen this kind of alien during any of my sessions. All its teeth were
    visible in an uncanny frozen grin.

    What could this mean?

    I felt like I was on the wrong track.

    Where were all the PE people and why was I inside the inner Garden?

    I moved to the other corner of the Garden (lower left on the map). There
    was an albino alien standing. What more was that there was an opening in
    the hedge, an opening which had never been there before and which went
    to the Park area of the outer Garden. The opening was as wide as a
    regular door.

    I had to get to the outer Garden and welcome everyone as they dropped
    in to the PE. I tried several times to move through the hedge opening,
    out to the Park area, but failed every time. I was stuck inside the
    inner Garden with the House to my right side. The albino alien was
    standing in front of me and looking as neutral as an albino alien
    possible can look.

    Maybe I was supposed to do something together with the albino alien?
    It was just standing there doing nothing, not even emanating any
    special emotion? It was quite tall. I took a careful look at it.
    Hmm.. Maybe it was radiating something? Was it welcoming me?

    I decided to step into the albino alien's body. Apparently that was
    the correct decision.


    Once I went inside the albino alien, using its body as my body, dressed
    in an albino alien, I began moving upward.

    I think I sensed a second albino alien to my left side, moving along with

    This move is one of those strange moves, where I don't really know what
    happens. Where am I? What do my surroundings look like? No idea.

    The move took no more than 10 seconds, then it stopped.

    I just assumed that I was in some kind of nonphysical space, but I could
    see no stars or other identifications around me. But I sensed albino
    aliens close by. They did something to me or perhaps to my alien friend,
    who had let me use his body for this part of the PE session.

    The procedures felt almost surgical and lasted for about a minute.

    Then I was left alone.

    I stood up and walked around. Having no idea where I was, I tried to look
    for anything which I could put my mind's eye on. I saw walls.

    Then I saw an alien "doctor". Yes, I think that albino alien was a medical
    doctor of some kind. He looked firmly at me, not too friendly. What did he

    The alien doctor was very slim and had some kind of doctor clothes, maybe
    an apron and it was wearing dark, brown surgical gloves (!), so apparently
    my Perceiver/Interpretter was working overtime. The alien doctor held its
    hands upwards in the air, palms facing its chest in a way which indicated
    that it wanted to avoid getting its gloved hands contaminated. I think
    it was a male doctor.

    I approached him and asked him what I should do next?

    Not a word...

    But before I had time to re-focus, the alien doctor pointed to a hallway.
    I thanked him and walked down the hall. Somehow I ended up on a round
    platform with metal fencing which was there to prevent anyone from
    falling of the platform.

    I now realized that I was far from the Garden area. What would the others do
    without me? Would there be a nonphysical stand-in, greeting the PE arrivers?

    The platform moved upward. Up, up, up...

    I eventually ended up in some kind of huge room. In front of me was an
    extremely large window, perhaps tenths of meters wide and high. I could
    see out into outer space. Blackness and small stars were visible.

    In front of me some aliens were standing. They had very large heads and
    they were standing with their backs to me at all the time. I couldn't
    get any contact with them. These aliens were not the albino ones.

    They kind of was standing to my front left and right sides, but no one
    was standing directly at my front, so my view out of the huge window
    was not obscured. The large headed aliens seemed to be doing something,
    working or operating the spaceship (?).


    To my side an alien suddenly appeared. I think it was the same "second
    who I had sensed at the beginning of the move into space.

    This albino had slightly larger eyes than the other albino aliens. Could
    it be a human guide in disguise? Perhaps I could ask? As I have no name
    for this alien, I'll just call him Second Albino.

    I said: "Are you an alien?"

    Second Albino: "Yes."

    I asked: "Are you part of my I-There?"

    Second Albino shaking its head: "No." (Almost as a ROTE: "Not related to you at all.")

    I then asked: "Are you a guide?"

    Second Albino: "Yes." (Almost as a ROTE: "You do your task. I follow and help.")

    During a period of time which seemed like one or two minutes (I got almost
    restless), nothing happened. If I tried to move, I was soon back in front
    of the super sized window, looking at stars, only seeing the backs of
    those other large headed aliens.

    Then something changed in my surroundings.

    I saw a particular star in my upper view become brighter. But then I realized
    it wasn't a star. It was just a speck of light, something very different,
    smaller than a regular star. The other stars seemed gone.

