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Thread: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    This is the latest LIPA (List of Participants):

    CFTraveler (Astral Dynamics)
    teagueblue (EIC)
    PauliEffect (Afterlife Knowledge)
    IA56 (Astral Dynamics)

    Not all on the LIPA wants to ask questions. You may join also if
    you only want to listen to the answers. I'll write my report
    once the PE is completed.

    We still could need some more participants to add to the group energy,
    so please join.

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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    Hi, I did not hear anything, the only sensation I got was a traveling feeling and very high energy fill-up, I was able to sit one hour saturday, but sunday I was late 2 hour and sat only 20 minut.

    I hope some more will participate at the next session on December 16.


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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    I participated but reported privately to Pauli, waiting for him to make his report first.

    Ok, here's what I got:
    In general, I got 'there' and interacted with someone. Some stuff was 'wrong' and I was given the job to 'fix' it. I don't know if I succeeded but I tried.
    There was a female authority figure that I had to check in with.
    Towards the end, there was some stuff with aliens which wasn't negative (I think they were part of the PE) and I felt very comfortable with them.
    Details I remember:
    A building in a larger garden-y area. Nice scape, the house needed work.
    The side we were in (I'm going to say the 'West' or 'Left' side was deteriorated. We gutted and repaired it. The female authority figure was very critical of the work that had been done, I then had to explained what we did. I don't even remember what we did.
    Later on, in the place where we sat in a circle I know information was shared. There may have been information about world events but I have forgotten the information itself, only that it wasn't so bad as people seem to think.
    And, that's it, if I remember more I'll add it.
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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    (Note: This post may not be without textual faults, as I began writing
    one thing, then went back and forth until I seemed to get the
    timeline in the text correct in comparison to my first notes.)

    PE-Queries8.sess01, First Session on 2012-11-24 (Saturday)

    Skriet Alien retrieval (see also this link)

    I start my PE session a little ahead of time, perhaps 20 minutes before
    the scheduled time. I want to be a good host, so I should arrive
    before anyone else at the PE.

    I very directly move to the inner of Vicky's Garden. I move around
    a little and quite soon I find a Skriet Alien (a dead human,
    who believes she/he is an alien), who needs a retrieval. I get the
    feeling that this Skriet Alien feels rather lonely, but wont leave
    until someone who looks like a plausible fellow alien will emerge.

    I talk to the Skriet Alien and get the impression that whatever energy
    I transfer, it initiates the retrieval and Helpers take over rather
    quickly. Perhaps these Skriet Aliens are not retrieved by anyone else
    than me? And when I appear, the Helpers take the chance to utilize
    my presence?


    To the Park

    I look at the wall (of the house) which is located at the "down side" of
    the image I've provided previously (see thread start). There is a big
    window on the wall of the house. I haven't noticed that the window was
    that big before. It must be the window into the kitchen of Vicky's house.

    Suddenly Vicky appears in the window and slowly moves through the glass.
    I am surprised. Is it her higher self, a Vicky impersonator or the real
    Vicky? She has not told me in advance that she would participate.

    She has a very tricky look on her face. I don't know what to expect.
    Vicky points to the opening in the thick hedge, I can see a bright
    white light coming from something beyond the hedge opening.

    Vicky says: "Go there."

    I respond: "Please join."

    Vicky says: "I will."

    I move into the Park area. No one seems to be there. Or well, maybe
    some people at great distance ahead, but no one within 200 meters at
    least. I make a full turn somewhere at the "bigger PE circle".

    Nothing seems unusual. The low hill, behind which I saw A Edvin the first
    time, seems even lower this time, only being part of the Park lawn. I notice
    a rather large bush, which I've not seen before. The bush appears at some
    distance at the the lower right corner of my picture of the Garden & Park.

    I continue to scan a little more, because this is the best 360 degree
    view I've ever got of the Park area near Vicky's Garden.


    Fancy Mansion

    As I look back to Vicky's House, I realize that it's gone. Vicky's House has
    been replaced by a large Mansion. The building is white, with several small
    towers. The roofs of the building and its towers are deep red.

    All parts of the Mansion are connected like a huge white cake, with red
    toppings. My surroundings seem to be some kind of other world now, almost
    like I'm slightly into a fairy tale.

    I'm curious and move towards the Mansion. I've no problems entering the
    building. I see long old aged hallways of very luxury sorts. The inner
    walls are covered with expensive wooden panels and the floor has exquisite
    tiles. I move into big rooms, which gives away the air of being conference
    rooms. Part of the inner building gives away a very serious impression,
    while the exterior more felt like a big fairy tale Mansion. The wood work
    of the inner rooms and hallways also seems yellow or golden, emitting a
    golden aura, perhaps like the yellow light in many of Miami CSI's TV
    episodes. Maybe I sense a pair of colored glasses in front of me?

    The Mansion seems to be completely empty on people, like everyone left
    the building in excellent shape.

    The only thing which may be odd, is that I don't seem to see much (any)
    furniture inside the Mansion. I also try to figure out if the conference
    rooms are in fact dining rooms, but can't make up my mind.


    The PE starts

    I move out again, to the Park area. Once out, I find myself on the low
    hill close to where I first saw A Edvin. I look at the Mansion.

    Now something strange happens. I can only describe it as; many "Token
    " appearing. I'm not sure if these Token Aliens are real beings
    or if they symbolize something. But they come and go out of my nonvisual
    view. I can only get short impressions of these Token Aliens. I don't get
    any solid fix on any of them. Most Token Aliens only appear a brief moment,
    looking kind of transparent. I also see two regular small alien greys,
    they look very solid. I can't make out if A Edvin is one of them, but
    the other alien grey is really digging in the soil. The greys appear
    to the left side of the area.

