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Thread: My Dream Journal

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    My Dream Journal

    I am in a pub with strange girls around me. My husbands very attractive ex wife comes in and tells OH she sold a jacket and it had his wedding ring in it. He goes off to talk to her he starts giving her money and then disappears with her. I am upset I try looking for them. I get in a car I drive to my old parents home I see my dad but I don't engage. Now I am peeing on the toilet in a house I think is mine, my girls are small female friends turn up, I don't like what I am wearing.

    I don't feel good about myself I feel dowdy with no confidence. I see a old friend I went into a home and I see her mother babs full of life (she has passed I missed the funeral) I cuddle babs and say good bye. Went to my friend and cuddle her and say that she is going to be okay.

    I am out in the garden in the mud with a dog and my brother. My pupils are like pure white light and I am worried I will scare my brother. My washing m/c floods the floor and the garments are still dirty. This happened twice in reality!!!

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    Re: My Dream Journal

    Had a strange dream I was in a place of work l can't remember know something to do with the Thames looking out over the Thames. I remember going out onto the street and a Japanese girl lent me a dungarees type dress it was green striped and I was saying I prefere wearing it down and that I would give it back to her or she could have it back now, I felt really nice and chilled, a black man about 50 ish came out of a shop and was showing me his flyer with his music on, he was a nice man but I was not overly interested. I have a theme of black men this age slightly scruffy appearing in my dreams and I don't ask any questions. I am thinking this is my guide but I am not paying him enough attention.

    I am standing with a man and a boy falls off a cart and I say to him is this your son. As I turn to look at him his face switches from a demon back to human in a split second, I scream and Hubby wakes me. (think its a series I am watching was watching)

    Outside my old parents house ( I go there often) lots of traffic an Indian man on a gigantic horse. Whipping it making it goes so fast I was scared for the horse and the people in the cars. Horse as big as two houses. My mother is worn out I leave I pass some bushes where cats are crying giving birth.

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    Re: My Dream Journal

    Last night me and Hubby was in a pool, everything was dark including the water. We had to kill some fish which we did, then we knew the next one was a shark, we both went into survival mode, as it come up I grabbed it eyeball and pulled it out. The boat we was on was sinking so OH flipped it so I ended up on the bank, he killed the shark. Then he went to ask the lady what we had to do next, there was one fish left, he came out and never told me what we had to do as he jumped down his leg caught the railings and I shouted ambulance. (OH woke me up). While he was talking to the lady finding out what we had to do a segment of the pool lit up and a white stingray was swimming around I was hoping we did not have to kill it.

    Dream before this was back in my old house I spent 11 yrs raising my girls in alone, and I stole one of the rare beautiful kittens from next door. It was not long before I realised I could not hide it anywhere as she would find it. I was sorry that I stole it but it was so beautiful. Outside the house we heard crying and went to find two babies dug into the earth (this was Hannibal program burying people in the earth) I took one baby and a friend took the other. I loved this baby, I was enjoying giving it so much love.

    Previous dream was I had My daughter as a baby in my arms, she was around two years maybe younger and I knew she was know older in the dream but I was enjoying her being a baby and the love I was feeling was so nice. We played together and laughed it was a lovely dream.

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    Re: My Dream Journal

    Are you going to share your dreams on this thread? Have you seen 3 dreams in one night?

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    Re: My Dream Journal

    Sorry Roman67, I only just saw your message. Yes I do intend to record my dreams here unless I am I the wrong place? I do have lots of dreams per night it's just a case of what I remember about each of them.


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    Re: My Dream Journal

    This is the second dream in the last few weeks where I have raged at my father who was sexually abusing. I find myself feeling vulnerable and my fathers there, he touches my breast and I scream and push him. I feel so much rage and repulsion. I run away from him and he tries to catch me. I come to a pub on the corner and I tell my friends and family what he has been doing for years. I go home to collect my things and find a cockroach in my cupboard and I ask this strange man if he could kill it. I hear it scream and I make him stop. When I look it's a bird, I decide that it won't die that I will keep it and although it struggles I nurture it and eventually place it on my shoulder and it becomes my friend.

    I am out on the streets now and no one can take me in, not my brother or sister and my mum can't help either. I feel so alone, I have a friend but she does not want me at her place and I know that she will be horrible to me. I go to the swimming baths and I am bruised and have deep lacerations all over my legs. A woman there says she will massage me but when she puts the cream on my legs it stings and they all look at me strangely. I leave, I realise I have nothing and I am still racking my brains on where I can go when I wake up.

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    Re: My Dream Journal

    Quote Originally Posted by Eyeswideopen View Post
    Sorry Roman67, I only just saw your message. Yes I do intend to record my dreams here unless I am I the wrong place? I do have lots of dreams per night it's just a case of what I remember about each of them.

    He wrote this because we have a 'Journals' subforum. However, you can leave it here if you like, it's up to you.)
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