    The Second Albino pointed to the small speck of light and said: "Enter."

    Enter? Jeez, I was really far away from Vicky's Garden. I really wondered
    how the other PE participants were doing?

    I did my best to move forward to the speck/dot of light. I can't really
    explain in words what I felt or what it was. The nearest I can come in
    explanation is that the dot of light felt like a small entrance to another
    region of some kind. There also was turmoil when entering. It's difficult
    to put words on my experience.

    It was like I either extracted something or was extracted myself into/from
    something. It was a very unusual feeling. The dot of light led into a very
    narrow tunnel where I could move back and forth.

    The whole event was completely different from the first time, weeks ago,
    when I had gone with the albino aliens to their city. I wondered what
    was going on this time?

    Then I saw the TA, the Target Alien.


    I now met the Target Alien in its own surroundings, and everything from
    here on, until I was back at Vicky's Garden was a mix of turmoil. I clicked
    out more than once and have difficulties re-telling what happened.

    Maybe I should have figured this out, that I had my own task in the PE?

    Someone had to go fetch the TA, and it had to be me. But the first time
    I fetched the TA, that was such a simple procedure. I just moved a big
    machine, with the TA nice and calm inside, to our PE place at Vicky's
    Garden. So this second time, I hadn't expected any problems related to
    the actual move of the TA.

    But, but...

    Apparently things were not that simple.

    I had to go down the speck of light, like going down into a hole in the
    ground, or rather, a hole into the worst sewers you could find on Earth.
    Then do something (?), move up, move down again, do something more, etc.

    And I still don't know what I did. It was like I brought something with
    me, down the hole, and then I pulled something out of this hole. Sounds
    weird, but I lack words for describing what it felt like.

    Each time I got out of the hole, I felt like something was done to me.
    Then the Second Albino pointed to the speck and sent me a sort of ROTE,
    I had to go back in again, back into the hole.

    For a long time I was constantly moving in and out of the hole and most
    of the time when I entered the hole, I also encountered the TA. At times
    I felt I had to stay in the hole and "unload" some kind of energy. At those
    times I know that I sent PUL to the TA, who often became upset.

    PUL hurts if you have done very bad things to others, as PUL makes you
    aware of what you have done. At those times I could feel the TA's pain.

    On some visits down the hole, the feelings became almost overwhelming.

    I could sense that the TA had done terrible things to other beings. I was
    probably quite well shielded from most of the emotions of the TA, but
    some very dark feelings still went through. And at those moments I really
    thought that the TA looked disgustingly ugly, "physically" ugly.

    The TA jumped at me, but its attacks were not really fierce and didn't
    seem to harm me. Instead I sent Acceptance and PUL each time I got the
    TA close to me. I actually doubt that it intended to hurt me, but still
    it sent some of its pain towards me. The TA also changed shape.

    I sometimes hugged the TA, and getting so close to it really scared the sh!t
    out of me, but over time I got more used to the TA and became less and less
    afraid of it. At one time it flew onto me and hugged back at me like an
    oversized Gollum with very long arms and legs.

    On each visit down the hole, I tried to get the TA back up with me, to get
    it out of its region and bring the TA back to the PE Garden. But I failed
    every time.

    Feeling the TA's skeleton body, I decided to communicate with it. I told
    it my real name and from what place I originated ("Pauli, Earth.." - sounds
    silly now, I know). I hoped it was the "evil" kind of being who would hang
    on to me and make it possible for me to move the TA with me to the PE.

    At one occasion the TA's needle sharp pointy teeth were close to my face.
    When I saw its eyes up close, I decided to ask for its name.

    I said: "What's your name? Do you have a name I can say?"

    The TA stared at me with snake like eyes and hissed into my ear: "Tabitha..."


    Tabitha? A female name? Was that a name I've picked up from the AstralDynamics
    Forum? Anyway, Tabitha was quite an appropriate name, as the first two letters
    where "TA". Perhaps "evil" Tabitha had some humor after all? :)

    Maybe Tabitha had scanned my mind?

    Tabitha changed shape a lot of times, but I wouldn't say she exactly made
    real resistance. Perhaps she had agreed to be part of some kind of procedure
    or at least knew what it all was about, that it was to her good?

