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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Nothing much happening but feel the need to close my thoughts on this last event.
    Every other experience has been exciting and left me feeling that it was meaningful and happened for a reason, and this one has also but I cann't on this occasion leave it ( as I say..."go with the flow")
    So my thoughts on this are,
    1) prior to this had been thinking that spirit helpers may be slowly getting closer to me.
    2) A recent OBE where I was told not to let FEAR or children get in the way.
    3) Recent OBEs involved confronting cockroaches,( yes I'm frightened of them) ,tiny yellow flies2 times,( never met any in real life) ,black spiky haired gruesome looking balls.( never met one in physical although walking up my high street sometimes......)
    So this comment was I believe referring to fear in the astral.
    25th June,OBE amongst the stars,fab.

    This last one I felt someone was behind me ( taking me somewhere?) A space station is a meeting place for space travellers,meeting place I feel is the relevant point. William Bullman reminds us that we can ourselves influence shape and what we see
    by our thoughts. Also that the reality we experience is interpreted by our subconscious mind,therefore none of the people we encounter during an OBE actually are that form,some are conscious of their form and some are not.
    So from seeing the space station to entering it I think I perceived the people as I did because I would expect people to wear white space suites in space( although these took the contour of the body and face) My attempt to control fear so I wouldn't ruin the OBE maybe made them look scary.They were likely to pick up what my thoughts were , which may be why I then saw one as a female just like us,because it did the job,I didn't feel so anxious. He had such a loving soothing voice .
    This wasn't meant to frighten me but I think this may have been what I was preparing myself for.
    I have no recall of what was said in the room,maybe it's stored somewhere deep in the mind and will surface when it's time.
    Enough Said by me on this particular OBE but...........READY FOR MORE........

    Last 2 mornings woke up to just astral chitter chatter,one was a woman calling a man Bob to help her.She was pleading with him to help her," please please Bob you have to help me".
    Next 2 were interesting.
    " Come to a christening on Thursday at 1.15am ...( strange time in morning to have a christening. Reminds me of 'bring the monkey to my room for photos at 8 o clock)
    Another was .... " Channels for tunnel vision are now in place" .

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Finally we get the news ;0 and it was just as I suspected. A couple years ago I wrote a guided meditation where I took the participants to an orb in deep space so that the sun was merely another star and our destination was only a star in the unimaginable, unfathomable future.

    I never actually gave this meditation because I was afraid it would freak someone out - to be disconnected from the 'known' without any hope for the conclusion of the lifetime journey. There were 40 people in the orb and as you approached the orb, or rather the people, would dance in brilliant lights. For some reason we all wore brown uniforms.

    Personally I found enormous peace in this situation and it soothed me. But, like I say, it leaves you with nothing to 'hang on to' - no past, no future, just an endless journey in space and time.

    I knew I was going to love it (the OBE) when you gave it up to us.


    [I posted this to the wrong forum, but no mind; In space amongst the stars is still Susan]
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    Matter is only mind in an opaque condition; and all beauty is but a symbol of spirit.
    - E Hubbard

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just a little reminder to myself a time when I really felt my guide ( or someone) was around me a lot.About 18 months ago.

    Woke up thinking I could hear a buzzing sound.This was very gentle and quiet,not like the loud buzzing when OBE in progress.Then got a quick flash of a cartoon character with a big head and heard " Lightyear" . Opened eyes and tried to work out what this meant.
    Then put the two together " Buz Lightyear" . Knew I'd heard this before. Googled .
    INTER GALACTIC SPACE TRAVELLER. ( cartoon character)

    Last part of dream before waning up ,a man asks me my name.I tell him,I ask him what his name is.
    He says."Yertachiman." I ask him to repeat this , he says it so slowly.
    Took a while to catch on .I'm always slow at jokes.
    YER ( YOUR)......TACHI. ( TAXI).....MAN.......

    Always good to remind myself humour carries on whichever plane your on.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I just want to record for my own benefit that I feel that I am at a strange stage where I need to / want to understand so much so I am reading books such as William Buhlman, Kurt Leyland and Robert Munroe.
    I am now wondering how much I should take on board ???.
    I realise that these Authors , well respected to this day , have well respected people on this site suggesting not to take too seriously the claims of a particular author.
    Their experiences have been so detailed and thought out that books have followed.
    I feel reminded not to get into a particular ( story) direction as to how the after life enfolds.( direction)
    In other words as I've reminded myself before ...." go with the flow" . Keep an open mind !!

