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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Symbol seen this morning very fast.

    A man holding a small lamb under his arm with a large wooden cross through the lamb's body.

    I have never pretended to belong to any religion, but respect people who do . The message this gives out is that they want to be guided to be a better person. How can this be wrong? It's not. I just don't need to pick a religion.
    But the cross made me think of Jesus and what he represented.
    This in turn had me notice within the journal .
    5th June .....symbol shown of a hedgehog turned upside down with a mans body underneath.
    Thought at the time of Jesus with thorns on his head. This could be showing a connection between man and animals.
    12th June......dreamt of being told I had witnessed a murder today. The slug I had given a slow death because of the pellets.
    17th June......shown a book and told it would show me how we evolved from animals. Then the sea anenome which was to represent
    my mother.
    I feel sure now that this business of me eating meat is an issue. Of course it wouldn't prevent anyone from experiencing OBEs , as anyone putting the practice in can, but spiritualy maybe understanding the connection between man and animal is important.
    We can see the adventure of leaving our body and exploring the other sides, as 'I've seen this and I've done this and I've felt this ( not meaning me personally but you as a person) but at the end of the day do you feel you are getting anywhere? Other than experiences? Surely these experiences have to lead to a meaning of what waits for us on the other side and how we can maybe help ourselves to evolve further.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    For the last few days have abolished eating red meat. But still feel I could eat this. Cooked lamb chops for HBnd but fish for myself.
    I feel I'm not there yet and this may take some time. I need to convince myself or to be convinced that this is wrong.i suppose this is like going on a diet when teachers will tell you this is right or wrong for you but it takes time to experience the benefit to believe, only this is slightly different as I believe it is not just to benefit the body but for spiritual advancement.
    Will try this but am looking for other explanations for the above post for the lamb as for a reason to start eating it again.
    Maybe this will be something I will fail in. ( have to add this ... Or maybe this is just the beginning of the understanding and the reasons may follow within time to make the choice easier.)?
    Eating red meat for all of my life is not something that is going to be overcome and changed because of a very vivid symbol suggesting otherwise.
    I have to believe with all my heart that this is wrong
    .If you think about the intelligence within animals and the love we feel towards them and from them which can be compared to physical human friendships then if the love of God permeates within all creatures great and small ( meaning us as well) I suppose we are killing , sacrificing something that he is part .
    I'm still not there but interestingly for the last month my thoughts are going ...towards Jesus...sacrifice....thorns...animals..connection
    I promise myself to be totally honest within this journal to inform as soon as I eat red meat again!
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    Re: Nursing babies

    IA, thank you .
    2nd February 2014' post. ( page 23)
    . Food for thought
    . I can not dismiss this way of thinking.

    Posted by IA56

    As I see this animal turning into a was shown the transformation...but still that man (human) hunt´s animals because he still are so much animal inside of him...not yet a real human. A real human does know that animals also has soul.

    ( I have just copied and pasted for the first time ever . I can AP , receive symbolic messages, and now I can ' copy and paste' . )
    But why doesn't it come with the blue balloon?
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    IA, thank you .
    2nd February 2014' post. ( page 23)
    . Food for thought
    . I can not dismiss this way of thinking.
    Thank you to you too Dear Susan

    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Re: Nursing babies


    In a war zone , in a plane with others ( didn't have the feeling this time that they were my friends , just that I was with them )looking out seeing other planes in the sky just bursting into flames. Looking down and seeing ships and helicopters being fired at and bursting into flames. Was on a beach and looking to dig a hole on the sand to hide from the enemy.
    Woke up felt no emotion.
    Could this be my battle with giving up meat? ( well red to start with) .

