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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I've just experienced TWO ASTRAL ARMS AND HANDS underneath me trying to lift me out.
    This was fantastic and I'm on cloud cuckoo land.
    I was restless because I'd pulled a heavy bed cover up and was far too hot. Shoved it off and was lying on my side trying to cool down. My thoughts went to an email I had sent in French to my sister just trying to show off that I could also do a bit. Mind now slowing down when I sent out a thought to the spirit world to please stay working with me . Within only a minute I hear a slight buzzing noise, I recognised it as astral noise but this surprised me because it had come on so soon. The noise remained and I tried to pull myself up but got nowhere. I hadn't been doing any energy work so had no energy sensations to try to increase.

    Next thing two hands and arms tucked underneath my waist and gently tried to raise me. I was excited saying to myself " I can feel hands underneath me, I'm being helped out , I can feel you" . The attempt failed and the hands slipped away. Not knowing what to do next tried to silence mind again and relax when it happened again. The buzzing, slight feeling of raising and arms tucked underneath me again. At the same time I could feel my husbands leg touching mine but could also feel the astral hands. No success again. This happened three times when on the last attempt thinking it might work I focused on the brow area just incase there was anything to see if I did get out and just saw a single eye as if from a long distance. This I've had before usually just before a really good event. This was like a human eye with eyelid and skin underneath.
    After third attempt the hands slipped away and I was so excited I knew I was too awake for anything else.
    I'm just delighted I didn't freak out . I've proved for myself that a lot of my experiences have been directed from the other side and I've been taken rather just dreaming. They really are working with me .( although I knew anyway)

    Oh by the way Richard, love the new look.
    I don't know about your find above. I am currently preparing to pay for a private op for hubby if NHS keep him waiting any longer.
    When I was 30 ,heavily pregnant with second child my husbands business went into liquidation and we lost our home, savings,income and were left in debt. But I knew then that I had the most important things in life. A beautiful family, another on the way, we all had good health and a closeness to get us through this and we did . So what I'm saying is i've gone through the losing everything bit and came out ♥♥♥♥♥s because I got my priorities right. Fast forward to now and I've worked hard for everything .
    I don't care what's thrown at me . I can handle it again ,and I'm waiting just incase ( but I have a feeling not)
    Anyway, knowing that I've got the other side close I'm sure things will be okay,
    Thanks anyway and you've been right before so I'm prepared.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    2 OBEs approx 20mins apart.
    4.20. Visited bathroom, drank water, settled down. Recalled dream. To do with everyday life. Nothing needing to remember. Although I'd previously decided not to do any energy raising for a bit after the last event with the hands I decided just a little feet circling.
    Very quickly I'm aware my legs are floating and rotating. Started to rise,no noise, no vision but felt movement.back in body, non eventful.

    Lay still, silenced mind and again very quickly and feeling very alert my legs were floating above body and rotating a lot.
    Rose up and then seemed to be travelling sideways.still no vision when soon snowy speckles like a television screen searching for channels started to appear. Shapes started to take form.
    Then three men formed walking briskly at the side of me. I was floating sideways and they were walking keeping up with me.
    I was wondering why they were walking ? Who they were?. I got excited and could hear myself say " I can see you ,I can see all three of you!" At that the man nearest to me raised his arm and gave me a wave.
    Immediately I was back in body with a heavy thump. Could feel energy surge up my body.

    Last few days have been feeling slight pressure on top of head as if I've been sleeping with my hand pressing on head.
    Although delighted with this a bit disappointed with only black and white, and the fact that no faces were seen . Only from the neck downwards but I think this was meant.
    I'll be honest here I did feel a little apprehensive when I realised what was forming next to me and I didn't know what was coming but then the excitement set in. on reflection BRILLIANT. More please!

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    Re: Nursing babies

    2x dreams within the same sleep period.
    First I see myself with friends in a speedboat travelling backwards fast zig zagging and really having fun.
    ( this is the second time a boat has been involved travelling really fast with friends and having great fun,although the first time the ferry was not on water.
    1st dream,
    I'm swimming comfortably under water( not needing to breath) following a pregnant ( now that's a surprise) Otter.
    The otter swims up to a pillow under water and lays on it to rest.
    I swim up and put my head on the pillow next to the otter.
    A man swims up and puts his head on the pillow and gives me a gentle kiss.
    End of dream ( how sweet)

    2nd dream.
    I've been told I can move to a bigger and better house and can choose which one I want. My friends were going to follow me whichever house I chose. My problem was that the house I preferred was the house THEY were already living in which meant that if I chose that one then they would miss the opportunity of moving themselves to a better house.
    ( maybe this last one is to do with an important decision I have just made in physical that will effect someone else. In other words ' Its all up to me')

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Time to get back on track, with a new challenge.
    But first ---- coming to an end of a very challenging mental and physical short period in life. Things nearly back to normal in physical so woke up a few days ago to

    " try again on Friday at 2"
    Yesterday,up at 4am, hospital with hubby by 7am . Back home by 12.30. I was starting work at 3.15pm . By 2 pm hubby suggests I go upstairs to rest for a while. Decided to listen to my binaural beats . Set alarm when I realised it was Friday 2pm.

