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Thread: Nursing babies

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I feel like a child again starting back at the beginning trying to dissect these multiple bodies .Kurt suggests as many as eight. Makes sence, but when achieving a higher body, at the time, does that consciousness (during an excursion out ) have more knowledge of everything? I suppose it must because there's often someone with me who I'm talking with, but only fragments are remembered.

    Dream other day and a friend brings us both a small egg to eat. She tells me they have just been laid.

    Another dream where I am in my late father's house talking to someone. Behind him is a plastic bag where a loud buzzing sound is heard. Multiple buzzing like bees,this is different to the buzzing I've associated with OBEs. The buzzing gets so loud I think they are going to burst out of the bag and run frightened out of the room.
    Yesterday morning woke up to loud buzzing in left ear. Recalled dream and a bee had flown into my left ear and I didn't know how to get it out.

    Recently dreams have involved
    OBE ( being carried in what was perceived as a sling ,as if I was a baby,)
    A stalk lays an egg.
    I'm told another egg is about to be laid
    Given a newly laid egg to eat.
    Loud buzzing of bees in a bag.
    Loud buzzing of bee in my ear.
    Now shortly after this started Aunt Clair posted a very detailed wonderful description of events prior to clairvoyance .
    This was on 5th Jan under "process configuration"
    Could I have taken this on board and wishfully encouraged dreams of this type ? (Although having a wasp in the ear is not good.)
    This business of eggs being laid and the hatching sounding like a swarm of bees could just be my brain making up nice little stories
    How do I know? I don't, but only time will tell.
    On the other hand someone is talking to me calling me by my name .
    I may put myself to the test tonight and deliberately imagine honey being poured on my forehead before going to sleep.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Well no honey dreams,but whatever I've dreamed I feel someone who is with me is getting closer.There is always a man but different features each time and I 'm thinking each time " I like him, he's nice and kind" . However I'm also sensing his thoughts as well which is that he is fond of me. Also there's always still some young child I'm caring for.
    When I've had really magical or memorable dreams I've always known I wasn't alone, someone beside me but no identification of the person. The fact that these recent ones have the person in front of me and look different each time I think I have to dismiss these as
    Just dreams with no message, wild imagination...SIGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    On the other hand could the warmth and fondness be associated with the opening of love and affection which was suggested when I dreamt of the big snake entering the body and lodging in the heart a few weeks ago?
    I am starting to See, to Hear, maybe I'm starting to open up to Feeling.....the Clairs........
    This morning did energy raising , no long dream to remember but full of symbols whilst in and out of consciousness.
    Another short brow centre strobe ,no headache but again I'm feeling as if someone has their hand pressing gently on my crown.
    Symbols .... a flame/fire........shower switched on....long thin snake ...
    Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall and I heard the nursery rhyme....( for anyone reading this who doesn't know the nursery rhyme it is an egg that sits on the wall and falls off and smashes) ohhhhhhhhhh not an egg again!
    A short scene where I'm sitting by the window looking out holding my mobile phone and hubby comes over to look over my shoulder at what is showing on the phone. I look as well and it shows a photograph taken of my hubby whilst on holiday with a dancing girl, but instead of the girl it is my late mother and she is waving and smiling and I hear a kiss planting on my cheeks.
    That was lovely and a complete surprise.
    Finally, whilst awake just thinking of getting up, eyes closed I could see a lovely purple/ red colour,this lasted about 6-7 seconds.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    This morning really excited.
    Started with me thinking how I could master this silencing the mind thing when I decided to get up to the bathroom.As I got up I "thought" Take notice of any trips. Well just yesterday I was invited to a meditation weekend held by Buddhist monks,so wondered if this was what the comment had meant.
    In bed dozing and woke up to remembering short dream of group of people being filmed by someone and they all disperse except this one girl being filmed. She says Oh it's my turn , come. With me and I'll show you something.I woke up and was wondering about this when I felt lighter and lighter and felt myself floating above body.was travelling up and backwards this time,I had no vision so tried to open my eyes but think it they were my physical eyes and felt my self being pulled gently back to body so tightly kept eyes closed and decided to just look deeply into the brow area.
    An eye appeared. A single eye that seemed to be at the end of a long tunnel,it was a human eye and it blinked and just looked at me.
    This was fabulous because I knew it wasn't a symbol that flashes up as it was moving and stayed for about 20 seconds or more.
    I think I've needed this due to my concern recently over what is real and what isn't . FAB.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    I'm getting my picture show.
    It happened again this am .Awake but lovely and warm relaxed and cozy when I felt an energy tingle in my abdomen.
    Wondering why I tried to relax even more and within 20 seconds I am floating above my body.My physical eyes were closed but could see a glimps through a crack and I was above my bedroom ceiling light and on the other side of it.
    Decided to look deeply into eyelids and I saw a young boy about 11 years old with wearing a big silver white curly wig very high and to the shoulders. He was wearing a red jacket,it looked velvet and had a high colour.This didn't look like a portrait but like a real person.
    I think I'm being shown one of my past lives as I have many times sent out requests to learn as much as possible about my past lives, everything about me.
    This confirms to me that most of what seemed possible imagination was a message for me,
    : The fish and song "take you to the picture show". Posted above.