    To make a long story short, the TA eventually turned whole its body into
    sharp knives which cut through the air. I think that was the result of
    Tabitha receiving PUL and becoming aware of her (his? its?) actions.

    I remember one situation where Tabitha had a particular terrible moment
    and turned her back against me. I held her right hand in my right hand
    and she lay down and stayed that way for some time.

    Then things calmed down and Tabitha was resting on her stomach, perhaps
    on a bed. She poked out her little tongue and licked a small red lollipop,
    which had emerged out of nowhere.

    Perhaps licking the lollipop was the only way she could get some comfort?
    Or perhaps the lollipop was my interpretation of what was going on?

    I don't know for how long I had been in and out of that hole, but probably
    more than half an hour as I also had clicked out and lost memory of some
    of the action.

    I now sensed Vicky's Garden around me.


    The shift was rather sudden. I didn't move the long way back. I just was in
    the Garden area.

    I think I was close the the high, thick hedge.

    The first person I saw was Jettins. I greeted him and he was happy. I next
    saw hydro1 at his side, then in an order I don't remember I saw CFTraveler,
    dreaming90, zoser, IA56, Vicky and Moen (yes, the man) and some other women
    and men who I have only faint ideas who they may be.

    I was late and I also hadn't got the TA - Tabitha, with me. But I somehow
    moved in and out of the Garden and back into the region where Tabitha was

    Then the PE action started, I lost track of some events at times.

    We did a lot of PE group activities at the Garden, sending PUL and healing.
    At one point in time I also noticed that IA56 could need some healing, so I
    placed her in the middle of our healing circle and we all sent healing to her.

    IA56 had some sort of important task so I felt I had managed to figure out
    what we had to do to make her function at her maximum at the PE.

    All other PE participants were more stable and worked well as a group.

    At one point in time I could see the "machine" in which I had first seen the
    TA inside. The machine was standing on a small hill in the Park, but by
    that time I was clicking in & out, so I don't remember what we did to with
    the machine or if Tabitha was inside the machine. I think some of us formed
    a circle around the machine, but my memory on this point is fuzzy.

    We also danced a lot, we danced waltz with each others and with aliens.
    I danced with a female Jabba the Hut alien for quite some time. She was
    enormous and had a great time. She also was a great dancer, moving at
    quite an ease with me. Her head had of a blobby, wiggly top part which
    wobbled in a funny way when she move around and her tail part went off
    in a squiggly way.

    Somehow we built up a lot of happiness in the Garden & Park area and
    that happiness moved its way up to Tabithas region.

    We move into space at one point, dancing and sending PUL in all directions,
    we were mostly in the formation of a dancing circle. After some time we went
    back to the Garden and Park.

    Then we had like an eating frenzy. There was steaks, barbecue sausages and
    various kinds of soda or drinks, some which I went around and offered everyone.

    At some points during the later half of the PE we also gathered in the
    circle and sent a ray of positive energy directly into the hole from
    where I could sense Tabitha hide. The ray of energy shot right up from
    the fountain and went into the dark sky, passing into the speck of light,
    moving through the narrow tunnel and reaching Tabitha's region.


    I don't know what happened really, but there were kids all over the place
    and the Park had the feeling of a playground or amusement park and among
    all kids Tabitha was running around, in an albino alien child form!

    I know that at one point Tabitha jumped at me again, trying to bite me
    in my neck at the Park area, but the group just sent her PUL and she
    let go of me and then ran after the other kids.

    (I just assume now, I think those other kids were adult guides in disguise.)

    Everything seemed fine, but I felt a little unsure..? Had I done my part?
    Had Tabitha got enough PUL? Did we do it the right way?

    Things had not gone exactly as planned. I had not brought the TA to the
    PE. Tabitha had somehow just appeared there at her own. And my whole
    movement operation in and out of the light speck/hole was just strange.


    At the top of a hill in the Park, a giant robot suddenly rose up.

    (continued below...)

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    (...continued from above.)


    I became almost certain in an instant that the giant robot was a symbol for
    something. Exactly what I didn't know. The robot didn't seem to have mind
    of its own.

    The robot was in the shape of a human-looking robot of the 1950ies sci-fi
    movies. Its body had a lot of flat surfaces and right angles. The robot had
    two arms, two legs and one head. I got vibes of the old Forbidden Planet.

