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Thread: Partnered Exploration - A how-to-guide

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    Partnered Exploration - A how-to-guide

    A how-to guide for doing Partnered Exploration (PE)

    Partnered Exploration (PE) is the name Bruce Moen uses for doing explorations
    in the nonphysically together with other incarnates.

    I'm a little unsure if TMI uses the expression PE, but Moen made PEs
    in the TMI programs Exploration 27 and Starlines, so I think TMI
    is the originator of PE activities.

    PE is not OBE, AP or anything where you have to be somewhere else than
    inside your physical body.

    PE is simpler than doing OBE and anyone can do PE at any time.

    I repeat:

    PE is not OBE.

    About myself

    A few words about myself.

    Have I listened to Hemi-Sync? Yes, but my best PE results have come when
    I've _not_ listened to Hemi-Sync. Also, my best retrievals, meaning the ones
    with the highest quality of impressions, I've done _without_ the help of
    Hemi-Sync (H-S).

    Have I ever been to TMI and done a TMI program? No.

    Am I absolutely sure I am doing The TMI Method (see below)? Well, I'm
    sure to at least 95 %.

    The Purpose of PE

    Why do a PE?

    Why not just explore the nonphysical, solo?

    There are some reasons put forward to why a PE may have a value in itself.
    First of all, the PE participants may have the possibility to compare notes
    and verify that they indeed have experienced something outside of themselves,
    as they may have had shared experiences.

    And second, there is the possibility that the "group energy" of a PE, creates
    more effects than exploring solo. The target of the exploration may also be
    more clearly defined in a PE setting.

    The TMI method and Bruce Moen

    First some background on The TMI Method and on author Bruce Moen.

    Moen describes short 2-persons-PEs in his first book, but exactly how the
    PEs were made, isn't described in too much detail. Moen's first book
    is more oriented towards retrievals. I actually had to re-read Moen's
    first book to get a good understanding of The TMI Method.

    Then, Moen's 4th book is all about PE. Moen has some explanations on how you
    do PE in that book, even if the bulk of Moen's 4th book mostly is his and
    other persons' nonphysical experiences perceived during PEs. Some of Moen's
    PE methods are a little difficult for me to do, so this text is my version
    of doing PEs. I hope my version of PE is simple enough, and I think anyone
    can do PE. On most points I also think my version of PE is quite similar to
    Moen's PE method.

    When reading Moen first book, I was new to the TMI style of nonphysical
    exploration. I didn't understand what it all was about. I had to do some
    retrievals on my own, get some encouragement from people on the Moen forum
    and read some more posts, before The TMI Method dawned on me.

    Most of my text regarding PE is taken and put into my own words from authors
    Moen and Vicky Short (her book Persephone's Journey).

    I'm for example not always able to observe someone's face and I have
    at times great difficulties hearing what's being said, when in a PE.
    Moen seems much more skilled at these things.

    I've also been quite poor at performing the TMI/Rebecca/Moen method of
    Seeing-It-Not-There, which is used for healings and retrievals.

    Further, the method used for doing PE, is similar to the one people are
    taught when they do Gateway Voyage or other basic programs at TMI.

    I use The TMI Method to enter a state of mind for doing PE and also for
    doing retrievals (mostly solo). The method can be used for other things, such
    as healing and talking to guides.

    Hemi-Sync and OBE

    A few words about OBE.

    There are some authors, who have participated in TMI programs, and those
    authors have succeeded in getting OBEs and meeting other program
    participants nonphysically during their TMI program, but going
    OBE is not the aim of this how-to-text on PE.

    Very few people get an OBE from listening to binaural beats, shamanic
    drums or TMI's Hemi-Sync (which is a kind of binaural beats).

    Moen uses The TMI Method for achieving altered states of consciousness.
    The TMI Method is not about doing an OBE or an AP. The TMI Method, used
    at the programs at TMI, often means that you lay down and listen to a
    Hemi-Sync recording and then imagine yourself being at a place
    somewhere else.

    I prefer _not_ to listen to Hemi-Sync while doing PE, as the quality of
    my impressions has been so much better without Hemi-Sync. Hemi-Sync tends
    to lock me into a certain Focus Level, which will put obstacles in front
    of me if I try to improve my impressions or nonphysically "move" somewhere

    I think Hemi-Sync should mostly be used as "training wheels" and once you've
    learnt how to get to some kind of altered state, you should skip Hemi-Sync.

    Setting up a PE

    Someone (or a group of people) makes a call for a PE. The date and time of day
    of the PE should be stated in advance. I tend to make the call for PE at least
    one week in advance.

    The purpose of the PE should also be stated. Without a clear purpose, less
    interesting things will probably happen.

    You should probably also state some kind of (nonphyscial) place where the PE
    group should meet and originate their activities from.