    Dream this morning was to do with characters in dream rushing around and in a tizzy . In the dream I'm telling them to just listen and slow down.
    The dream made sense.
    Got back to trying to silence mind when I thought? heard? what was like a tiny voice say

    " AKEO"
    " I know a friend who lives in a sky scraper"
    " Your challenge is to Listen"
    " To be kind"
    In this journal AKEO is mentioned over a number of days of writing.
    The spinning ship reaching up to me and I feel it's like a sky scraper, mentioned recently.
    Recently I've felt I have been encouraged to look into the brow a lot more so being encouraged with listening more I feel sure is to do with my development rather than physical life. Not sure if I should put the binaurals on hold for a while.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I think I know who the astral hands and arms belonged to the on 7 th March post. An unknown part of ME.
    OBE this am.
    But first had a very grounded day with plenty of laughter with family. Felt very grounded and normality settling back in.
    Slept fine till 5.30. Woke up, trying to get back to sleep when I got a flash of tiny bubbles all in a line going up and down . Wondered if this was meaning to do energy work ,bringing in from the crown and all the way to feet so decided to do a little.
    Silenced the mind and waited when very soon ( again) I'm moving. No astral noise but the wobbly jelly feeling and I knew I was raising up high. Could only see grey/ white. I wondered if my physical eyes were slightly open as it seemed like looking through half closed eyes.
    I knew I was on my back and instead of wanting to take control and turn I just went with it to see where I would end up.
    I could then see a hand to the left of me as if holding me from behind by my shoulders. My first thought was that this was my hand but I was aware of my arms to the side of me. The hand was translucent and it was a left hand . On it's 4 th finger was a wedding ring.I looked at the ring and realised this was MY old wedding ring .I could see the pattern on it . The yellow gold I traded in for a white gold ring. I said " I can see your hand" A little wave was given with the fingers. I could remember the excitement from the other day when I got a wave of acknowledgement from the man.
    Next thing everything is colourful and I'm floating down onto the floor. A lot of people around busy. This looked like the large back stage of a theatre where people were in different costumes. They didn't look like cartoons, they had human form but all had some kind of strange clothing, even one had a strange face a bit like out of something from Star Trek. They were smiling and happy and one small guy came up to me and said "hello" . I felt I was to follow him and we headed towards a large opening leading outside. At this stage I needed to interact with them so I put my hand forward and took his hand. I heard him say " oh good" .This was where there
    were a lot of people coming in from. Outside this looked like a beach area with a wide road in front. He was leading me forwards across the road when I wondered why we were walking when we could fly so I lifted off the ground , not high, when he pulled me back .
    He told it was not right to do this, it wasn't polite , but they could later. A strange looking vehicle came towards us on the road and passed. As we walked over the road everything faded and whether I fell asleep or woke up then I don't know, but that was it.

    If I had just posted this as a lucid dream then I feel it would be more believable, but then a lucid dream may be considered as an OBE without the exit memory.
    So I have to think what this was all about? Did I gain anything?
    I truly feel I was meant to see the ring. I feel this was helping me with the mystery of " being unknown" as previously told. I'd been trying to work out the other part(s) that I belong to . This was spirit with a separate body associated with me by the ring.
    This all reads back as sounding crazy, and I can understand that the more complex things become the more you could become silent and not want to tell anyone for fear of reaction.
    I'm not going to call this part of me 'astral sue' because that name is this life's name. I don't know what name to use other than I believe this was a wiser bigger part of what I am part of that I don't remember in waking life and he/ she was taking me somewhere in the astral either just for a bit of interaction with characters whilst being very lucid or maybe something I haven't thought of yet.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I decided a few days ago not to write this one up because once again it would have read as crazy but there has been a positive result from the experience.
    Same kind of start to the OBE, jelly wobbly feeling again after doing feet circling, raising up and this time I'm in my bedroom still . I was thinking and aware this was Real Time Zone. I'm moving backwards and forwards, to the cupboards, to the window, to the bed as if being taken when I saw a shadow move from the door along the corridor to the bathroom. Wondering if this was my husband up I looked at the bed and could visualise a shape so knew it was him. Then a shadow figure came and gave me a thought that he wanted to see me. I was moving along the corridor to the bathroom and entered when I saw 2 people.
    A man, dark skin 30 is wearing trousers and shirt. A woman small, dark skin to the side of him and me.
    I swear they were as clear to look at as my desk and I pad with its pink covering is that I'm looking at now.
    He said something to me that I didn't understand. I heard his voice speaking.He put earphones into my ears and I got a thought of a radio tuning in with some difficulty. I got a thought from the woman .she said " I know your mother. She is a kind person"
    Things faded and it was over.
    I presume these were imaginary characters for my benefit . Could say a message in a dream but once again going through the process of leaving body and staying aware and very lucid the whole time.
    I know I am asking every night for the spirit world to teach me everything I am allowed to learn, to work with me.
    So communication could be better maybe, still some difficulty but I have been getting a bit bored with the binaural beats I use and have recently been getting singing when waking up seeing a pair of hands again in the prayer position .
    Day after woke up to the end of a dream with music. I was searching for something and finally had found it.I look to the bottom of a river and see two long silver snakes crossed over. This was what I was looking for I had found them and needed to take them.At the same time I heard music being played. It was beautiful. The rhyth was slow and up and down .I just loved it.
    Lay in bed listening to the tune then it faded.
    Yesterday spent the day as a visitor at a buddist week-end retreat for meditation.
    Shirab, the young man taking the prayers just oozed calmness, tranquility, serenity and joy.he was a pleasure to listen to.
    Then music started up and everyone started to sing.
    I fell on love with wonderful to be listening to this with words added .
    I found out it can be bought from. and is called ' Prayers For World Peace'
    ( they seemed a little surprised that I hadn't heard it before as they use it all the time but it had been about 5 years since attending buddist teachings.
    Bought a visualisation cd with just talking on to try, and going to get the world peace cd.
    I just felt I was missing something and was being urged to try even harder to raise vibration.

