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Thread: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

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    Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    Akasha is the 5th element the one from which all 4 tattwas /Hermetic elements are derived; air, fire, water, earth. Akasha is composed of all four primary elements being half moon and 1/8 fire 1/8 earth, 1/8 water and 1/8 air. From akasha all may be manifested.

    Akasha is silver in colour, it feels cool in temperature but easily warmed, it is shiny and bright in light like the periodic table element mercury and looks very similar. It is light in weight, it is wet like all moon elements but not saturated like basal water. Akasha is female in nature. It is the Moon and the mother of the elements.

    Akasha is the reciprocal of golden Sun energy which has been called Amoris or love, that is the 6th element. Akasha is peaceful, manifestation energy. It is reflective and hides like a 2 way mirror. It is protective and shields , it is difficult for negative energies to permeate it.

    Vedic texts indicate that all energies can be felt, seen , heard, smelt and tasted.Negative demonic energy , for example, smells like rotten eggs, cat urine, maggoted meat et cetera. Sulphur is commonly smelt when demons arrive. Avatars and angels smell of flowers and fruit or spices like saffron or olive oil. But I have not smelt akasha, often. On occasion it smells like a freshly opened metal adhesive tab or cold aluminum foil that has wrapped something sweet. It can take on the fragrance of all things but has a cold metal flavour which is fresh and crisp and sweet.

    Nadi means river. It is a Vedic or sacred Hindu text term for the subtle energy tubes or pipes that ascend from the perineum to the crown through the physical body. The ancient Vedantic texts recorded by mystics on the Indus Penisula state that there are innumerable nadis but only 3 principle nadis always present at birth. The 14 principle nadis are named in Vedic texts and these appear in a predictable continuum;

    Principle Nadis occuring on each human from birth;
    NADI stone nature colour element sphinx projected treasure tan tien source
    1. Sushumna sun father yellow fire lion Higher Self shen upper MoonStone
    2. Ida moon mother blue water eagle Guardian Angel qi/chi middle SunStone
    3. Pingala earth son pink earth bull Guardian Demon xie supernal HeavenStone

    The completion of the Tetrapolar set;the sought after princess;
    4. Gandhari wind daughter green air angel HS/GA jing/ching lower EarthStone

    The attainment of the 5th element, completion of Opus Minus, Little Work of the Moon;
    5. Hastajihva -noble queen silver akasha silver sphinx lunar angel ? ? ?

    Secondary elemental Nadis
    The attainment of the 6th element, completion of Magnum Opus, Great Work of the Sun
    6. Kuhu - noble king golden amoris golden sphinx solar angel golden
    7. Saraswati- noble princess purple hermaphrodite "River Goddess"; the alpha and omega
    8. Pusha - serpent amber fire tail Lower Self ? ? ?
    9. Sankhini -aqua
    10. Payasvini-rose
    Tertiary elemental Nadis
    11. Varuni
    12. Alambusha
    13. Vishvodhara
    14. Yasasvin

    Each represents a unique elemental colour and nature. The nadis can be felt and seen clairvoyantly and their perceived colour and nature has been recorded since ancient times. All agree that the;

    Right channel nadi;fire , day, father, God, hot, bright,dry, light, ascending, envigorating sun.
    And generally there is agreement that this is pale white becoming yellow with maturity and the

    Left channel nadi: water,night,mother,Goddess,cold,dark,wet, heavy, descending, pacifying moon in exact reciprocal nature to the sun. Most find it white but it becomes pastel blue and then platinum blue in colour. The thicker main channel is Sushumna;

    central front channel nadi is earth,son,avatar prince,warm, dark,damp,heavy,grounding earth
    in exact reciprocal nature to the winds. Most agree that this is pink or a shade of red.

    central rear channel nadi is air, daughter,princess, cool, bright, moist, light, lifting air.

    There are 4 primary elements but only 3 principle nadis. Gandahari is the long awaited and sought after princess without which the magickian can not raise kundalini or project from the body at will or produce Jing its noble treasure or produce the subsequent and higher vibration akasha.