    My best guess is that I sensed these Tokens Aliens because they were very
    busy doing a lot of work all over the place. To my best ability I would
    say the Token Aliens looked like some kind of mix of an Alien Grey and an
    Albino Alien. How many are they? 20? 50?

    Then I see Vicky again. She stands on the lawn in front of me. Behind her
    is the Mansion. The Token Aliens, who up until now very rapidly have moved
    around all over the place, going in and out of my view, fade away.

    I see the black key Vicky once handed over to me. I'm a little puzzled
    what to do. Didn't I put that black key into my pocket long ago?

    I reach down my pocket and hold the black metal key in my hand. Vicky
    shows me something. Is it a wooden hatch? Most of my surroundings have
    faded away and I only see a wooden hatch in a wall of some sort.

    I put the black key into a key hole in the hatch and opens the wooden
    hatch. Inside the opening I see a dark night sky and a lot of stars.

    (Here my memory has faded. I'm not sure I remember what happened.)

    I think I sense CFTraveler to my right. I then sense teagueblue in front
    of me at some distance. Then I sensed IA56 close to my left. Behind me,
    slightly to my right I sense Vicky, she kind of stays off the PE circle.

    I can't remember if I was a good host and greeted everyone. Maybe I just
    wanted to get the PE action started, as there had been so many unrelated
    events in between?

    As long as we were standing in the circle, I initially had great difficulties
    convincing teagueblue to move closer to the rest of us.

    I first suggest that CFTraveler go ask the PE-Queries8 questions, but she
    somehow shows me to teagueblue. We all encourage teagueblue to ask the
    questions and aid by sending helping energies.

    But things don't seem to work out well. Teagueblue just seems to spin
    around his (a he?) vertical axis. I get the impression that teagueblue
    is male, rather slim, early 30ies or late 20ies, but I have no idea.
    Teagueblue could as well be an old short heavy woman. :)

    I make several attempts to get teagueblue to ask the questions, but he
    seems to either float or swim (?) somewhere. At times we leave the Park
    and move into dark space, with some faint stars at a distance.

    I work perhaps 10-15 minutes to get teagueblue to ask the Main Questions,
    as I felt directed to do so by CFTraveler. If teagueblue asked any questions
    I don't know. I couldn't hear any answers either.

    At some late point I sense Bruce Moen. He doesn't participate in the PE,
    he just observes us, almost like a teacher looking at how his pupils
    are doing when perform some kind of work task. I also see someone who
    I think is Campbell. I think Campbell is more involved in our PE activity
    than what Moen is. Campbell smiles at me at one moment. At other moments
    I see Campbell in his business suit while he is wearing sunglasses. He
    again smiles at us. Is he teasing us or just amused? I decide that I
    think he probably is amused of what we are doing.

    So far we haven't managed much in regards of our PE goals...

    We are at some point back at the inner region of Vicky's Garden, at the
    place in the picture where the red albino alien dot is marked. There
    is a white garden table almost exactly where the red dot is on the
    picture. We are four PE persons only. I can't remember if I switched
    to have CFTraveler as the one asking the Main PE Questions at this
    point in time.

    My impressions now are a mixture of things related to the PE and things
    which I have no idea of. I think I managed to remember all important parts.


    Strange Impressions

    I'm at a beach ("my place's" beach?). I notice a young tall man. He looks
    like the Greek Hector I've seen before. Then he fades and only become
    a painting. Perhaps that's an indication that I can't ask him for help
    right now?

    In my non-visual vision, in my mind's eye, I now see a female hand, which
    takes and holds my (?) hand. She moves her hand up and down several times.
    The hands-impression comes and goes.

    Then I only see her hand. Her hand is doing something, turning some papers
    of a book (?).

    I have no idea what is happening. Going back to the Park becomes a failure
    each time I try. I can't even sense my fellow PE participants anymore. I'm
    wondering if this is becoming a very poor PE...

    After what seems like a long time, I eventually can see some sunshine. I'm
    on my back and I can see the sunshine through branches of trees above me.
    I just assume that I'm back in the Park, but what's the meaning of the

    I feel so calm and at ease.

    I move my vision around. More sunshine through branches and I sense tree
    trunks nearby. Then I realize that my vision of the sunshine is kind of
    distorted. It's like I'm looking at the sunshine through water. Am I on
    my back at the bottom of a Park pond, beneath the surface of the water?

    It clearly feels like I'm observing through water, and it feels like the
    best moment during the PE. I'm doing nothing at all, just watching upward.

    I force myself out of it and am again back at the vision of the female
    hand, which turns papers in a book. I try to get a better look of who's
    behind the hand. I see a woman around 35. She has dark hair tied up in
    a ball at the back of her head. She looks slim and small.

    I think she is some kind of guide. I try to get an even better impression of
    her and what she is doing. She then becomes unfriendly. And switches between
    being unfriendly and neutral, at times she looks "evil".

    I'm just guessing now, but I think that the ball-haired woman was a guide
    and perhaps I was interfering with whatever she did. She tried to cut me
    out, but perhaps wasn't able to do the cutting-out completely as she at
    the same time interacted with me somehow.

    I try to scan my surroundings, but just get the impression of more unfriendly
    beings. Sending PUL helps little. Then it strikes me. Perhaps I should
    ask Tabitha for help? After all she may be some kind of higher being now.
    I haven't seen Tabitha since we sent her healing, so I know nothing of
    what happened to her since.

    To my surprise I manage to home in on Tabitha, sensing her quite near me.
    She turns her alien face towards me and hisses me off while showing her
    pointy teeth.

    That was a scare.

    Apparently I don't know what I'm supposed to do, as I can't get hold of
    my fellow PE participants and I'm being stopped when I do something.