    This morning woke up to seeing behind closed eyelids a white deer standing in the middle of a field with white wings on ( how sweet)

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Prior to going to bed no thoughts of father or mother who passed over a few years ago. No prayers , no energy work just sleep.
    I dreamt I was upstairs in my house in my bedroom when different kinds of dogs kept coming into my room running around and I'm thinking just how many dogs do I have to look after when ,
    Someone pops their head around the door and tells me I'm wanted downstairs. I'm wanted on the phone. Reluctantly I Float downstairs, along the passage into the kitchen where the person who called me is standing grinning. I can now see a family member ( who is still alive) by the window smiling at me . Then I see a man with his back to me with a green jumper on. I zoom over to this person trying to work out who I was looking at . The jumper was my fathers. He is bending over the bench the way he would have done , he turns found and it was him. I remember shouting " OMG OMG OMG. It's you dad!" He smiled and we hugged and started to float up towards the ceiling.

    I'm sure this was not my father because.......
    1) the family member who is still alive was present.
    2) the main reason is because even though I was so shocked I had no feelings of love which should have been there.
    I'm only recording this here because it is the first time I've dreamt of meeting either of my parents and as much as we loved each other dearly I have learnt to let them go .
    So just a dream but a bit of a surprise.

    I need to correct this.
    I once dreamt of my mother coming out of our family house giving me a bag of sugar and asking if the Lucozade had arrived, or something like that the very next day I was a bit hypo and needed to lie down as I was too weak. So on this occasion her appearance was used to get a message across.
    Last edited by susan; 8th April 2014 at 04:16 PM.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just come home and decided to still use my binaural beat music till I get the one I want to try downloaded.
    It's gone! It's gone from my I pad music section and gone from my I phone music section. Everything else is still there except this one and I've used it every day for ages. I know I'm ready for a change but this is crazy.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up to a beautiful sketching of a female face .
    After settling down after my main sleep did a little energy work with a little request for help to do some heavy physical work required by me over Easter.

    Woke up aware that I had just woken and I could see the snowy speckled screen in the brow area. Decided quickly not to recall dream or open eyes , just focus on this speckled area.
    A lovely face appeared but it was black and white and was like a fine sketched drawing of a beautiful female. She had long wavy hair to her shoulders and her head was moving . She smiled and gave a quick wink and was gone.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I'm in an airport terminal with a lot of people. Someone is with me . So crowded. Very glamorous female air crew are walking around like cat walk models holding departure numbers for people's attention.
    Bob Geldof is in charge. Everyone is up dancing. When he stops the music people go up to get winter black coats from him for the journey. I am sitting down waiting for the music to stop to go up next for my coat.( bit like waiting for your seat number to be called out) music stops but he announces that's it. Finished. But I haven't got a coat.
    My friend comes over to me and tells me they have a coat for me . " It isn't black it's green, do you like green?" I'm pleased because it's my favourite colour. ( I do love the colour green)
    I then got an impression of much activity going on behind the scene whilst I had been asleep at the airport. People rushing around doing jobs.
    This mornings dream very short and strange.
    I walk into a room with someone where in the corner is an Indian lady in a lovely blue satin long dress on. She is getting married. I watch as a female approaches and kisses her on her lips saying she must do this because it is tradition. She then takes a photo of her.
    I seem to be having 2or 3 dreams where a kiss is involved.

    Few days ago..dream
    A man walks through an opened door and hands me a present. It's wrapped up in cellophane like fancy big Easter Eggs might be. This was an Easter Present. I walk away looking at it as I'm holding it . It contained just one white the dream I'm wondering why he would give me just one sandal .

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