    You need a PE-Area, a site, be it a physical place or a nonphysical place.
    Describe it to your fellows, showing a simple sketch or drawing of what
    you think is the area.

    Decide upon collective PE activities. When individuals act, what should the
    rest of the PE group do? Keep things open and make it possible for anything
    to happen.

    I think it can be helpful to others if we know who will participate, so
    stating 24 hours in advance that you intend to participate can be a
    good idea.

    Some words about Time - Moen has mentioned in this thread that exact time of
    participation is not important. But still, for me it's important to keep exact
    times, as I'm not sure time is not important. Here are Moen's own words:

    "About the time thing. . .

    Several times I've experienced, and have observed others experience, the
    influence (or rather the lack of influence) of physical world time on
    partnered exploring sessions. It's one of the interesting little side
    benefits of learning the art of partnered exploration. In Voyage to
    Curiosity's Father I wrote about one of these.

    We had a group of people doing regular PE sessions and one was scheduled
    for a Thursday. Our procedure was to email our notes to everyone else
    after the sessions, before we read anyone else's notes. That week I
    received session notes from one of the explorers on Wednesday, the day
    before the session would happen. I didn't open that email until after
    the session the next day.

    When I read the other explorer's notes I was dumbfounded. Due to some
    confusion in the schedule that week he had done the session the day before
    the rest of us. Yet, in his description of his experience many details fit
    exactly with my own experience and that described by other explorers that
    took place (physically) the following night. There could be no doubt that
    he had actually been there with us Thursday night, even though he "actually
    did the session" on Wednesday.

    I would suggest not to initiate or wait with your PE Participation more than
    24 hours before or after the PE.

    The bare Minimum to do, to participate in a PE

    Read the call-for-PE post. Set your intent to participate in the PE at least
    24 hours in advance. Go to sleep. Wake up.

    That is the bare minimum.

    Early PUL gathering

    Where early in your PE session, you could gather some Pure Unconditional Love,
    some PUL.

    If you have to do any retrieval during your participation in the PE, sending
    PUL to the target person may help in the retrieval, so it could be a good
    idea to gather some PUL in advance of your PE participation.

    One description on how to gather PUL is at this link -> here,
    and I repeat it here:

    ------------------ Start of excerpt -----------------
    1. Before starting your retrieval you gather some PUL. I do this for about one minute,
    but apparently the recommendation is to gather PUL for about 3 minutes, while still
    in C-1. Here is how you gather PUL:

    You think of someone you love. When the feeling fades, you think of
    the next person you love. If you have few persons you feel love to,
    you shall think of some kind of surrounding where you feel at peace
    and feel fine. You could think of a forest walk, the beach or somewhere
    else where you are filled with good emotions.

    2. You use PUL in two different ways:

    2A. Whenever you encounter scary entities. Send them PUL and watch
    them transform as they become non-scary.

    Whenever you feel a dull a scary emotion. Cover the whole area with PUL,
    until it brightens up.

    2B. When someone doesn't want to exit their emotional loop which keeps
    them stuck, for example in F 23. Or when you can't convince someone to
    follow you to exit the afterlife area where they are stuck.

    When a discarnate feels hostile (against you), or afraid for something.

    You send love to the discarnate without requesting anything in return,
    that's PUL.
    ------------------ End of excerpt -----------------

    PE considerations and preparations

    While doing The TMI Method during the more basic TMI programs, people explore
    the nonphysical one person at a time in their CHEC units, and only seldom
    encounter each other in a nonphysical state during their stay at TMI,
    during their TMI program.

    To avoid clicking out too much during the PE, you should be rested. If you
    sleep during the day a few hours in advance of the PE, that will help you
    avoid falling asleep. Also, keeping the lights on in the room may help you.

    Normally you keep your eyes closed at most of the time, while doing PE.
    If possible, before you begin your PE participation, unplug your phone.

    You start by laying down, where you can be undisturbed during the PE.
    You then do any kind of simple energy work of your liking, it can
    either be RB's NEW energy gathering, creating a Monroe REBAL or
    doing some Moen Energy Rotation. I just do something until I feel
    a sort of vibrational state in my physical (?) body.

    My method is then very similar to the one I use for getting impressions
    while doing retrievals, see the link -> here

    Moving to the PE

    You could try this out for yourself.

    Lay down, close your eyes and in a very noisy neighbourhood you could use
    ear plugs to reduce disturbance. Rotate nonphysical energy any way you
    want for a few minutes, then relax.

    You now move to the PE site in any way you desire.

    Imagine yourself at some favourite place of your choice or at a place
    outdoors close to your home. If you think you can get help from a guide,
    request a guide to appear and request that guide to take you to the PE place.

    If you don't believe in guides, you just go along with whatever appears.

    Having created a place of your own in Focus 27, could be used as a starting
    point for you to the PE. Choose what PE entry method suits you.

