Two mornings in a row aware of leaving body .
Had been practising pore breathing for a change through the day so 3 am awake intending to go back to sleep but just did a little practice when I felt myself almost expand upwards. Knew what was happening and once again Iím floating backwards with bubbles around me and a fine sketching of a bottle floats above me . Couldn¬ít keep the focus any longer and it ended.
What stood out here was the delicate drawing of the bottle .Had these very fine sketchings a few times over the years.They are lovely. As for the bottle , well I havenít drank any form of alcohol for a few years now except the tiniest sip from hubbies glass the day before this. Just curious what I was missing. Happy to stick to my fruit juices.

This morning did the same and very quickly Iím floating backwards again but no bubbles this time. Just a starry black space above me. Unfortunately felt I was loosing vision and tried to open astral eyes (stupid, ) ended up opening physical eyes and that was it over.