    I saw the robot kick someone with its metallic right heel in a backward
    motion. That poor little guy who was kicked, flew through the air like
    a small doll.

    People gathered (with some distance) around the giant robot and looked at it.
    The robot grew and grew. I could sense no living being inside it. It was like
    the robot was just a dead machine, a huge moving metal shell. But inside it
    felt empty, like no one was there.

    Some people started sending PUL to the robot to calm it down.

    I had no clue what to do. It had been a long time since I saw my Second Albino
    guide. I looked around and immediately saw the Second Albino to my left.

    I asked: "What is the Robot?"

    Second Albino: "Tabitha."


    The robot was so without any emotions that I had a hard time believing what
    I just heard. But if the Second Albino was right, everyone had to send the
    Robot healing, PUL, positive feelings.

    I urged everyone who I knew by name, stating their names, that the Robot was
    the TA and they should send it PUL. While I spoke to everyone the Robot
    just continued to grow, it was now far over the tree tops.

    When I had shouted myself to a finish, I joined in the PUL sending. Somehow
    I was now in the air, at a birds view when our joint PE efforts had effect.
    The Robot shrank and became small, now merely man sized.

    There was some more turmoil, but I think I clicked out. Anyway, by now
    things felt finished in regards of Tabitha and I felt tired.

    I couldn't sense Tabitha anywhere.

    I still had doubts about our PE actions.


    I was sort of exhausted. My session had probably not lasted more than an hour
    but I wasn't sure I could do much more of value. Walking around at the
    Park, I wondered where A Edvin, the alien grey, was.

    I suddenly saw Edvin and I said hello. He looked sort of indifferent, but
    at the same time also a little sullen and somewhat happy to see me, in
    the simple way I guess a grey alien may feel happy. Then I remembered
    a question from the AD Forum, which I felt I had to ask him.

    I said: "Edvin, do you want to be called 'alien' or to be called 'extra
    terrestrial' - 'ET'?

    Edvin: "Alien."

    I continued: "Isn't ET better?"

    Edvin: "No."

    I continued: "Alien? Are you sure? But isn't ET - Extra terrestrial - better?"

    Edvin: (Shaking his head violently.) "A... Edvin. Alien Edvin."


    At least the grey alien A Edvin preferred to be called alien and not
    ET. Makes me wonder if he's born/created/manufactured here on Earth?

    Other aliens may perhaps want to be called other things?

    I continued to walk around the Garden and ended up inside the inner Garden,
    where the House is. I saw an albino alien standing at the red spot (see map).
    I don't think this albino was the Second Albino. This new albino alien did
    an ET-thing. It pointed to my head with a red glowing index finger. The
    finger moved into my skull and made something inside my head. Then the
    albino alien moved its right index down and made something inside my
    nonphysical body, probably energy work related.

    I guessed this index-finger albino was a different sort of guide, so I
    rather tired asked:

    "Are we finished with the TA?"

    The albino alien answered: "Come back tomorrow."

    hmm... Not exactly a perfect answer, but I just assume the main load of
    our PE work is done. Perhaps some of us need some adjustments to restore
    various energies from the heavy action related to Tabitha?

    I went out to the Park area again and thanked everyone for participation,
    shaking hands with everyone of the explicit PE members and with some
    unknown ones.

    Then I looked out over the grassy meadows and saw all the rest of the
    "staff". First I thought to myself that it was like seeing two football
    teams, then I realized that there were even more people, perhaps 200
    individuals of humans and aliens (mostly albinos) who had participated
    or helped in our PE.

    I slowly floated up to the surface and in physical reality I looked at
    the time of day. It was exactly 21.00 o'clock.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Second Session; PE-Alien6.sess02, 2012-10-14 at 18.00 UTC+0,
    local time (DST in effect) 20.00 UTC+2.


    The start of this second PE session collided to some part with Felix
    Baumgartners record attempt to jump from high altitude. Once he had
    landed (I watched it on youtube), my clock was slightly over the
    starting time.

    I just had to watch Baumgartner's landing. Cool guy.

    My session started about 20 minutes late.


    I did some resonant tuning in TMI/Monroe style. I also put a thought to
    every PE participant.

    During whole this session I again felt a lot of energy sensations and
    got a little head ache at the later half.

    Also, yesterday, after the first session I got a mail from a guy from at
    the TOE site who wanted to join, so I sent him a thought too, during my
    resonant tuning as I hummed myself into the right state of mind.