    Back at PE

    I don't know how I got back to the PE session, but I can sense several
    persons, and I'm quite sure my PE fellows are there. I take a good scan
    of the people in the PE circle. Besides me, I clearly sense 8 (eight)
    more persons. Maybe some people are participating here, but are asleep
    on Earth?

    While I'm directing my attention to the PE group, CFTraveler comes from
    behind and says: "It's your turn now."

    CFTRaveler then pushes my in my back. She is pushing me forward.

    Push. Push. PUsH. pUSh. PUSH. PUSH. Push. PuSh. PusH. Push...

    Her pushing is a little irregular and I feel like being pushed forward
    by a large animal. Is this really CFTRaveler behind me? She acts more
    like a pushy guide. :)

    I must have been pushed forward at least 20 times, probably 30 times.
    The pushing goes on for so long that I notice that I'm unable to do
    anything else then follow in the movement of each push.


    My Questions

    Eventually the pushing slows down.

    I scan and look out for any non-visual visuals, any impressions or any
    mind's eye images or knowings. I have a hard time sensing anything.
    I also have a little physically felt stomach ache so that has made
    me move in and out of my deeper state.

    Perhaps I faintly sense an Alien who resembles the Thor Asgard from
    one of the SG TV-series. If that's a guide, Thor is a good metaphor.

    I decide to ask my question to this faintly sensed Thor.

    I ask: "If Consciousness leaves physical matter, does physical matter
    still exist?

    Thor gives no response. That was strange. Or am I just poor at picking
    up his answer? Maybe if I rephrase my Main Question a little?

    I ask: "If Consciousness leaves physical matter, will there be a
    residue left?

    Thor responds both with a knowing and a sign: "Yes... No."


    I'm completely perplexed. Was that a Yes and a No in the same answer?
    Why do these guides so often make it difficult to get answers? A Yes-No
    is not an answer. Or is it me who is poor at perceiving the answer? I
    feel a little unhappy at this moment.

    I ask the question again and again, stating that I didn't understand
    the first answer.

    Thor's response: "..."

    He seems to meet me with silence, no answer at all now!

    I ask my self tired, then decide that I've failed. Perhaps IA56 wants
    to ask questions after all. I easily find IA56 and ask if she would
    want to give some questions to the guide? She apparently must have
    changed her mind, because she now seems happy to ask questions.
    I can hear her clearly with my mind's ear.

    IA56 asks: "Why doesn't matter exist?" (Pause) "Why does Love exist?"

    I get the impression that IA56 asks those questions in her own language.
    Somewhat strange questions, as the first one is a negative implication
    and her second question was not among the PE Main Questions. I don't
    mind as maybe she got much better answers than I got. :)

    Also, her negated question on matter (the doesn't), made me aware
    that I just from the beginning assumed that matter exists on some level.

    Well, I have to assume something, as I originate from observations, right?
    I'm not sure how much support I have from my guides on that issue. Maybe
    I should try to find out?

    I zoom in on Thor again, but find no one.



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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8


    Back at the Mansion - Seeing Colored Glasses

    I try to look for Vicky. She's at my right side. Are we in the Park?
    I turn to her.

    I say: "I didn't get any answer."

    She responds with a strange grin: "I know."

    My surroundings change, now I'm surely in the Park. I ask CFTraveler if
    she got any answer and she responds Yes. Rather abruptly I move into
    the Mansion. Did I do the move myself or was I moved?

    There seems to be a lot of people inside the Mansion this time. Business
    people in suits. I particular sense a female in a business dress. She
    gives me the impression of being a politician or someone in charge, who
    asks questions.

    Hmm, is she going to ask me questions or can I ask her questions? Or is
    this some kind of hearing where I have to say something? There is an odd
    official feeling to the gathering of those business or political people.

    Maybe that's the reason I felt the rooms of the Mansion where aimed at
    being used for conferences, meetings for people who do some kind of
    work and make important decisions?

    By unknown reason I get the courage to call for all people who know parts
    of the answer to my questions. I'm in one of the big conference rooms.
    There are lots of people along the tables which are place in a kind of
    circle around the walls of the room. Some additional tables are placed
    in the middle of the circle.

    I do my best to focus on the female politician. She wears a grey top,
    almost like an indoor jacket and she also wears a grey skirt. Her
    hair is short and perhaps middle blond, partly dark. I don't think
    I've seen her before. There also seems to be going on a lot of commotion
    around me. People talking and perhaps working at tables. The tables
    don't give off the impression of office tables, but rather feel like
    conference tables, where you place some papers or a laptop temporarily.

    I feel no direct purpose for this change of events or why all these
    people suddenly are here. I for a moment sense glasses on the tables.
    the lenses in the glasses are colored, some are pink, some are lilac.
    I see a pair of glasses close to me with colored glasses. I get the
    impression that the glasses are symbols. We all see the world through
    our colored glasses.


    Maybe those glasses are a way of telling me that whatever answer I get,
    it will only be through my colored glasses? I can never get the "true"

    I begin to wonder if our physical senses are a hindrance too? I see big
    eyes, a nose, an ear and something more on the floors of some rooms.
    I see a big ear at a pedestal, the ear is the size of two basket balls.

    But I also get a knowing, which unfolds post session. I think my knowing
    to some part is related to what I have read from Moen. The knowing I get
    is that our physical senses are less hindrances for us to understand the
    nonphysical reality. Our colored glasses are our greatest obstacles, our
    assumptions, even assumptions accumulated through nonphysical experiences.

    I'm a little confused and begin to feel tired. So I want to ask someone
    my questions. Maybe I also had clicked out. I direct myself to the
    woman in the grey dress suit. I try to be as smart as I can, going
    back and asking even more basic questions than I thought of to begin
    with, taking as little for granted as possible, and also making my
    questions negated, like IA56 did.

    I ask: "Is my assumption on matter's existence wrong."

