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Thread: Retrievals: Two old frail persons

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    Retrievals: Two old frail persons

    Old hospital lady

    It almost seems like my recent retrievals often are simpler to do, than
    they were a year ago. Perhaps I'm in more of a "worker" mode than
    spiritual development?

    Anyway, the first retrieval started with me seeing an old woman, probably
    indoors somewhere. I saw her from behind. She is very bent over
    and pushes a walker in front of her. I think she is shorter than 5 feet.
    Her age is probably above 90 and she has grey curly hair and a simple
    pink and white dress.

    I move to her side and try to get her attention, but she ignores me
    and just pushes her wheeled walker in front of her. I'm surprised by
    the degree she leans forward. Her body is very bent.

    I send PUL but not much happens. I realize that I have to show her
    something fun. Suddenly I sit on an office chair with wheels, slightly
    to her front left.

    I say: "Look how fun it is to drive around in this chair, whoo-hoo, whoo-hauoo.."

    I now see myself in third person. By some reason I look like the UFO Disclosure guy,
    doctor Steven Greer (he is an MD). I wear dark trousers, black polished shoes,
    I white shirt and a black tie. I wear glasses too.

    While sitting on the chair, I push it around like a toy, making turns
    in a funny way as the chair moves me over the floor.

    I probably have taken on his form both because he is an intellectual doctor
    and slightly weird. He also is rather athletic. As I push the chair around
    in front of the old lady, she takes a look at me.

    I guess she thinks it looks fun, so when I move close to her and picks
    her up for a ride on the wheel legged office chair, she breaks out of
    her stuck state. I feel the goose bump waves, which indicates that
    my part of the retrieval is over. Yet I continue to be sure I've finished
    the retrieval correctly and pick her up in my lap. But I have difficulties
    sensing her anymore, at least in her old form. She now seems to be
    a much younger woman in her 30ies.

    I move around in my Steven Greer form, but soon I can't sense the
    old lady or her younger form anymore. I guess I'm done.

    The old lady probably was walking around in a place she thought was
    a hospital. So it was natural that a doctor showed up, I guess.

    Old prisoner

    I see two old hands holding two vertical metal bars. I think I'm in an old prison.

    The hands belong to a very thin old person. I think it's a man, but the
    prisoner is so old that I have difficulties deciding what gender the person

    The old prisoner has very little grey hair and is dressed in a dirty pale long
    shirt or night gown. I estimate the person to be between 70 - 80 years.

    This person is also small in body stature. Again I see myself in third
    person and again I'm in the form of the slightly weird but academic Steven Greer.
    This time I'm wearing a full, dark suit, a white collar shirt and a dark tie.
    I'm also wearing glasses. Me/Greer has a slightly intense behaviour.

    I tell the old prisoner: "Hello. There has been made a decision that you
    are free to leave. You shall not be here anymore. I'm here to release you."

    I have some papers on a hard pad and I pick a heavy-duty metallic, self-inking
    handheld stamp machine and stamp the papers. There is something very
    official to the stamping procedure, something irreversible. The old
    prisoner now has to leave.

    The heavy metallic "ca-ching" sound of the mechanical stamps, as internal
    parts revolve and impact the papers several times, sends goose bumps
    through me. It's clear to me that the sound marks that the prison time
    has come to an end for the old ex prisoner.

    I hand him some copies of the stamped papers and then hand the old
    prisoner some new clothes, which really looks awful, but they will replace
    his dirty gown. I also tell him that the governments don't want him in
    the prison anymore because it just costs money to keep him there.

    I point to a lady who has emerged behind me and tells the ex prisoner that
    she will help him get some food and she will also help him find a place to
    stay. He will have several options to choose from.

    She too looks like a very official person from some kind of authority. She
    wears a small hat (almost like an old time flight attendant) and also wears
    a strict, boring skirt going over her knees.

    These retrieval seemed simple and my acts came natural. I think these persons
    were in no distress, they were only bored and were easy to convince to move on.

    I couldn't find any really heavy-duty pictures of those stamps, but
    here is something in that direction:

    I didn't even do the stamping against a table. I just used my thigh in
    a short of hasty and sloppy way.

    My self inking stamp machines were bigger, heavier and with larger revolving
    parts. They were also made of more black metal, the size of wine bottles.

    Very definite retrievals.

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    Re: Retrievals: Two old frail persons

    Maybe I should add that when I turned to the old woman to pick her up
    in my lap, I also moved from third person view to first person view
    in the chair and shortly after that my goose bump waves emerged.

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