    As I often lay down during sessions, I have the lights on to prevent me from
    going too deep into sleep and click out. This time I felt I was being a
    little sleepy, which subsequently would make my memory recall fuzzier.
    But I think I remembered the important parts.

    I now began my PE session.

    I first focused on Vicky's Garden, but I never came that far. Instead I was
    swept into a nameless region where a fairy tale monster or troll attacked
    me. I realized that this severely malnutritioned and skinny troll was Tabitha,
    our TA.

    She attacked me in a way where she threw herself at me and thrashed me around.
    Tabitha's appearance was quite scary. Her face was that of evil itself and
    I got only bad emotions from her. In fact more emotions than the day before.

    It was clear to me that we hadn't managed to finish what our PE team started
    out to do yesterday. But this time I didn't have to travel through several
    layers of nonphysical worlds to reach her. She was there right at the moment.
    In my face.

    My intention to give her my name and place, from yesterday, seemed to have
    worked in the sense that it was she who found me instead of the other way

    She also grew in size several times, which made her look even more scary,
    more alien an unnatural.

    I constantly sent her PUL, Acceptance and healing.

    I began to wonder what had happened to my plan of bringing Tabitha to the
    PE in the Garden & Park. Maybe there was a new transition I had to do?

    Not being able to sense the Garden and not being able to resist the fear
    she emitted, I accepted being afraid of her and only focused on holding
    her attention on me as I sent her PUL.

    Her oversized, disfigured and very scary apparition eventually made it
    become very difficult for me to maintain any feelings of Love and Healing.

    I decided that she was not allowed to be that big. I put intention on
    making Tabitha shrink.

    And she shrank!

    I now had a much smaller alien to take care of and my own fear was clearly
    reduced as I had an "evil" alien the size of a squirrel to take care of.

    Her point long teeth, her claws which lashed out against me, her hateful eyes,
    everything were much simpler to deal with, when it looked small.

    Her attacks on me also were reduced and she calmed down.

    I was sure I would be able to find her again, so what I had to do was to
    move to the Garden & Park, to find my people. I had some troubles getting
    away from Tabitha as she attached herself to me by bites and grappling.

    I think my third attempt to get away from her, enabled me to escape.


    I eventually arrived at the inner Garden, that part which is surrounded
    by the thick, dark green, high hedge.

    About four albino aliens waited for me in one of the corners (at the red
    spot on the map). I wondered what they wanted me to do?

    I failed to communicate with them, so I stepped into the body of the
    one closest to me, to figure out if that had anything to do with the
    next thing the albino aliens wanted me to do.

    Well, yes, it was the right action.

    Once inside the body of the albino alien, two or three of the other albino
    aliens did something to my borrowed alien body and I was lifted by two or
    more albinos into the "sky". But I didn't go very far.

    I was now back at Tabitha!

    She wasn't as terrible towards me this time, but I also could feel much
    severer "evil" emotions from her. Very bad things she had done, perhaps
    during other lifetimes. Horror stuff.

    To make a long story short, I can just say that there was some more
    impressions of brawling with Tabitha and me trying to move back to the
    Garden, as I felt I couldn't do anything more sane at the region where
    she existed.

    I had to get help from my fellow PE participants.


    With some effort I managed to moved to the Garden.

    And I saw Jettins. He has always been in such a happy mood when I've seen
    him during the PE events. He really lifts our activities. I felt joy to
    see him again as he kept me grounded at the Garden.

    At Jettins side I saw hydro1 and others.

    I think I hugged some of the PE participants and then went back to Jettins
    to greet him more properly. I then proceeded with greeting hydro1,
    CFTraveler, dreaming90, zoser, IA56 and the new guy from the TOE forum.

    I also greeted Vicky and Moen and a few others who I only faintly can
    guess who they are, some women and some men.

    I spent one or two minutes just moving around among the people, then I
    held one of the woman in a waltz pose and started to dance. Several
    others also began dancing, I think most of them actually were nonphysical

    The dance built up some kind of happy mood to most everyone. I also
    told all PE participants that Tabitha had to be fetched from her region,
    as we were not done with our work.

    Once in a while my vision was somehow disturbed by a grinning face of
    Tabitha. I wondered why those flashes appeared to me in this otherwise
    joyous and happy setting?