    2nd dream
    I'm in a class room with others that I don't know.
    A teacher comes in and I'm standing amongst others but I'm holding 3 sheets of tissue paper . 2x white and one red . She comes straight over to me and tells us she is not sure if she is looking forwards to teaching ME. Two other teachers are in the background.
    The tissue paper could be myself remembering the view of the OBE Christmas trees. Maybe subconsciously thinking of having a new teacher. I'll leave this open for interpretation.
    In and out of short sleeps before alarm went off with much chatter going on . The last was ... To stay silent, stay still, learn the roles of the universe. . Two hours left before getting up so went over everything I could remember then thought to do just little brow work . Decided to settle down. Tai Chi class at ten.
    Was just dozing off when I picked up
    ..Remember when you nearly got drowned 3 times? Well the man in trousers . He is real.
    Felt the Jelly, wobbly feeling.
    I felt I was going under so decided to focus on the brow area. It was black but like water marks within the black so decided to focus on a particular point within this black and it came closer and closer. Knew something was happening so just focused. Now I seem to be turning left but travelling along sideways. I could see an outline of a face. It then turns into a blonde mans face wearing glasses. He's looking at me but as I'm travelling sideways he is soon out of view. End of. Woke up.
    I know what I experienced . Why? I'm not sure.
    The reference to the man in trousers had me think of the times I've recorded something I felt was important.

    At the beginning of my journey a man I viewed in a river from the trousers downwards holding a baby under water. ( I couldn't understand why I got this. it wasnt nice, but there was nothing frightening about it.
    The same night I saw a repeat of this but the finger was put down the babies throat.I decided this was a message about death of some kind but nothing to fear.
    The other night prior to me having the mother statue figure which turned into a sea anenome I recorded men coming into a room where I was but I only viewed from the trousers downwards.
    I leave this nights event open to possible previous thoughts brought forwards into a dream but feel it's still important to record just incase.
    I was to miss this last one out but remembered IA56 once noting the importance of being honest and not just choosing what to report.
    Before this journal started and after I was given a picture of . . my guide , that I had apparently shared lives with ( well considering the thoughts that a guide could be a future self of you or a teacher from a higher level than you but with loving reasons to want to help you . )
    I once picked up a very vivid picture of a lovely beach with a girl on a board skating the waves but behind me was a man and all I could see was from the trousers down..
    We all have imagination that creates our dreams but all I'm noting here is the " man from the trousers down"
    And 3 is cropping up.

    To note , today 18/7/14,Malaysian aircraft brought down with missile fire.
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    Re: Nursing babies

    Hi Susan,
    I am urged to write this to you....We always want teachers of "higher" realms but do fear the "lower" realms of teachers and they are mostly the one who can really help us out of our fear.
    I hope you do not misunderstand what I am trying to tell.
    All changes we are making the ego will start a keep this in mind...ego and body is not real...they do want to keep us in re-incarnation wheel to be sure of theire own survival...
    Remember we are indestructuble and eternal.

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    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Re: Nursing babies

    The mind is brilliant!
    Sitting just now in conservatory. Rubbish on telly so thinking more of everything going on. Spent all day in garden chopping down woody bushes. Got such plans for garden but will take a lot of hard work but worth it in the end. On a high, did a lot.
    When I'm so grounded and enjoying what I'm doing I reflect at times and think the experiences cann't be real because everything is so real Here in the Now.
    I think deep down I know it's true but ....

    So just now going over the last post I did the sun was facing me head on just after a thunder storm( not really relevant, just saying)
    So to enjoy this heat and shine I closed my eyes just to let it beam through.
    Well of course you get blue shapes which without looking up on the internet I'm sure will be a medical reason with the eyes.
    No surprise to this but the top half of the blue turned into a HEART! I was looking at a blue heart which stayed for5-6 seconds.
    This was a very defined heart. If eventually faded and turned smaller and smaller and eventually left, but before it disappeared I tried so hard with thought to bring it back but couldn't.
    I know what I saw but just expected to feel the rays through my eyes.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Tonight I've just put the sun and my eyes through a test . Sitting in conservatory right now. Sun is at the same level as the other night. Just setting But still above my hedge. Closed eyes 5-6 times. Each time wished with all my heart for a heart to appear.
    I saw the blue take shape but mostly long stick shapes. Then faded. I couldn't with all my wishful thinking shape this into a heart.
    So I have to think about a short dream I had the previous night before the heart. ( didn't record , simply because I get so much and have to be aware that much may be my own wishful thinking . ) I really only want to record what I feel may be something to work on.