    Some kind of collective answer: "Yes. Yes."


    Maybe, just maybe, to have _something_ to compare with and make a question's
    response fool proof, I'll ask a question which I already know the
    answer to.

    I ask: "Is my assumption that Consciousness exists, wrong?"

    Collective answer: "Yes. Yes. Yes."


    That was a stomach blower.

    I hadn't expected that at all. So my assumption on the existence of
    Consciousness, that is wrong? But how am I to assume anything else?

    What else is there to assume? There must exist some kind of Consciousness,
    right? Even if matter doesn't exist, Consciousness must exist, it must,
    mustn't it?

    I try it again.

    I say: "My assumption that Consciousness exists, is that wrong?"

    (Dead silence...)

    I now get no answers! I feel a little upset. Am I a failure and was this
    PE a bad decision to make? If I can't assume that Consciousness exists,
    than what can I assume? I'm at a roads' ends.

    Maybe if we had been more people in the PE?

    My Mansion view fades.


    Robert Monroe

    In front of me Robert Monroe is sitting, just the way he sits on one of
    the youtube clips I've seen. He seems to want to calm me down.

    Monroe says gently: "There is more, it's complicated. It's complicated."

    He laughs in his special way and then shows me himself with a pair of
    colored glasses. The right glass is blue and the left glass is green.
    Apparently he wants to tell me that he also had colored glasses, and
    perhaps still do?

    I wonder, if we all wear colored glasses, how do we get to know what is
    real? Or how things really are, or how they are connected to each other?

    I watch Monroe as I remember to myself if "free will" is something
    put into us and if it can be taken out. I then sense that Monroe took
    my thought as a question to him, but he doesn't want to answer anything
    directly. I can feel that Monroe wants to give me a riddle. I just feel
    that the riddle is somehow related to Campbell.

    I'm shown an alien (?) and a second being. The alien picks out a piece
    of "free will", out of the chest of the second being, who now
    turns into a robot, only capable of responding to its "software".

    The piece of free will, held in the hand of the alien (?), looks like
    a cubic piece of pale blue plastic.

    Monroe asks: "If you remove 'free will', where does it go?"

    I wonder to myself, if free will is something which can be removed or
    put back, what is it made of? A different substance than Consciousness?

    My next thought is, why do he/they ask me this questions. I wait a moment.
    There is a pause. Then I get a faint message: "Remember, there are
    others. It's not for you alone.

    Symbolic removal of a piece of free will (the blue cube) turns a being into a robot.

    I query Monroe: "But Campbell has said that everything is Consciousness
    only. Everything is only Data... So he says![/i]"

    Monroe very calmly responds: "He says so."

    I ask: "If matter doesn't exist and Consciousness doesn't exist, what
    does exist then? Where do I start? What do I start with?

    Monroe responds: "Oh, reality is complicated, you see. It's more

    I ask: "But does anything similar to our concept of Consciousness exist?

    Monroe responds: "That's the funny thing... Yes. There is more than
    your concept of Consciousness.

    The last answer I have to ponder deeper over.

    I try to ask additional questions, including the second Main Question related
    to OBEs, but get no answers or only faint answers that OBEs are related
    to some kind of energy. What I can't convey is the style and intonation
    Monroe use. Somehow he is a little amused by my frustration, perhaps
    he wants to make me start think deeper on my own. In each of his answers
    I have the feeling that he leaves something out on purpose.

    I'm tired and my stomach ache finally makes me decide to quit the session.

    I thank Monroe.

    I seek up my fellow PE participants and say bye to everyone. I then fade
    out and remember that there is a second PE session the next day.

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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    PE-Queries8.sess02, Second Session on 2012-11-25 (Sunday)

    A slow start

    Before this session I decided to ask Aardema's question first, because
    I got so lousy answers on my own Main Questions.

    This session is on a Sunday. I'm looking for the Park. I see no Park
    or Garden. I try to sense the others in the PE. I get the feeling that
    I should ask my questions. But am I not stepping ahead of my fellow PE
    people? I've barely started and they can clearly not have asked any of
    the Main Questions yet?

    I see Monroe. He is sits and looks at me. I realize that I got my chance.
    Without hesitation I act.

    I ask Aardema's question: "What is reality?"

    Monroe fades away. I see garble, I hear garble. I see grey shades. I watch
    some unnamely substance bubble and boil. I do my best for over a minute
    to perceive or imagine anything, but I just get a grey dark mess as a
    response. From a long distance I hear something.

    An answer: "(mumble).. ohh.. a lot of energy..."

    Somehow I get two impressions. I sense that someone tries to answer my
    question but the response is too far away from me. I also get a faint
    feeling that my question covers too much. It's too wide.

    Finally I give up and only wait. Monroe appears again.

    Monroe says: "We are short on time."

    He then fades away. Jeeez, Mr Monroe, was that helpful? Am I supposed to
    act quicker? Ask faster or allow shorter time for each of my fellow PE
    participants to ask their questions, is that what I'm expected to do?

    And now quite a long period passes, when absolutely nothing happens. It
    must be several minutes where I get nothing. All my imagination tricks
    fail. I eventually decide to just rest and wait things out.

    I see light.


    Paris in rain

    It's like I'm back at the Park at the bottom of the pond, looking upwards
    through the water. At first I see the light, the sunshine. Then I also
    see some of the branches and leaves of the trees. But something is
    different. It looks darker.

    I take a good look at the shiftings of the light by the water and then
    realizes that I'm suddenly looking at a pool of rainwater from above.
    I can see many drops of rainwater hit the pool and the surface of the
    pool reflects some pale light from above.

    I'm standing on a street or rather, on a pavement in a town. I look up
    and it's a grey rainy day. When I look at a distance to my left there
    is lots of open space and in the far, the rain makes it impossible to
    see any buildings. But I think there is some kind of stone bridge ahead.