    My memory is not clear about this point in time when we moved into a
    PE circle.

    Perhaps we did move around to other places or to "outer space", while
    dancing and being at the PE Garden. I can't tell for sure.

    But at one point in time I again noticed that IA56 was unhappy, not
    full of energy in the way she should be. I decided that we had to
    do something, this time too.

    I don't remember how the energy circle was formed, if it was before or
    after I noticed IA56's mood, but everyone there helped IA56 move into
    the middle of our circle where a wide fountain or beam of healing light
    moved up. We sent IA56 healing and PUL and everything we could to
    restore her to her best.

    By some reason I said: "IA56, shall we call your lost Aspects of Self
    to you?"

    IA56 responded yes, and we called for her Aspects to rejoin her. From
    every possible direction, along the lines of our energy flow by the
    fountain rays, Aspects or minor energy pieces moved to IA56.

    I could hear IA56 say: "Yes-Yes, I want everyone of my Aspects to come
    back to me. I want everyone back."

    IA56 seemed more herself after this action of ours.

    As this proved to be such a good activity to IA56, I urged one participant at
    a time, if they wanted to, to enter the energy circle's middle and receive
    healing and to call for their lost Aspects of Self. I'm not sure everyone
    did or needed to do this, but in my impression most of the participants
    chose to receive energy at least.


    As we seemed to be finished with sending and receiving energy to and from
    each other, the PE activity calmed down. People began moving out of the
    formation of the circle.

    Then it happened.

    A scary being in the form of only skin and claws, stretched out like a huge
    skin on a drum. The being's claws grabbed every PE participant and held
    them into place around the circle.

    I just assumed it was our TA, Tabitha, but she clearly had taken on a
    completely different form. Just to make sure what exactly to do, I decide
    to ask for guidance.

    I looked around for my Second Albino from yesterday's PE. I quickly spotted
    him to my left.

    I asked: "What is this?" (aimed at the thing in the middle of the circle.)

    Second Albino: "It's Tabitha."

    I again: "But how did she arrive here? I haven't seen her clearly at all in
    the Garden & Park area more than in form of brief memory flashes. How did
    she end up here?"

    Second Albino: "You brought her here. She's been on your back all the time."


    Well, after all, this was exactly what I wanted to happen, and what better
    could it be that she entered the PE circle all by herself and didn't need me
    force her into the circle by use of her alien prison containment machine.

    Perhaps she had watched us all the time during this session?

    I told everyone that the being, which held them locked in position with its
    claws, was Tabitha and that we should do our PE Healing job to her.

    We sent Tabitha PUL, Healing, Understanding, Acceptance and other positive
    feelings. Tabitha slowly let go of us and while still under pain she accepted
    what happened to her.

    Her body transformed into every ugly shape possible, probably only expressing
    how she felt about herself. It was clear to me that she was in pain, but
    she didn't try to escape. The flow of energy from the bright fountain in
    the middle of our circle seemed to clear out something almost physical
    from her.

    Everything around us grew into a storm. A huge alien spaceship moved over
    our heads. Bright light radiated from the space ship. There were lots of
    turmoil going on at our Garden area.

    After about two minutes things ceased to be as dramatic and Tabitha was
    left in the middle of the circle curled up, looking like a dried mummy.
    Everyone in the PE group looked at her. Tabitha didn't move, she just
    stared back at us, she seemed frozen or at least immobile.

    I really wondered what to do.

    I had seen Moen's face at some time during our PE and I remembered TMI-There,
    or rather, I remembered TMI-There's Crystal.

    I said to the others in our PE group that we had to move to TMI-There. I
    stepped up to Tabitha and lifted her up.

    Then we either moved as a whole or our surroundings changed. We were now
    indoors at TMI-There. The place had grown since last time I had been there.


    The room we stood in had the size of a basket arena. In one half of the room
    the Crystal was standing. I carried Tabitha into the Crystal and placed her
    at the center.

    We now again did our PUL work. I even think some TMI people had joined
    us and this time we did heal Tabitha for about 10 minutes.

    Because I was rather deep into my session, I drifted in and out of sleep
    and clicked out a lot, only remembering fragments of what happened at

    I think everyone of us, our whole group also stepped into the TMI-There
    Crystal and got a bath of cleaning and positive energies as it flowed
    through the Crystal from the below and up.