    : The monkey and the man telling me to take him to his room for pictures at 8.00, then the aborted OBE at 7.55am. Posted above.
    Need to point out that this wasn't like a portrait on a white background that I've seen before of a man in period costume.
    Yesterday and today both had me leave body and viewed as if looking down a long tunnel , and what I was looking at looked real, not a picture.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Another short OBE this morning which I know was a message.
    Early am did some energy work and just relaxed when felt myself gently raising above body,no noise, no vibrations,similar to the last two.Rose up and to the right ,could not see the bedroom and then very quickly seemed to speed upwards slightly going to the right but felt very high. I could now see what seemed to be stars and I thought I was in amongst them when I realised they weren't real and appeared to be made of wire.
    I look down and realise I'm ceiling height in a very tall grande room filled with tables and women. I landed on the floor but don't think anyone could see me as no-one looked at me and I didn't feel I had a body. the women were beautifully dresses and very attractive and I felt I knew them( I don't) . This was a works evening function when a woman I took to be the boss entered and seemed to notice me and beckoned me over to where she was pouring punch from a bowl on the buffet table.
    She tells me that " she" (looking over at someone else) has done really well because she didn't let anything get in her way. She didn't let children stop her success AND she didn't let fear get in the way.
    At this point I'm immediately back in body and awake and I knew what it meant.
    Only about 30 mins previously before the OBE I had been pondering over a thread I had read on this site which got me wondering if maybe by trying to open up more to the spirit side I could be letting myself in for a few scares as I spend a lot of evenings on my own whilst hubby is working, just what if I attract more than I want whilst awake and alone???
    I know I wouldn't let it stop me but the thought still crossed my mind.
    I feel sure this was my HS or other reminding me that fear and negativity has to be overcome.
    That's me told very quickly after the thought.
    A note- the last 3 events have involved consciously leaving body with no vibrations and no astral noise and no feeling of having a body.I'm hoping this could be a start to me being awake and aware of events instead of relying on vivid memory's.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Well it didn't last long. back to a dream but it has left me feeling so sad all day.
    Went to bed last night feeling fine , woke up at feeling fine with no memory of dream,did a little energy work on feet but decided to just silence the mind and see what happens.Fell asleep and woke up thinking I was crying and felt so so sad. Recalled dream straight away.
    Called into an office and standing by a table there is a small square packet on the table and it's for me. I know it's my final salary and I'm being made redundant.( not possible,self-employed) I didn't want this to happen, I was devastated. I picked up the package and underneath was a small square old fashioned looking photo in black and white.
    It was a battlefield with a strange looking carriage. In it were 3 people sitting upright in it but they were dead. My attention went to a young man lying dead on the ground and I remember in the dream saying "oh no...oh no....but the sadness I was feeling was for the family who would be told the news.I started to cry. ( in the dream) Their clothes were strange.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Just want to add that they had strange looking pointed hats on.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    A couple of weeks ago I woke up to something I didn't understand so didn't post. In the dream I was leaving ,walking down a corridor to come back to physical to wake up and I had 2 doors to walk through to go down a long corridor. Before I got to the doors someone walked through , past me and took a seat.( many seats were lined up like on a plane)
    I felt I knew her as one of my elderly ladies who had died about 3 months ago .I doubled back towards her because I wondered if she was being looked after in the after life and if I could help her. I realised I didn't have time for this so decided to leave where I thought I heard the words "we'll done"
    Now the reason I didn't post this was because I couldn't understand how I thought this person was her.
    She resembled a human but her head was dark and miserable looking .no characteristics resembling her but someone who you would just want to leave alone. I've pondered over this and wonder if this is how she was perceived by me in the spirit world.
    In the physical world she was miserable to people kept herself to herself and always looked on the negative side of things.On the other hand she had kindness but didn't like it to be known.That twinkle in the eye from her was very rare. Was I perceiving her as people thought of her in reality. If so , I have to add I did give her a kiss the last time I saw her as she lay in bed . There was a part of her she didn't want to be shown. Don't know of those mysteries.

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    Re: Nursing babies

    Woke up this morning just prior to re-entering my body and was turning and turning being surrounded by thousands of flies and yellow insects and I'm saying "No, nothing in the spirit world can harm me".I felt triumphant as if I had overcome an issue I had a few days ago that up till then hadn't really surfaced much .Smooth entry back into body, In fact felt bit like plates of jelly being dumped over me.
    Recalled dream immediately and I know this was me sorting myself out.
    I,m standing in my kitchen with my sister and she's pointing to the ceiling where beautiful colours were forming.I took this to be astral so concentrated very hard and slowly lifted off the ground towards the colours shouting " look if you concentrate hard enough you can get there." Next thing someone brings me a tiny new born pig but its only about 4 inches in length and has a long snout and she asks me if I want to hold it where upon I ask her if it will bite me and she replies "Yes" so I draw away. " Drat, stupid I've failed nothing can harm me here stupid, nothing." The flies appeared next which is why I felt so triumphant.
    I feel sure I'm working out that I have to have an intention clear in my mind prior to sleep and to focus strongly on that,also the scare issue.
    ( I'm quite surprised how clear the little pig looked, I could see every detail of its head ,trotters and even little folds in it 's skin underneath)
    Well hopefully that issue is sorted and I can move forward again.

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