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Day off today,so very tired or is it lazy ness ? 2nights ago just had a dream but it was fast paced.
    Here goes....
    Have 8 puppies, come home.need to water them and walk them and feed them. Can only find 1 puppy ,where are the rest,need to find them quickly or they will die. Look in a bag 2 more but there should be 4. In a hurry,must find the rest or they will die.
    Where are they? I only have one lead,can only take one out for a walk,the rest cannot be walked but they need a walk.
    I'm in the garage that had the cockroaches in a previous dream, the puppy is on a lead but with such force for the size of his body he jumps up to a ledge almost ceiling height.Pulls down a rat half chewed and rotted,to the floor. I step back ( not pleasant to look at.)
    Then I'm holding a something that looks the size of a cockroach upside down seeing that it needs attention.
    As I write this I realise what it may be saying ...
    I thought this story line was going in the direction of ...I need to slow down ....
    But !I think the message may be ..I need to address my fears , the reason why I'm feeling so very tired sometimes.
    This afternoon went to lye on the bed and just dozing off saw someone on a bicycle falling off it , a while later saw a tray with many glasses of fruit juice on it.
    NOW here is the big question. .???????

    From what I understand from the books I am reading,
    Our thoughts and desires show up around us in energy balls like clouds.( still on the William Bullman book)
    Am I reading my own thoughts? Which could be misinterpreted by me on occasion as a message.
    Must note this has nothing to do with OBEs . A completely different experience.

    From falling off a bicycle to glasses of fruit juice I may take this as a message that I need to slow down and drink plenty of vitamin enriched drinks.
    BUT. Am I reading my own thoughts that surround me when slowly drifting to sleep.
    I know my body is very tired and because of that I need to slow down and I cann't go at the same pace I used to do.
    I think on this occasion I was reading my own ( thought balls) ,but then deep deep down I know it's true.
    LESSON FOR BEGINNERS.. Don't follow Susan. You'll get lost in the Maze of confusion.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This morning woke up with no recall of dream. The next 2 hours before getting up,in and out of consciousness,short dreams,just to do with daily activity.Decided to just do a bit of energy raising but only the feet and base chakra then settled down. Just got to that mid way stage whenI'm looking through closed eyelids and sense I'm moving.
    No astral noise,no vibrations,no jelly feeling, no sight but I KNEW I was going somewhere.
    Still no landscape, just black but moving when I saw a single eye again.It wasn't like a picture symbol that flashes.
    It was like the last one. I could see the folds of the skin around the eyelids and it stayed for a few seconds.
    Also this time it was positioned to the left of my vision.The last time I saw this it was definitely like viewing down a long tunnel but not this time.
    The eye disappeared and I have vision.
    FAB. I'm flying high in the sky over vast area of sand. I was thrilled at being out again,specially when I thought I'd had my whack for a while and I hadn't put much effort into energy raising.
    I felt excited at the feeling of flying around so high with sand down below, I'm sure I could feel the wind around me .( but I don't know if we do perceive wind???)
    I was now high above three pyramids,flying over their pointed tops. They seemed to be the same colour of the sand.
    It ended so quickly.Finished,awake.
    Now this is twice I've see a single eye. If anyone has any insight what the eye represents would welcome any comments.

    Co- incidents do happen. Just after that, got up. Put kettle on. Fine. I pad re-charging in Kitchen .Fine. Telephone in kitchen .Fine.
    These were the only three electrical things I used then,all downstairs sockets go off.
    I'm not an electrician and I know there will be a perfectly technical reason for this ,just co-incidence.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I supposeI should record this one even though it was a dream but it happened maybe half an hour after the OBE posted above where I was flying over sand and pyramids.
    Dream recalled,
    Flying high again over sand when I come to sea and I land on the sand just in front of the sea. This is crazy but there were GIANT PUMPKINS scattered over the shore and they had the tops cut off and they were carved inside to reveal a little office that would hold a person. During the dream I seemed to be working out that these were look out posts to keep away intruders.
    Behind me was a massive cliff stretching the length of the shore. I could see a group of people on the top of the cliff . They were busy doing something all together.
    Here goes,they were all human shape but looked like they had black shiny body suites on including their faces.
    ( Now that's a surprise)
    One spotted me and immediately flew down to my level and just looked at me. It was a distance away but I felt I was intruding and was not welcome. I took the message and just flew upwards to the sky.