    To my right is some kind of regular residential town house and straight
    ahead the pavement and street continues.

    In front of me there is a woman, 25 - 30 years of age. There is also
    a child nearby. The woman wears a raincoat of a little dated sort.

    I get the feeling of early 1960ies, perhaps even the year 1961.

    There probably are a few more people ahead, but I can't get any clear
    impressions of them. The woman close to me moves in a way which resembles
    an actress. She kind of poses like someone takes photos of her for a
    fashion magazine of the older kind. Also, as she is quite slim that
    strengthens the feeling of fashion.

    I wonder for a moment if this is another retrieval starting, but things
    never develop in that direction. But I have had one similar retrieval
    so my association with retrievals is not totally off.

    The time of day is at the afternoon, but there's still daylight outside,
    even if the weather is very rainy and grey.

    Shift of scene.

    I now see an open town area, like a square or plaza. I'm having a bird's
    eye perspective and I can see a woman running across the open town area.
    The rain is falling heavier now. I can sense a few people at the edges of
    my visual view, but the rain seems to have kept most people indoors.

    I see the first woman again. Behind her in the rain, I can see la tour Eiffel,
    the Eiffel Tower. That's a small surprise for me, because I seldom get
    any information on where I am. Shift of scene.

    I see a pair, a man and a woman. They walk towards me. The woman kind of
    goes out of my field of view to my right, but the man I can see fairly well.

    I estimate the man to be around 35, so the woman is probably of the same
    age, because they seem fairly friendly. The man holds around the woman.
    He also wears a hat, which is typical of the time.

    The rain is really pouring down now. The man and woman are both wearing
    raincoats, but I think they still get fairly wet both of them. The man
    is never really looking towards me. The pair is walking on a very open
    town area. I can't sense much of any buildings.

    Shift of scene. I see a few corners of two or three houses. I then see
    the headlights from a car front moving towards me.

    Shift of scene. I'm back again at the walking man and woman. The scene
    then repeats itself several times, maybe as many as 10 times.

    At one moment I see a very broad avenue, where headlights from another car
    moves towards me, but from a greater distance. To my right at the avenue
    I sense at least two bridges with low stone walls to prevent pedestrians
    from falling off the bridge. I just assume that these bridges are placed
    across the Paris river Seine.

    All those images of a rainy Paris seem to be during daytime, but with very
    dark skies and grey surroundings. I get to see some more town scenes with
    only few people running or walking in the rain, all wearing raincoats.

    At most of the time in the rain I feel very calm and at ease. It makes me
    feel quite good. I rest. Sometimes I wonder if I should pay more attention
    to Monroe's comment, that we are short on time, but I really can't do much
    to the PE as long as I am unable to get to the Garden.

    At one occasion I actually get into a café in Paris. Then I'm back at the
    Eiffel Tower.

    My attempts to talk to people on the streets of Paris give no results.

    La Tour Eiffel


    Pierre Marcel

    I'm in the rain, close to the Eiffel Tower. Then I move slightly up into
    the air and watch the Eiffel Tower from a bird's perspective. I see a lawn.

    It doesn't rain as much as before.

    I look at the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. There seems to be some
    people at the lawn.

    The impression of the lawn makes me try to get to the Garden & Park, but
    there is no go. I continue to stay at some distance from the Eiffel Tower.

    I now have moved close down to the lawn. There is no longer any rain. The
    lawn is very green, but I can't sense direct sunshine, but the day is
    very lit up, so I guess that that there only are a few clouds in the sky.

    I can see some young people at close range on the lawn. Some are laying
    down, some stand up. I also notice that almost none of the persons, in the
    age of about 25, wear any jackets. Most of the persons wear long sleeved
    shirts, also the women. Perhaps they are students?

    So the weather is fine and its an excellent day in front of the Eiffel
    Tower. But what am I supposed to do?

    I force myself back to the Garden and Park. I now sense my fellow PE
    participants. I get to see and greet teagueblue, CFTraveler, IA56, Vicky,
    Moen, Campbell and some more people I'm unsure who they are.

    I do very brief attempts to help anyone else ask the questions before I
    place myself in the queue.

    And when I decide it's my time in the PE to ask the Main Questions, I
    slide back to Paris and end up at the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower.

    One young woman walks in front of me on the lawn, she has a very fashionable
    hair style. I see two men laying side by side on the lawn. I just guess they
    all know each other, in total there is perhaps 5-10 persons at close range.

    I notice that one of the young person, a dark haired man around 25, looks
    at me. So far, none of the people in Paris has looked at me, at least not
    for more than a brief moment. But this dark haired man looks a little
    longer at my direction, almost like he can see me.

    I ask for his name and almost immediately say "Pierre" to myself while I at
    the same time see the name Marcel in my mind's eye. Does he have
    two names? Pierre Marcel? I memorizes the names before I proceed as I'm
    very deep into my session and have to float upwards a little or I will
    easily forget such details as a person's name.

    Pierre Marcel.

    I now assume that he is a guide.

    I begin to ask my questions to him. For most of the time Pierre Marcel
    lazily lies on the lawn. There is a second man on the lawn close to Pierre,
    but the second man never interacts with me.

    When I ask my original Main Question I get some odd answers, more cryptic
    than helping me. I forgot some details as I was deep into the session
    and only tried to remember the important parts.

    I also carried with me the strange answers from the day before, which I had
    taken to the extent that I was unable to even talk about the existence of

    Little by little I managed to produce the right questions. On the way I have
    already forgotten some of my less important questions and less important
    answers I received.

