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Thread: Interactions with other OBEers during mutual OBEs

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    Interactions with other OBEers during mutual OBEs

    I've heard of this happening, two or more people who are adept at OBE "meeting up" OBE and doing things together, complete with matching accounts after the fact.

    I remember reading that Bob Monroe, once when he was out of body and in the vicinity of the Kennedy compound, being accosted by an out of body guard of some kind and warned away. He was surprised that the protection of the President extended to this level. Of course we don't know if that guard was consciously out of body or just on auto pilot doing his duty.

    When I was a member of a particular religion, you could not progress beyond a certain initiation level until and unless you were able to meet as a committee of sorts "on the inner." Whether or not that was actually true is unknown to me...some of the people in that group did not strike me as spiritually advanced; it was more that they were of the exceedingly fundamentally loyal persuasion, adept at parroting the party line.

    There are TMI groups that do partnered exploring, meet at a certain place, have a task to do. But it doesn't seem as "casual" as what I'm asking about here. I'm wondering about a level of adeptness that allows people to meet up out of body as casually as, say, deciding to go to lunch tomorrow.

    So: anybody here do that? Meet OBE and go on adventures or quests or just "do Astral lunch?"

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    Re: Interactions with other OBEers during mutual OBEs

    No. I've met many astral projectors here (I can think of three at least, maybe four) but none were planned. We just saw each other in projection or dreamspace, and later verified it was really each other. So I wouldn't say I'm in any way 'adept' (I'm a dilettante at many things, adept at none)- but I do know it can and does happen.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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