    The nadis are tiny rivers of energy flow that appear clairvoyantly like thin coloured wires. The outer colour of the wire is the same as the colour of the elemental energy carried within it. The nadis are clustered in a bundle called a kanda/candle at the perineum ascending vertically to the crown. These rivers flow from the source branching out into the limbs like a tree looking like the nerves or veins in the human physical body. All humans have at least red earth and blue water nadis running through the arm but yellow sun comes later and green is the last to develop in the tetrapolar set.

    The network of nadis is so complex and sophisticated in the trunk that it is difficult to distinguish clairvoyantly, there. But it is much simpler to look clairvoyantly down the shoulder or up the wrist and one will see a neat round bundle of coloured lines of energy. This pattern of which elemental nadi emerges next is predictable in its development and will occur on each individual in the same manner irregardless of their paradigm or lack thereof.

    However, there will be differences in the volume , width and ability to express or imbibe each element as influenced by paradigm, use, flow and experience. For example one would expect that a Reiki healer would have highly developed energy centres in the arms and palms and that is true. Martial Artists typically have highly developed energy centres in the belly. Mystics have highly developed energy centres in the head.

    The nadi of Akasha is developed , after the development of Gandahari, the sought after princess. Akasha cannot be attained until that nadi develops in the perineum and ascends the spinal Tree of Life.

    All nadis are either developed at birth or can be manifested afterwards. Those who have ascended their vibration sufficiently are able to upload the vibration and subsequent subtle body structures attained in past lives, to subsequent lives. So some are born with akasha.

    In an energy body reading the mark of the completion of the Little Work of the Moon is the appearance of silver on the energy body;
    *Silver akasha will occur around the energy body heart and may appear like a kundalini serpent wrapped around it or as a silver winged flame
    *a silver nadi will run down the length of the arms from shoulder to wrists.
    *a silver right thumb will manifest on the magickian at first it is a dull lead gray, subsequent pathworking makes it bright silver.
    *silver moon tiny energy centres will begin to satellite important energy centres like the third eye
    *silver boots will replace lead boots on the magickian's body
    *inside the head a silver dome will manifest through which the magickian can project to the Akashic Records at will and to the Higher Planes of Shamballah
    *a silver sphinx angel will appear as HigherSelf/GuardianAngel typically with 4 heads and 4 pairs of upper and lower limbs.

    It is said that the mark of the magickian is to display the hermetic colours all the way up to the tip of their fingers in nested layers. This does not occur often. Typically the akashic nadi is dormant or has manifested in the energy centres of the head but not in the phalanges or in the bundles in the limbs which are of course a precursor to that. Inside the limbs a tetrapolar flow can be clairvoyantly seen like 4 coloured wires running through a tube. Akasha is the 5th colour followed by gold at the completion of the Great Work.

    The perineum is the principle gate for energy to enter the human energy body which is like a glove inside the physical body and outside of the physical body in nested layers like Matruska dolls. The gate at the perineum is called the Throne of God and it is here that Kundalini first enters the body to ascend like a firey serpent up the spinal Tree of Life. Another primary gate at the scalp is called the Crown of the Goddess and in time Kundalini will descend through this gate down the back in cold sheets of akashic rain. A secondary gate will manifest on the front of the chest. These gates begin as small holes and expand into an flat plate like energy structure spoked like a wheel. Further gates appear on the spinal energy centres always manifesting on the front of the body, first. Then at the back and then on either flank or side. There will be four gates on each stone.

    Stones are the spheroid energy centre storage areas of the body which include but are not limited to the following subtle energy structures; two vertical chakras aligned upon the spine, a nebulous cloud between the two chakras which in time will becomes a third chakra at the core, and a lower tube connecting the base of the stone to the core called a tan tien in Taoist Alchemy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. An upper tube will manifest , after further development. Gates will appear first on the front of the physical body at the centre or core. There is an os or hole at the base and summit of each stone. Each stone yields a subtle body projected aspect of the magickian which when ripened will project at will from the centre of the stone. This projection is a function of the manifestation of a noble element which is cultivated by the nebulous cloud or core at the centre and the energy in the tan tien.