    I remember Pierre Marcel showing my a pillar of big brick stones and stating
    that at one end physical reality was located and at the other end, several
    bricks away, more than 10 bricks away, the "other" reality was located. I
    asked him what some of the "double bricks" meant. Joints, he responded.
    I can't really say that I understood his brick pillar symbolism.

    At one time I see my colored glasses which I apparently use in a metaphorical
    way to watch the world. I remember Monroe's glasses and I wonder why I
    get to talk to Pierre.

    I ask: "Why are you the one who answers my questions?"

    Pierre Marcel answers: "I'm chosen as being the best choice. I have the
    least colored glasses.

    I notice that for a short moment Pierre Marcel wears a pair of colored
    glasses, but his glasses only have mild shades of grey, there are no
    rainbow colors in his glasses. But the lenses in Pierre's glasses have
    not the exact same shades, they are off in shade from each other.

    The next moment Pierre Marcel is again without glasses. His glasses never
    re-appear during the remainder of our PE session.



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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8


    Complicated Questions...

    At some early moment I begin with question about Consciousness.

    I ask: "If human Consciousness leaves matter, will physical matter still

    Pierre Marcel responds: "Yes, physical matter will still exist, even if
    human Consciousness leaves matter.

    I ask: "Does there exist some _other_ Consciousness in matter, some
    Consciousness which is not human?

    Pierre Marcel responds: "Yes, there exists another Consciousness in
    physical matter, Consciousness which is different to Human Consciousness.


    I add more questions related to Human Consciousness and this _other_
    Consciousness in physical matter. This is the result of my questions:

    There seem to exist many different types of Consciousnesses.

    Eventually I get the response about this _other_ Consciousness, which we
    can call Low-Level-Consciousness (Low-Lev-Consc), that it's a quite different
    kind of Consciousness.

    I didn't ask about animals, but I just assume now that human
    Consciousness and animal Consciousness are (almost?) the same.

    Consciousness of humans is a certain kind of Consciousness. Things are
    complicated. There are different kinds of Consciousness and they just
    can't be put into the same basket. You just can't say that all is Data,
    all is just Consciousness.

    I got the impression that the Consciousness of for example rocks or
    stones is different than this Low-Lev-Consc. I also got the impression
    that Low-Lev-Consc had a very low degree of awareness, but I'm not
    completely sure.

    Low-Lev-Consc is part of all sub-atomic particles down to the lowest level.
    I now understand why my concept of Consciousness was faulty at the
    Saturday PE session, because I had assumed that there only existed
    on type of Consciousness, because that's how Campbell and other
    important authors have stated the existence of Consciousness.

    I ask Pierre Marcel: "Can human Consciousness or a similar sort of
    Consciousness move Low-Lev-Consc out of physical matter?

    Pierre Marcel responds: "No, we can't move Low-Lev-Consc, we can
    only interact with Low-Lev-Consc, to a degree we can communicate with
    Low-Lev-Consc. But we can't make it move.

    I ask: "Will physical matter still exist if Low-Lev-Consc leaves

    Pierre Marcel, with some intensity: "It's not really a valid
    question. You should view things another way. Low-Lev-Consc will
    most likely never move out. Low-Lev-Consc is in matter.

    I'm puzzled.

    That was not a direct answer. I repeat my question several times, and each
    time get a kind of rejection. I almost reach a level where I think my
    question is as strange as asking if physical matter will still exist
    if electrical charge moves out of all electrons.

    But I persist.

    I say: "You have to trust me. I'm sure that this question is important.
    You have to answer. In this particular case, for me in physical reality,
    it's important to get the answer. I sure I'm making the right decision
    when I seek the answer. So, will physical matter still exist if Low-Lev-Consc leaves matter? Will it still exist?

    Pierre Marcel: "Well... We... I, don't know what to say. You want answer on
    a question which could be formulated differently."

    Somewhere around here, there could be a little hesitation from the guides'
    side, not only because I might not understand the answer, but maybe because
    I could create a belief system as well? It could get a lot of peoples'
    glasses even more colored, instead of clearing up things?

    I say: "I'm sure about my judgement. I will make the best of your answer.
    So again, will physical matter still exist if Low-Lev-Consc leaves

    Pierre Marcel: "No. The physical universe will cease to exist as you
    know it. But this will most likely never happen, so our response is
    invalid. It's an invalid scenario. But if Low-Lev-Consc leaves matter,
    residue will be left. Let us show you.


    I see a piece (?) of matter.

    I see the whole universe or a sub-atomic particle. To see the world in
    a grain of sand...

    This piece, sub-atomic particle, whatever... I watch as Low-Lev-Consc leaves
    matter. Low-Lev-Consc moves upwards like a cloud. What is left of physical
    matter now breaks apart into two big chunks of stuff made out of
    non-matter or some similar "substance".


    I react to this.

    I had accepted Campbells claim that everything is just Data, Consciousness.
    I had accepted that matter was left unchanged when Consciousness abandoned

    But this..!? I hadn't anticipated this result at all.

    I literally shake in whole my body. No puny pre-OBE vibrations. I get
    real physical shakings in my hole body and partly shake out of my deep
    session state as I look up into my bedroom ceiling as I jog and my
    head physically reacts.

    Physical matter will break if Low-Lev-Consc leaves matter.

    I ask if our scientists will be able to detect this Low-Lev-Consc. I get
    a collective laughing answer; scientists will not be able to detect
    Low-Lev-Consc with current scientific methods used today.

    Physical matter is made of a special type of Consciousness, Low-Lev-Consc
    _and_ some other kind of "stuff". If Low-Lev-Consc leaves matter, something
    is still left, some residue(s).

    I wonder if any of the other PE participants got that? Anyway, they have
    probably helped me get that answer, as I otherwise only would have gotten
    dumbed down answers in Yes/No format.

    Thank you fellow PE participants, both known and unknown!


