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Thread: Waking Up Stops the Dreams???

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    Waking Up Stops the Dreams???

    Actually, I think not. At least what I have experienced lately suggests, be it true or false, looking for the 'dream' in my waking life is a good coping mechanism if nothing else.

    Weird things happen in our waking life that are, at the time, like a fire-alarm off. We are startled by some event and feel we must act immediately. The amygdala screams "Watch out!" and we act irrationally, defensively and prob. make a bad situation worse.

    But I wonder. Many, most of us, have been doing dream-work for many years and I'll ask you; when something really strange, unexpected happens to us in a dream, what is your reaction. More than likely, or at least sometimes, the 'weird' is our signal that we are dreaming and we simply adopt dream consciousness and take it from there. In other words, we don't react viscerally to it, we are simply aware that we are now dreaming. No fire alarms, no 'fight or flight', just glad to be 'awake' in our dream and able to enjoy it.

    What if we brought that same attitude to our waking life?

    Last December I had an 8am appointment for a check-up with the Doctor. I realized even in November that I couldn't make it and called the secretary to re-schedule. She set up a January appt for 9am. I thanked her, explaining that 8am was too early in the first place and I was relieved to have the 9 o'clock slot.

    So I came in at the appointed time only to learn that I was 'supposed' to come at eight! I was miffed and without saying anything, I just walked back out. I could have argued about the mix-up. I could have 'proven' by my own calendar that I had made no mistake and blah blah blah. OR - as I headed down the hall - I could reframe the incident and just accept the debacle the same I would if it had happened in a dream. Weird things happen.

    With a brand new attitude I went back in the office and scheduled another appointment without even a tinge of resentment. And I never brought it up again.

    I was so pleased with myself for not Reacting. There was really no making any sense of that little episode; but we readily accept, that in our dreams a lot of things wonít make sense. I think itís a good idea, rather than reacting to a surprising situation, to expect weird things to happen in your waking life with the same alacrity or at least temperance as we do in our dream life.

    Just a thought...
    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Waking Up Stops the Dreams???

    And doesn't it all make you wonder...

    If, while dreaming, we accept our dream reality and all its craziness without blinking or questioning the rules (unless we're lucid)...

    Just how much inattentive and overt acceptance do we grant to our waking reality?

    Know Thyself

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    Re: Waking Up Stops the Dreams???

    Hey, SoulSail.

    Some meditation teachers call the ability to wake up and to recognise that you are lost in thought "lucidity." The kind of thought you get lost in is habitual thought. It happens basically on its own and your awareness and your intention to pay attention to whatever your object of meditation is get swept along. Until at some point you "wake up" and realise actually what you are doing. You experience a lucid moment.

    I think the term is used very aptly. Because in the dream you do the same. You follow a habit of behavior without consciously chosing it. I used to call it "dream logic" because I would simply accept the events in front of me and not question what was going on or consciously chosing my reactions, I would just go along with any reality presented to me and react habitually to it.

    We don't notice that about our daily lives but often we do not chose our reactions all that consciously, just as E1B says. Only in becoming lucid to our own patterns of behaviors we even get a chance to chose and modify those reactions, and alter the reality we experience. This even extends to the beliefs we do not question, the basic mantras we keep telling ourselves about who we are, what we can and cannot do, what others should do and how we should feel about it, and so on.

    In this sense life is a dream because we are sleepwalking through our existence, applying old answers to new problems. When the mismatch becomes too much, we start to question and modify. But it can take quite a while.

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