    The tan tien is another sheath of a primary flow which is called the River of Enlightenment at the front of the spine and the River of Death at the rear of the Spine. The River of Enlightenment ascends from perineum to crown. The River of Death descends from crown to perineum. The flow between these two rivers becomes a closed loop like circuit conducting electricity on a path when the magickian is tuned in or switched on.

    This is the archetypical ouroboros which is the serpent of kundalini with its tail in its mouth having no beginning and no end. When alpha meets omega then all realms are open to the magickian and there is no abyss. The abyss is the gap ever widening as the energy body lengthens and widens but also ever narrowing in the effort it takes to bridge it . The abyss represents the gap between the magickian and Godhead. It is like the synapse between two neuron ends approaching the gap flings the consciousness to the other side usually. Upon the first trial there may be descension through the downward spiral but this ascends again euphorically.

    When the magickian is tuned out or grounded that path is open or linear and parallel in flow. When the path is closed a spiraling flow will also occur in a double helix like DNA this energy will flow upwards from the front of the spine spiraling to the top of that magickian's Tree of Life and then fall in a spiraling motion returning behind the spine.

    When the magickian is in trance this remains in slow undulating perpetual motion. And for this time, the magickian can be at onement termed variously; at Kether , attaining Samadhi, in unio mystica et cetera. Aleister Crowley says that a black cube is found at the base of the abyss. This is correct but incomplete. There is a a pair of cubic revolving energy structures like a hypercube which is silver, white , gold and black. When closed the silver moon and golden sun are locked together like polar ends of a magnet as are the black night and white day. But when open the silver meets white and gold meets black repelling each other as like ends of a magnet do. The body will try to do this intuitively and the more time spent in meditation the easier this becomes until you are writing the program instead of observing it passively.

    All development including the manifestation of Akasha occurs along a predictable continuum.Begin with daily prayer ,meditation and energy work or in the absence of prayer ;daily righteous contemplation ,meditation and energy work.
    These are fundamental;

    NEW by Robert Bruce facilitates the awareness of energy and the ability to move it at will.
    Energy Work by Robert Bruce gives other valuable hints about the effective use of the Human Energy Body.

    Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon teaches the nature of the Hermetic elements and their use and how to draw in , raise and express specific Hermetic energies. It is recommended by Robert Bruce who gifted me my first copy.

    Astral Dynamics, now on Kindle,
    and MAP teach Astral Projection. The link is broken to Glidewing perhaps CFT can provide a current link to MAP ??

    Metaphysical forum peers will teach astral projection methodologies, also . I like AD,and
    Franz Bardon Forum and my own little RoE. Some other forums are caustic but you will find niceness rules at these three.

    Here are some of my own methods;

    Alice Bailey, Dr. Joshua David Stone, Madame Helena Blavatsky et al have written tomes on Initiatic Magick;
    Here is a synopsis;

    Intuitive alchemists will contrive akasha without a deeper understanding of the Pathworking of the Ascension Alchemist but researching these texts is valuable and will broaden one's understanding of the Tree of Life.

    Study some Kabballah the entire Zohar is online for free now;
    Browse the image gallery at Alchemy Web and note the steps of Hermetic Alchemy as best depicted in the art there.
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    If you are keen, read the Corpus Hermeticum and strive to understand the Emerald Tablet.
    Some believe that the Abramelin Operation must be performed, I disagree. It is counterproductive and evokes negative energies;
    The evocation of demons is risky and useless. Instead heal the inner demons in the Lower Self and Guardian Demon. Instead of evoking demons the magickian should ;
    1. have knowledge and communication with the Higher Self by projecting from the sunStone or chest about one metre in meditative trance in dim light in sacred chamber.
    2. project from the small of the back as the Lower Self from the StarStone and communicate as above projecting in sacred space in dim light in trance about one metre from the body turning and communicating with this aspect of self.
    3. Transmute the Lower Self with loving healing energy, or heal it by joining it to the Higher Self or heal it by giving it unconditional love from the Father and Mother within;the father stone is the rose coloured centre at the rear hips the mother stone is the aqua coloured centre at the rear shoulders.
    4. Project as the GA from the MoonStone as above
    5. Unite the HS to the GA by walking the two projections into each other. This is the completion of the Little Work
    6. Project as the GD and communicate as above.
    7. Transmute and heal the GD by walking into the united HigherSelf/GuardianAngel
    When the Great Work is completed the body will turn golden for a time. A mantle of Gold appears on the shoulders of those who have done this in past lives. The left thumb turns pyrite and eventually true gold. As the Akashic works; the Solar Angel is a golden multi head and multi limbed sphinx. Before this stage the body will morph as a golden dragon, golden lion and simple golden Solar Angel too. The lessons take the magickian to the Golden Chamber of Melchiezedek for initiation and to the Golden Realms of the Museums in Shamballah and the Elohim Realms. One can attain Kether and one can cross the abyss at will to do so. One will be clairvoyant and also able to feel, see, hear, call and fly. But the path continues; it is infinite and eternal.
    These are rewarding and emancipate Kundalini and greater Siddhi powers but without these works gold can be manifested at a lower level and that may be sufficient for your continued works.