    Cleaning Up

    There are some other questions left.

    I ask: "If Low-Lev-Consc leaves matter and this residue is left as the
    result, will 3-dimensional space cease to exist?

    Pierre Marcel says: "No, 3-dimensional space will still exist with
    the 'residue', as you call it.

    I continue: "This answer which you have given me, is in conflict with
    Campbell's claim that all is Data only, Consciousness which is digital in
    its nature. The TBC. What do you have to say about that?

    Pierre Marcel says: "Too simple. That model is too simple. Reality
    is more complicated.

    I felt sort of stoo-peed having been prepared to accept such a simple
    model of reality. I wondered how much my colored glasses had compromised
    Pierre Marcel's answers. Was he human at all?

    I say: "You could be an alien with different background than me. Are
    you really human?

    Pierre Marcel responded with some pun: "I'm more human than you."

    He made me laugh.

    Well, that was a response.

    But maybe he is true? Maybe my I-There or incarnation have more alien
    elements to it, then Pierre has ever had? After all, I interact with
    aliens at times.


    The OBE Question

    I'm a little tired, but continue with the second Main Question.

    Why do many people have problems doing conscious OBEs and how can we
    improve OBE ability? I first ask Pierre Marcel the question and he
    just says that OBEs are "energy dependent". He tries to explain by
    showing me spherical lumps with lots of knobs and he say that these
    lumps symbolize energy centers. But I don't really feel helped.

    I repeat my question and am suddenly transferred back to Robert Monroe.

    He laughs, and also tells me that he is not really good at answering
    that question. He was just good at doing OBEs, not on training people.

    I almost get the impression that Monroe feels a little embarrassed to
    have to answer my second Main Question.

    I ask if we can train and improve our OBE ability, and get the response
    from Monroe that we can't train OBE ability on our own. We have to get
    help, either by having a purpose with doing OBEs, or we find a need for
    doing OBEs. We can set intent to get better at OBEs and we will maybe
    get help, but not really if there is no purpose with getting better
    OBE ability.

    But if we already are born with well developed OBE ability, well then
    we have that ability and everything is fine.

    We can initiate any attempt to improve OBE ability, but we will have
    to rely on nonphysical Helpers to improve. That will take time.

    Many answers from Monroe related to the second Main Question were a
    little unclear to me.

    Eventually I decide to quit.

    I thank Monroe and move to the Garden and Park. I say bye-bye to everyone.
    When I come to Campbell, he responds: "You're welcome."


    This was a long report. Much was perhaps not so useful but I included it
    out of completeness reason to the interested reader.

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    IA56 Guest

    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    WoW Pauli what a good memory you have, thank you for your detailed report, I look forward to next one on december 16.


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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    Actually I forget a lot of things, too. But I often force myself to float up and recap,
    I go through the last 4-5 events in a more awake state, before sinking back and
    continuing. Then I take notes afterwards. The biggest loss of memory is actually
    when I float up, when I leave a sort of sleeping meditative state, that's where I
    forget most, where I lose most of the details. I also keep my eyes closed while
    I recap, so I stay close to the sleepy meditative state, while re-remembering

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    Re: PE to ask questions; PE-Queries8

    Post PE-Queries8 session experiences & thoughts

    The info in this post may be wrong, so keep a sceptic mind when

    Some days after PE-Queries8 was finished, I had a session on
    2012-11-30, with some strange responses, which I didn't like.
    Later I also shortly managed to get some responses on 2012-12-06
    and 2012-12-07 after fairly long and mostly unfruitful sessions.

    So I hesitated to add these responses to the thread, but have now
    decided to do so, in the hope anyone else will benefit from them
    or take the effort to straighten out the question marks.

    I'll put this post-PE-result on all forums where I've previously
    made the PE-Queries8 call.


    Some small details, probably unimportant

    At most times when Tabitha (see PE-Alien6) has shown up, she has emerged
    from the left of my non-visual field, with the right side of her face
    towards me in half-profile. I don't know if her appearance matters,
    but I mention it anyway in case it could show any significance.

    I've also called her and similar aliens, the Albino Aliens, but
    they have only appeared white and light grey to me, and have
    always had big black eyes (not albino red, as is the case
    with most of Earth's albinos).

    When I spoke to Pierre Marcel at the lawn of the Eiffel Tower,
    I asked him one question which resulted in me wondering if he
    was alien. It just went like this.

    Me asking: "Are you part of my I-There?"

    Pierre Marcel: "No."

    Perhaps not very important, but that was the response which made
    me wonder if Pierre Marcel came from outside of Earth.

    Also, when I were at "my-place" during PE-Queries8, more than once,
    the ground at the beach line rose, like the ground was moved up
    by a slowly moving landslide/earthquake.

    I don't know what that meant, but it felt like the part of the
    ground, close to the ocean, moved in a huge wave like motion,
    forcing the beach to form into a slope, down towards the water.

    The ground raise could be the result of symbolism or "energy movements".
    Perhaps I was just "moved" to another nonphysical place?


    Low-Level-Consciousness & Primitive-Stone-Consciousness

    During the week after PE-Queries8, a chat friend of mine asked about
    the difference between the Consciousness of a stone and that of
    Low-Lev-Consc. My friend also asked what happened to the stone's
    Consciousness if the stone was divided into two halves. I made
    a response, which was mostly a guess, on what I thought was
    reasonable at the time.

    Later that week, on 2012-11-30, I asked the same question to one
    of my guides and found out that my initial guess was wrong (I'll
    refrain from repeating my faulty assumption).

    The answer I got from my guide, made me doubt what I picked up, as
    my guide's response didn't quite fit with my idea of Consciousness.
    So I have to point out that my guide's answer was:

    A. Not as clear a message as those I got during PE-Queries8.
    B. Possibly wrong, I may be completely wrong, picking up things poorly.
    C. Only partly understandable.
    D. A test (?) in some kind of way, by my guides.
    E. (other issues?)