    Performing The TMI Method

    As you lay down and observe with your mind's eye, the idea is that you
    will get images, thoughts, knowings, words, even whole sentences sent to
    you, which are not of your personal origin. You will get a variety of
    impressions and you are usually _not_ OBE. You often is in some kind of
    deep meditative state, or in a light state of sleep where you still have
    awareness and are able to "float-up" in order to improve memory recall,
    as the PE develops.

    When you get those impressions flowing, you will notice that you can get
    nonvisual views of things which you have not planned or constructed with
    your mind in advance. The impressions feel like they come from a source
    outside of yourself.

    If no good impressions appear to you, you could do the Moen priming-the-pump
    method of imagining peeling an orange. If things still are slow, Moen suggests
    that you begin to pretend things happen. You could imagine people being present
    at the target PE place. You could imagine that you talk to them or to guides.
    At some point in time things will start to "respond" to you, impression will
    flow in.

    My personal reflections

    I usually avoid pretending things. If nothing happens after I've peeled my
    imagined fruit, I accept that nothing happens, as I want to avoid creating
    anything which is only of my own origin. You may choose to do otherwise.

    Why do I think I am doing The TMI Method? The reason is that I've had
    such success in doing retrievals, as described by Moen, and I've also
    got such a high quality of my impressions during PEs. Impressions, which
    are very similar to what other authors have reported from their TMI

    The great quality of my nonphysical impressions during my altered state of
    consciousness and my experiences' similarities with Moen's and other authors'
    experiences, make me believe that I am indeed doing The TMI Method or at
    least something very similar to The TMI Method.

    Have I had OBEs? Only very few, very short and they have all turned into
    regular dreams within seconds. So for the moment I consider myself quite
    poor at doing OBEs. I've had a bunch of LDs, but I disregard them in terms
    of PE, as LDs are too difficult to achieve and rather short in duration.
    Also, a full memory recall from my longer LDs has been poor.

    What to expect and do during a PE

    When you think you have moved to the PE, greet everyone. Get as many visual
    impressions of your surrounding as possible. I use to turn around and watch
    the my surrounding in a full 360 degree turn. Look for other people or
    unusual things.

    At the start of the PE, don't try to do too much. Sense for feelings, guides,
    beings, "knowings" and emotions. Just try to get as many impressions as
    possible, Take your time, let some minutes pass before you step into the
    PE action. Are you indoors or outdoors? What's the weather? What can you
    see at close range, and at long range? What colors can you sense? Are
    there any items on the ground? Animals, moving objects or "obstacles"?

    If your impressions are poor and you get few details, state out clearly
    in your thoughts that you want the scene repeated. Allow the scene to
    repeat as many times you like, until you get all impressions as clear
    as is possible.

    What do you feel like? Are you playful? Do you want to dance? Anything else?
    Act on your impulses.

    Be prepared to experience changes in your nonphysical surroundings.
    You don't need any particular skills to get all those impressions.

    Something which could happen, but do so only very rarely; you could experience
    physical pain. It could be so bad that you need to abort your PE participation.

    You could experience pain the first time you do a PE, even if you otherwise
    are skilled in doing OBEs.

    Guides or people could appear, who could act unfriendly while still interacting
    with you. That could be due to the fact that they have to set things up and
    you will be able to observe them while they do so. That could take several
    minutes and you need to remain calm. Some guides may act directly angry or
    give you the impression that they are angry while they do some kind of
    work. I just back off and wait until things are ready. At times I may
    try to find other ways to go around, constantly sensing for whatever
    impression I can get, which is not of my own forced origin.

    If you get impressions flowing to you, but they are constantly repeated, that
    may be some kind of preparation of you, being done by guides. Just be patient,
    relax and wait until something different happens.

    Some of those repeated scenes have the feeling of a pause movie, rain, a person
    walking by, a car at a distance, etc.

    You may also end up alone, at a different place than the PE site. That could
    be because you need to learn something on your own. Try to see what you can
    figure out. Walk around the place. If there are beings there, talk to them
    or try to get impressions of their feelings. If nothing happens after some
    time, I may choose to force myself back to the PE site.

    Keep an open mind at all times.

    When the PE action begins, things usually roll like being in an interactive
    movie. Read my PE experience from PE-Queries8 and you get a fair idea of
    what it may be like.

    Before you leave the PE area, say bye-bye to everyone.

    Once you're finished with your PE, you should write down your experiences
    the same day, to avoid forgetting details. Looking back at your experiences
    and reading those old notes, may be great fun at a later time.

    Write down anything you remember from dreams. Compare notes with other PE

    In the days, which follow the PE, be aware of any new insights you get.

    Have fun. :)
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    Re: PE - A how-to-guide

    Very nice guide. Thanks, Pauli.
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