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Thread: Strange feeling in bed.

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    Strange feeling in bed.

    I was laying in bed the other night on my back falling asleep. Whenever I am doing this I count the seconds as my clock ticks... this helps me to be aware longer while my body falls asleep.

    Anyways, I was doing this and suddenly I felt as if my chest and head were being pulled upward by a large magnet. I knew that I wasn't asleep as I could still open my eyes and move my body around, so it wasn't an OBE. As I lay still, the feeling spread to my arms and legs, but felt most strong in my 7 main chakras... mostly in my chest and neck. I lay, feeling this for quite some time before I realized that I was WIDE awake. I tried to get to sleep but I just wasn't tired. I laid around in bed for a good while before I managed to get to sleep at last.

    This has never happened to me before. What was that?

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    OBE exit sensations that you stopped by moving your body and opening your eyes. Have you read the tutorials? Those will answer a lot of your questions. Good progress!

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    I agree with Patty. I do think they were either exit sensations or reentry sensations. Some people do project while awake, although not most people. This indicates to me that you are very talented.
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