    I have to introduce the concept of a stone's Consciousness, and I'll
    call that; Primitive-Stone-Consciousness (Prim-Stone-Consc). The choice
    of name may be bad as Prim-Stone-Consc doesn't seem to apply to stones
    alone, but I have no other good name. I would also like if someone
    really good at asking guides questions, would pick my claims apart,
    as they don't fit well into what I want to believe.

    My impression is that Prim-Stone-Consc is a fairly "high" Consciousness
    compared to Low-Lev-Consc. And still, Prim-Stone-Consc is a quite dim
    Consciousness compared to human Consciousness.

    Low-Lev-Consc permeates all of universe, is my impression. There may be
    slight shifts in Low-Lev-Consc, but as a total, all over our physical
    universe, Low-Level-Consc is the same one (?) Consciousness at sub-atomic
    particle level. I also think that Low-Lev-Consc is almost unaffected
    by heat (like inside a sun) or exposed to concentration like inside
    the heavy matter of a black hole. Low-Lev-Consc may also be directly
    connected to the various forces of nature, like gravity and electrical
    charge, but I don't really know. Low-Lev-Consc is part of everything,
    including dark energy/matter and photons.


    The post-PE-Queries8 responses

    I saw a guide who looked like my Greek Hector guide, but it may have
    been a different guide as he seemed smaller in stature this time.

    Anyway, I asked: "If you break a stone into two halves will the stone's
    Consciousness also be divided?

    Hector guide: "No. There will still be one stone Consciousness."

    Anyway, I asked: "If you break a stone into two halves will any part of
    the stone's Consciousness disappear from the stone halves?"

    Hector again: "No."

    That was a surprise to me, the Consciousness of the two separated stone
    halves would still be the same Consciousness and shared by both of the
    stones (stone halves). I continued with questions about Prim-Stone-Consc.

    I asked: "Does water have a different Consciousness than Prim-Stone-Consc?"

    Hector guide: "No. Water has the same Consciousness as stone."

    Ohh, that sounded really strange, I repeated my question but got the
    same answer. Same Consciousness. I tried something else.

    I asked: "Does molten lava have a different Consciousness than Prim-Stone-Consc?"

    Hector guide: "Yes."

    I asked: "Does this mean that all stone on Earth has the same

    Hector guide, hesitated: "That's... Yes."

    I continued: "Does stone on Earth and stone on planet Mars have the
    same Consciousness?

    Hector guide, hesitated: "No. Stones on different planets have different

    As you can see, these responses don't match up. For example, I can't
    understand why water and stone would have the _same_ Prim-Stone-Consc.
    I also don't understand why molten lava in such a case would have a
    _different_ Consciousness than Prim-Stone-Consc.

    I want to point out that these follow-up responses were not as clearly
    perceived as those I got during PE-Queries8, so there are lots of room
    for error. I wanted to report it anyway, as it's related to Consciousness
    and I hope that someone else will check it out.


    Later on 2012-12-06 and 2012-12-07 I repeated some of my questions.
    This time my guide looked like the TV-series Stargate asgard Thor.

    I asked if Prime-Stone-Consc is the same Consciousness as water.

    Thor answered both in words and showing a sign: "Yes...No"

    I noted that I couldn't perceive any ending dot after the capital No,
    in the sign Thor held in front of his chest. I asked more specific
    about water and stone Consciousness and got the answer that they are
    almost the same, but not identical. The answer is one of those unclear
    responses that make me wonder what part of the answer I failed to
    pick up correctly. What does the word "almost" mean in this context?

    I also got the strange answer that there exists matter in the universe,
    matter which has no other Consciousness than Low-Lev-Consc. But I got
    the further response that as soon as atoms form, some kind of higher
    level of Consciousness (for example Prim-Stone-Consc) enters the atoms.


    Bell's Theorem

    I may not be completely on the spot here, so view my words as mostly
    speculative. I got some faint "knowings" during my Hector-guide session,
    but I also have made some thinking afterwards. So there is a lot of
    colored-glasses-ideas going on from my side.

    This section is related to Bell's theorem.

    Bell's theorem is related to quantum entanglement, which in itself
    is very strange for me to understand.

    Bell's theorem states that either one or both of classic physic's principles
    are wrong. The first principle is realism; the Moon still exists
    even when you don't look at it. Campbell rejects realism, as I got it.
    The second principle says that to get any behaviour from elementary
    particles, they have to react to "local variables". Campbell's view on
    Consciousness, leaves out the need for local variables.

    Bell's theorem says that there are no _hidden_ local variables, which
    can explain all quantum physical events.


    Could there be any non-local, meaning global, variables?

    Well, yes, Low-Lev-Consc could take on the role of a hidden global variable.

    For example F DeMarco, when he talks to The Guys Upstairs (TGU),
    they say that there is no greater distance from them (TGU) to DeMarco,
    than there is from TGU to aliens millions of light years away.

    I have the feeling that the same principle applies for Low-Lev-Consc. There
    is at some level no great distance between different part of physical
    reality if you go through Low-Lev-Consc.

    And by skipping the problem of distance and not needing any local hidden
    variables (which Bell's theorem also rejects), and instead using the
    "global" variable (or rather, property) of Low-Lev-Consc, you could
    explain why entanglement works "faster-than-light-speed".

    During my later Thor-guide sessions I got confirmation that Low-Lev-Consc
    is "responsible" for maintaining the entanglement between photons, but
    at that time my glasses had turned purple of beliefs.

    Finally comes the problem of detecting and proving the existence of
    Low-Lev-Consc, describing its properties in more exact quantities.
    That's a much harder issue.

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