    Dream the night before the event.

    This is like a game show with a host. A contestant walks on but instead of looking directly at the host she is looking up to the sky.
    She does her bit then the next one comes on.
    This is the funny one because she has a lot of make-up on . ( okay I don't like to go out without make up on but I certainly don't pile it on with all the blusher. ( hint.. ( this gets my attention when recalling the dream ) ) she is looking up at the same angle rather than looking at the host of the show. Then says " well then let's go for it"
    So just a dream but the emphasis was on why were they looking up at an angle to the sky rather than the host in front of them ?
    Was I meant to look up to the sun the next day?
    I just feel I want to finish this post with ..
    The spirit world can reach you through religious symbolism if that is something that will really get your attention.
    Or just in your face humour .... But just a way to get your attention .. And they are there to help you in the best way they can .
    Still haven't eaten red meat yet .

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This last post has reminded me of something I experienced once that I thought at the time was the most memorising awesome place to have visited. ( I think this was recorded quite far back on this site somewhere.
    Dream .
    I'm on a large boat and go to my cabin. My son is asleep on my bed and someone wants me to come up to the deck.
    I do and as I stand next to this person I witness the most silent peaceful magical scene. The boat I was on was travelling slowly through pure snow. There was no noise, no colour except white snow. The fields were covered in snow. The fences were made of snow. White horses stood, some on their hind legs and it was as if they were made of snow. TIME STOOD STILL.
    As I stand on the deck with this person I look up to the sky and amongst the grey the colours of the rainbow shone through as if an entrance to a different world to this one.

    W hen we meditate to get to that feeling of love to start off the meditation I would use the feeling I had of witnessing this beauty.
    Kurt suggests thinking of something that brings you much happiness and love.
    As months went on I would ask repeatedly to visit this place again.
    I would have experiences that were memorable but never a visitation back to this place.

    So one night I dreamt I was in a shop ( desires) next to a window.( entrance to astral) . An old fashioned till was by the window and I saw what looked like a receipt that should come out from the till, the till roll just rolled and rolled out a long string of paper never ending and went through the window covering the ground below but shredding as it covered the ground outside until it was completely covered in white and it was shredded up into bits outside the window, giving the impression of snow covering the ground. ( the astral plane I desired)
    So what we had here was the illusion of snow on the ground. BUT it was just an illusion.
    I think the message had to be made to me that this wasn't a real astral plane but was an illusion. Created for me to get a message across at the time. ( I felt so sad that I could never visit this place again)
    I feel they stepped in to let me know .

    Today I spoke for the first time to a lady who has experiences. She told me that many years ago in her youth she was besotted by her boyfriend and didn't believe the rumours she was hearing about his infidelity. One night she had a vivid dream where she was told it just wasn't going to happen( she thought they would end up marrying)
    She was shown a scene where he was kneeling at an alter with a different woman. All though the dream wasn't what she wanted to see, it was true.
    So , just showing how much the spirit world are working with us to help, and sometimes we need that little extra guidance to put us back on the right path
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    Re: Nursing babies

    20th march /14.(page 24)
    The link between humans and animals may have been relevant here also.
    Swimming under water comfortably ( not needing to breath) with a pregnant otter and the otter lays on a pillow to rest and so do I and a man swims up to us and gives me a kiss and rests his head on the pillow under water also .
    ( I am following and lay down with the otter and the man follows and lays down with(me) the human.
    I seemed to be between animal and human. Just a thought .

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