    The raison d'etre or reason to be which is to become in the image of the creator the Elohim. This is done through the gradual ascension of the vibration of the human energy body. Increased vibration creates increased Siddhi powers;

    Qi affords healing;the treasure of the Higher Self in the SunStone
    Shen affords clairvoyance; the treasure of the Guardian Angel in the MoonStone
    Jing affords astral projection; the treasure of the transmuted Guardian Demon in the EarthStone
    Xie affords manifestation; the treasure of the HS/GA in the supernal HeavenStone

    Fostering a Sacred Chamber will afford a place heaped with energy which will facilitate; meditation, projection from the body, mystic visions, healing of self and others, protection, exorcism, shamynic service, evocation, et cetera.
    Adopt a comfortable effective asana
    Learn to breathe to control energy;
    Manifesting a pillar;

    Ascension occurs through the use and flow of energy centres , healing especially QiGong, energy practices such as Taoist Microcosmic Orbit,and Raising the Dragon;

    Kundalini Attunements, Yogic Attunements such as Shaktipat, [ Ask TOM at AD and at RoE ], dreamstate lessons which will become more lucid during pathworking, attunements from mahatma who appear to the meditation devotee, initiations which occur in the Higher Planes of Shamballah.

    Kundalini Yoga will teach how to employ breath, visualisation and muscle locks to move energy through the spinal energy centres which is our Tree of Life and to bring the energy from the sun to the brow centre third eye. Clairvoyant awakening is a goal of Kundalini Yoga and a mark of completion of the Great Work of the Sun;

    But Shen will not be developed before Akasha. Shen is the noble treasure of the upper female tan tien in the MoonStone or head. It is a reciprocal energy of the silver dome which will line the watery moon centres of the head with akasha.

    shen : hot dry light bright electric golden male fire sun energy
    akashic dome : cold wet heavy dark magnetic silver female water moon energy
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    Wow, thank you. This should keep me reading for a while.

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    I second that. Gotta keep it in mind when I get to that stage.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    A member asked me in PM how to manifest Akasha. I thought it was too detailed a process to not share on the boards with others.

    The short answer is many have already attained that vibration without conscious work on their part in this life. This is possible through kundalini attunements, initiations and works in past lives carried over into this life.

    And those that do not have Akasha in their arms probably already have the nadi for Akasha and can easily do Energy Work and pull this flame through the human energy body it is like nourishing a plant by removing weeds , adding nutrients and watering it and giving it sunlight and a bigger pot with drainage. The cultivation we need to manifest Akasha is ;
    removing weeds = remove blockages; with pilates, yoga, good karma, gentle daily energy work
    adding nutrients =draw fresh prana down through the spine from above through the crown
    watering = draw water up through the roots from feet to crown
    sunlight = draw energy in through the heart
    bigger pot = expand the energy body through daily meditation

