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Thread: Changing one major event in the past?

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    Changing one major event in the past?

    Dear Robert,

    My belief system has fallen apart due to a traumatic event and since then I have regular APs although not controlled.

    I intend to change a high impact single / concrete event in my past and it would have a positive influence on several persons involved. My understanding is that an option could be to move to a parallel reality.

    I would be grateful to hear your opinion about whether it could be useful to involve others (ie to agree on the change and the technique used) or it might be more contra-productive because potentially their subconscious would want to block it?

    I had a precognitive experience before the event and now I believe that I tried to warn myself but was not able to come through with the message.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Changing one major event in the past?

    This kind of thing is best done alone, without telling anyone else. The disbelief of other people can create serious barriers.

    It is good for ones belief system to fall apart occasionally. It results in growth.


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