    I also could feel some terrible energies move inside myself and I don't
    think they were of my origin.

    After a whole lot of energy work I saw a very slim, almost cartoonish,
    white, smiling albino alien, with rather a small head, smaller than
    a regular human, stand in front of us.

    I realized that this smiling little albino must be Tabitha.

    She was cute.


    I have partly forgotten how we went back to the Garden. But I saw
    several albino aliens leave and move up into the air at the place
    of the red spot of the Garden map.

    I looked for my alien guide and when I saw him to my left I asked

    "Shall we do anything more with Tabitha or are we done."

    Second Alien said: "You can leave her to us now."

    I'm not sure he smiled, but at least I got the impression that he
    was content with what had happened and how we had helped Tabitha.


    I felt a little exhausted after all this action

    I can't exactly say that I have figured out what we really did or what our
    mission was, or even why we were needed in the first place to do this work.

    Some parts are not logical or doesn't resemble what Moen/Monroe have written
    about, which makes it even harder for me to put the odd pieces together.

    Perhaps this PE only is the result of my own wishes to learn more about
    aliens or get to meet them more? I don't know. It wasn't a retrieval
    in the normal sense. I walked around in my own thoughts.

    From the Garden there now was a click.


    I was standing on a stony shore. I had my feet on a low rock which went out
    into the water. I guess that I was at the ocean somewhere (Norway? Alaska?)
    but have very poor idea of where. The weather was cold and the sky was grey,
    but I didn't feel cold.

    The place felt desolate.

    The sea was rather calm. I realized that I had been at this place a few
    days before. At that time the sea had been upset and there had been rather
    hard winds blowing in from the ocean. Big waves had rolled up the rocks
    of the shore.

    But now the sea didn't move much at all. I think it rained very gently.

    I saw a familiar person, a woman in woolen clothes. She is in her 30ies,
    and last time I saw her she had a child in her arms. This time I couldn't
    see any child.

    What was this place?

    I looked at her and she looked back at me. Clearly she was a guide by the
    clearness in her eyes. I now think I most of the times can sense the
    difference between a guide and a retrieval target. It's something to
    do with people's awareness.

    The woman and I spoke, but I have forgotten what we talked about. It was
    clear to me that this place was far from the Garden/Park and PE activity.
    No one else was here from the PE group and I felt that I had to go back
    to the Garden and say bye-bye to everyone as I was the PE host.

    But some kind of feeling made me stay at this stony shore.

    I then saw a fisherman. The woman spoke to the fisherman. They said
    something. The fisherman looked at me. He was old. Probably over 60.

    He had an almost sinister expression, perhaps that was the way he looked
    like when alive. Now he was a guide, just like the woman.

    The fisherman didn't say a word to me. He just held up his hand and moved
    it over my chest. It felt like such a relief. He did something to me.

    I relaxed and could see myself from a third person perspective. I saw how
    the fisherman put his right hand into my chest and pulled out some black
    tarry resembling gooey. I could physically feel that it was very nice to
    get rid of whatever he removed from me.

    The fisherman continued to do some energy work on me.

    Eventually I lay down on the shore, my left side was in the water. I
    lay among small rocks the size of golf balls. It was cold, but I didn't
    mind the coldness. The water was dark and very calm. The waves came
    in at my left side quite gentle.

    I rested like that for maybe 3 minutes without falling asleep.

    When I felt that some kind of emotional burden had left me, I rose and
    went back to the Garden.


    I was so relieved of what the older fisherman had done to me that I had
    to share it with others. But I also had to make sure I thanked everyone
    for their PE participation and say bye-bye to them.

    I walked around among every PE group member. I remember seeing CFTraveler
    sitting down. She looked tired, too. Two women approached her and were
    at her sides, at least one woman held her palms at CFTraveler's shoulders.

    I had said bye to CFTraveler, but I felt that I interrupted her friends
    if I started talking about the fisherman.

    I went around to others and felt that most people were leaving. I think I
    managed to say bye to everyone including the new guy from the TOE Forum.

    I met Vicky shortly and said I had met a new guide, a fisherman, did she
    want to met him? Vicky just smiled her special smile and said she already
    had a guide.

    I then met hydro1 and told him about the Fisherman and asked him if he
    would like to see the Fisherman guide. hydro1 answered yes and I moved
    us both to the stony Norwegian shore. The woman was there, too.

