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Thread: Reality Shift and Mental Disorder

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    Reality Shift and Mental Disorder

    Dear Sir...

    A young lady, friend of mine (only contacted through chat) experiences something like uncontrollable Reality Shifts, and she's sometimes about going nuts, done environmental (buildings and infrastructure) and behavioural (human social attitudes mainly) changes. This young lady was, too, member of astraldynamics forums, nicknamed [Removed for anonymity protection]

    Just two thoughts/questions...

    (1) ...¿ Can control action over position of human Assemblage Point be exerted by evil entities leading to Mental Disorder?

    (2) ...¿Can expanded awareness and capabilities through use of NEW techniques lead to development of a personality that attracts negs (inorganic lifeforms) being such Reality Shifts (perhaps negs driven) an unwanted although relatively unfrequent sequel?

    My best regards...
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