    Now I'm going to think of as many interpretations as I can .
    1) This was a dream and due to a previous OBE involving similar but white ( characters? Spirits? Entities? Aliens? ) this may have just been a mere dream of my own making.
    However, Why on earth did I make up Giant Pumpkins as look out posts. Surly I would have made them of brick or wood or stone.
    During the dream I was working out what I thought this was meaning.
    Why turn them black,it would have made more sense to have them white or grey.

    2) If the interpretation from the previous OBE with the friendly white suited entities was meaning that they were a more advanced spirit and I perceived them as I did out of fear, distorting their appearance,then these black suited entities ( just trying to avoid abbreviating which may cause offence to many people.) may have also been a more advanced entity but during this dream I was not frightened the slightest because I knew I could just fly away.

    3) Could this have been a real astral plane that I landed on and I wasn't welcome.?

    4) Could this have been a real astral plane that I landed on and the higher cliff represented a higher plane and the entities represented what might be known as GateKeepers. I was not allowed access. .
    We know the astral is full of strange and wonderful sights and landscapes and spirit forms that are not not just the dreamers creation.
    Well that clears that up!

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I like #4.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just feel I need to give some more thought on the post 27th July posted above.
    The Eye.
    The Pyramids.
    The Great Seal Of America depicting an eye on top of an unfinished pyramid.

    Although this was viewed in two stages and not a flashing symbol. I first saw the eye , then when vision set in after first seeing sand I was then above 3 pyramids.
    I was above pyramids
    EYE was above pyramids.
    Now I'm either looking too deeply into things and need to let go OR I am so so slow at working things out it would be easier to learn symbols.
    Problem there is if I know the symbols I might not trust what I get thinking imagination.
    My biggest buzz had always been experiencing events first ,thinking it didn't make sense, then reading about it in Astral Dynamics.
    2 lovely hypnopompics this am( think that's the correct word)
    1st A plane flying high in the sky then the back half of it turned into a white dove.
    2nd. A lovely big face of Micky Mouse cartoon with a big grin and winked.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just using this journal to record an OBE that happened a few years ago.
    I was at the new discovery stage of OBEs and reading all about the different levels of existence in the after life.
    Sent out many many wishes to learn and experience the lower planes of existence.
    We read about the higher planes but I wanted to know the very bad . I was feeling sorry for every type of spirit whether animal or human that is trapped in somewhere that they could maybe get out of with guidance.
    This happened one night.
    ( from my paper journal )
    Woke up through the night,did a bit of energy raising ,well quite a lot in fact,then felt myself rise up above body. No astral noise this time but felt like wobbly jelly. Wondered where I was going as I was not putting any intention into this.
    Strangely I floated downstairs through my conservatory and out of the door when I saw them .
    I wasn't in a lower dimension it was my back patio but what I saw had immense sadness.

    3 large " THINGS " with such such sadness in their eyes.
    To describe just one would be .... A giant cat with hair five times the size of the cat. MATTED ,not one hair was straight, it was the biggest load of mat imaginable.Such Such sadness . The eyes were so sad, hidden behind the mat but could see the pupils of the eyes and close up it was as if the pupil of the eye was made of material . I could see a web on the pupil as if it couldn't see properly.
    They were different shapes but sadness felt for all.
    They didn't move.
    At this stage " Warrier Good Samaritan Susan ". wondered if it was safe to touch them but I didn't .I don't know why but just had this knowledge that this was out of my reach.need to leave to others to help.
    Woke up.
    I didn't feel sadness for long , I think it was because I didn't actually visit that realm , but memories of what I saw leaves such sadness. If we could all see this we would all just want to help. So so sad.
    Maybe if I had actually visited this ( realm? Vibration?) I may have taken on board deep deep depression? Don't know.

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