    I watched as hydro1 began talking to the fisherman and they seemed to
    speak to each other. I left them as I got the impression that it was
    their interaction.

    (continued below...)

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    (...continued from above.)


    Well, not really a conclusion, but I had to get to know if we really were
    finished or if something more had to be done.

    I first forced my old guide, the Stephen Fry person to answer some questions.
    He was not really in a mood to talk. He even said that there was something
    more to do, and when I asked if that was about Tabitha, he said yes.


    Is there still more hard work to do?

    I felt that this was a surprise and not what I had hoped for as I was kind
    of exhausted after all the activities.

    I thought for a while and then decided that I wanted some other guide to
    talk to. I had once been speaking with an ET looking guide, who I think
    is part of my I-There. I don't have his name, but I brought him up in
    front of me.

    The only time I've asked him questions, his answers were so poor that I had
    to request him to hold up signs with the answers in the simple "YES" or
    "NO" form.

    I asked this ET-look-a-like, if we had more PE work to do with Tabitha.
    Perhaps I phrased my question differently this time, because he held up
    a sign with the text:



    Ok. What was the thing about then? I proceeded to asked him about time
    for a new PE, and after seeing him holding up various rather difficult
    to understand signs, I got a message on a sign:

    "2 MONTHS"

    I asked: "So we, the same people, shall we have a new PE in 2 months?
    Is that correct?"

    New Sign: "YES"

    Now things worked, he showed me the signs, so I could ask more specific.
    I repeated my question and got the time to be within 2-4 months. Then I
    asked the ET-look-a-like what the purpose of this new future PE was? Heal
    Tabitha? I got a "NO". I then requested him to show me a sign stating what
    we were expected to do:

    Nice clear sign showed: "ADJUST ENERGY"

    Aha, I repeated my question and was then fairly sure that we were supposed
    to do a PE with the purpose of adjusting our nonphysical energies. That was
    probably a result of our PE-Alien6 - Tabitha activity, which may have put
    some energies in motion in various people.

    I will thus call for a PE in two months, perhaps a week before Christmas
    if possible. I'll send mail on this issue. If people are too busy in
    December, we do our ADJUST ENERGY PE in January 2013.

    To everyone being part of the PE to help the albino alien named Tabitha;
    a great thank to your all!

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Quote Originally Posted by LPCF View Post
    But I'm sure that Dr Greer would know a great deal. Have you contacted him or his team?
    No, I haven't. I've only contacted someone at TMI about this matter,
    but got very little advice.

    Does Greer do these kinds of PE activities (see my posts above)?

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    I didn't have time to report what I saw on Sunday because- and you are right here- I was very tired and did not feel good all day Sunday. In fact, I've had headaches and migraines throughout the whole weekend, starting on Thursday all the way to last night. I've been very foggy and brainless, and never connected to our project.
    On Sunday the most I remember is going through tunnels of delicious purple energy and I have forgotten what happened when I got where I was going. In terms of recall I have mostly none, but I did get some names that kind of correlate to what you have written there, and it's the one that starts with E. (I don't remember what the name was, but I do remember that it started with E and it wasn't Eric.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    CFTraveler, you were very good at sending PUL, or the Total Self of you,
    who received your intention to participate in the PE. At times when I
    mostly was running around like a headless chicken, not knowing what
    to do next, you all were very consistent in beaming Love and Healing
    to whoever was in the middle of our PE circle.

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    Re: PE to heal alien; PE-Alien6

    Quote Originally Posted by PauliEffect View Post
    No, I haven't. I've only contacted someone at TMI about this matter,
    but got very little advice.

    Does Greer do these kinds of PE activities (see my posts above)?
    No, he doesn't do the sort of things you do - but he often refers to ETs arriving by means of astral projection and speaks about their disguising themselves in their "fine bodies". Apparently they often visit in their etheric or astral bodies, in order to avoid being "zapped" by hostile authorities here. His teams often invite visits by means of going into meditative trance and communicating initially that way.

    If this interests you, you are welcome to contact him. I have no personal experience of all this, by the way. I just mention it to you in case it might help you. My own experience is limited and incidental, arising out of our project with helping animals arriving on the astral who are severely distressed at being separated from their caretakers (or vice versa). FWIW, not only humans have pets!

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