    So what is the purpose for the ordeal of the Opus Minus and the Magnum Opus. The answer is veiled in the Hermetic Sphinx and the principle archangels of Christ. Christ teaches in Gnostic apocrypha and in dreamstate lessons and in meditative visions and in projections to Shamballah. He teaches that he is the principle archangels and that these are him in earlier incarnations. He is also Samael et al;
    Matthew~Human (Angel) Air Noscere To Know
    (imho; magick sound to hear , Emerald, Ascension, Guardian Angel, Heavens)
    Mark~Lion Fire Audare To Dare
    (imho; (magick light to see Topaz Dominion over Descension; Lower Self, Hels)
    Luke~Bull/Ox Earth Velle To Will
    (imho;magick power to transmute Ruby~ Guardian Demon, Totemic/ RTZ)
    John~Eagle Water Tacere To Hold onto (wisdom without words as in visions)
    (imho;magick flow to feel & heal Sapphire~Higher Self, Higher Planes, Shamballah)

    Ire was added by the infamous Uncle ALeister Crowley however it is truth, still. The 5th is akasha and the 5th word of the Motto of the Sphinx is To Go; to fly as one's angel in projection;

    Christ~Angel "Ire" To Go The human becomes their angel at the completion of the Great Work and is able to feel clairsentiently, see clairvoyantly , hear somewhat clairaudiently, evoke without sigil or device, and fly in projection in dreamstate lessons to work in service of the children of Earth as an apprentice angel. The magickian becomes their guardian angel and with further works ascends their consciousness to unite with a higher angelic form. The path is infinite and eternal.
    Last edited by Aunt Clair; 27th May 2013 at 04:04 AM.
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    Did Tom give you shaktipat Aunt Clair?

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    Yes. Tom regularly offered Shaktipat to a number of us in online circle, in the past. He is very powerful at sending energy although he is humble. A few of us met online and projected to his home and the energy was so high there that we were able to see very well. One of us, 'lonewolf', saw the colour of furniture. I see heat, light , shapes but colours of cloth are very hard for me to see. I see colours of energy and can usually tell where there is a window or door. Anyway Tom is a kind soul and very willing to help others.
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus


    I am thankful that Robert Bruce has maintained his forum for many reasons for all of us. Today, I was googling to find a lesson on Hermetic Alchemy to promote angelic ascension.

    I found this thread.

    I see that I was incomplete and inexact.

    No discussion of Akasha can occur without considering minor and major or lesser and greater Akasha.

    Purple is the colour of minor Akasha which occurs early on and might be considered already risen in the newborns of this world as our planet slowly spiritually evolves.

    Just as humanity in a pre WWII birth was pervasively dichotomised as male red earth and female blue water and largely incapable of the teeniest flame of fire without concerted effort.We were like proto-cave dwellers unable to fathom how or why we might cultivate fire.Scavengers and hunters not domesticating flora or fauna yet,perhaps 70,000 years ago.

    But we evolved.

    Now most children are born much less dichotomous much more androgenous and certaninly beyond red and blue people.

    Some are born already with silver and gold and aware they have cultivated this from past soul ascensions.

    And those are still few. There have been angels walking amonst us since we dwelt in the cradle of Africa.
    As humanity slowly evolves ,there are more and more aware of the importance of cultivating angelic consciousness and lifting self up by serving the all; with love and compassion ; to inspire, heal, forgive, teach, learn, protect and share.

    The minor or lesser akasha is purple this alchemical marriage of red and blue. From the minor or lesser akasha truly all things flow to become tetrapolar and beyond this to manifest the moon and the sun.

    Purple is cool, calming, awakening, opening of the dreamer and wondrous. Purple is the alpha and omega before and after each stage .Purple is the retreat ,the sanctuary to which the energy body returns to a state of rest before further works begin in awe and wonder reflecting upon the beauty and marvellous complexity of the human soul, spirit and consciousness.

    Due to the international pandemic we should take care of each other spiritually for the wellbeing of each other to move forward and get past this global soft war.

    Take Care.
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    So nice to see you pass by Aunt Clair.
    It’s been a while and you have so much knowledge I hope you will share much more.
    Stay safe.
    For ever I'll remember.
    Dreams are the doorways to the heavens.
    Look into your eyes and I see mine.
    She is part of your deepest thoughts.
    The destination is not the importance, but the journey. What we do here leads us to our destination.
    ( my soul. )

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    Re: Manifesting Akasha and Gold; the Opus Minus and Magnum Opus

    The moon receiving the sun births love so innocent and wild.

    "I know to forgive my friends, for that friends are forever in awe of God."

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