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Thread: Meditation standing?

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    Dais Guest

    Meditation standing?

    Dose anyone know of a good standing medative pose.
    I have been standing as straight as possiable and keep my feet like a foot in distance apart and put my hands and arms eather crossed behind my back or in a prayer kind of form behind my back.
    But this gets tireing after a while. So dose any one know of any others.
    I have also just tried standing and constantly trying to raise my crown along with straitening my spine as much as possiable.

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    Apex Guest
    I don't, and don't think it would be productive. A certain percentage of your awareness is committed to balance, when it could be used more productively.

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    Dais Guest
    I like to meditat in a number of positions but i usally just sit in a reciler chair I also understand the need for balence.
    But sometimes I just like to stand

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    Apex Guest
    It certainly isn't practiced too much, so it could be a good thing to explore if it's your calling.

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    walking in meditative trance is a way to learn this discipline . It seems to be a lot easier to achieve a Zen trance while walking . A mate of mine does this nightly while walking the dogs . He chooses a time when he might be alone on the park path and feel safe enough to do this because it is a good neighbourhood with little crime and he has two dogs with him . Then they lead him around this lake path through the park . Sounds bizzarre to me but he enjoys it and it helps him to connect and switch on . When he gets home he sits in the trance . He feels that he is raising more energy this way and finds it a lot easier to project . Robert Bruce writes about the discipline necessary to walk in trance and suggests it as a method . I find standing still in a circle eyes closed holding hands with the group is very powerful but the body does fatigue and this is not sustained as long as sitting in a comfortable arm chair . I feel standing or walking in meditation is an exercise though which has its merits to develop control .
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Air3 Guest
    I think meditative positions can depend on the type of mediation or the goal of the meditation, but there are no rules. This is certainly the case in my experience.

    If I am intending to ground/earth myself I find that standing is the most effective position for me - as my feet are connected to the floor ('earth') and my body is straight and uncrossed. During this type of meditation I use any discomfort in my feet for example, as feedback that I am feeling a connection to the earth - so it can work for you. It depends how long you're standing for really. And the deeper you go into the meditation/trance you feel less discomfort.
    For centering meditations I like to sit cross legged as I find this most effective, whereas in most cases when I meditate I find it easiest just to lie straight down on the floor.

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