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Thread: New to this forum :)

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    New to this forum :)

    Hi! I came across this forum merely by chance.
    Short intro... Only recently clued into "astral projection" that I was doing... Since I was 7. My experiences have been revolving around the same "place" so to speak. I'll be writing about it as a "diary" here soon

    Other than that, for my "family life", I am 4 months pregnant, own a kitten, a rescue dog, and a bearded dragon (along with a few fish tanks). We moved recently, to a place we own - and to me there is nothing better than to own one's own home.

    I have found quite a few things on here quite an interesting read - and I hope to be an active member of this forum.

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    Re: New to this forum :)

    Welcome to the forums, Wanderer.
    Please be careful when handling the Bearded Dragon- I understand most reptiles carry Salmonella and you're pregnant... and let your partner scoop the kitty litter.
    Just being overprotective... welcome again.
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    Re: New to this forum :)

    LOl don't worry, I asked quite a few people (from breeders, to hobbyists and owners). Basically, do what I always do... Wash hands before and after. Now in the third trimester, I cannot clean his cage (most salmonella is through saliva, and fecal matter), so my spouse will have to do the nasty work I also don't do cat litter currently :p thanks for the concern lol.

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    Re: New to this forum :)

    welcome Wanderer.
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