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Thread: What would you do if you had cancer?

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    Re: What would you do if you had cancer?

    Quote Originally Posted by javalinar View Post
    Curious what people on this forum would do if they had (or suspect they have) cancer, esp if any of the following describes you/your belief system:

    - you are not afraid to die, but maybe the pain/suffering and the dying process might bother you
    - the body has the natural ability to heal (along with many natural/alternative healing methods)
    - the mind has the ability to influence the outcome
    - not much faith in how western medicine treats cancer (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc)
    - everything happens for a reason, even diseases/illnesses
    - underlying all diseases/illnesses is spiritual forces at work (e.g. karma, reincarnation/lessons, spirit possession, self-induced, etc)
    - cancer screening could lead to overdiagnosis

    I'm guessing many people on this forum are on some kind of a spiritual journey/path to discover that we are more than our physical body. So the question is, if you had cancer, or you think you might have cancer, what would you do? Do you go to a doctor to get a diagnosis (knowing the cancer might just go away on its own)? What healing modality and treatment (if any) would you look into? Would you try to heal yourself or seek experts? There are so many different healing modalities and alternative treatments for cancer out there, it is so difficult to filter out the good from the bad.

    Also, please share any (if you know of any) promising cancer treatments/methods (with solid experience/science/research, not n = 1)
    Very valuable post, worth to quote (again).

    First of all, it is not "to have" (victim orientation), it is "to choose" an illness (winner orientation).
    So the question should be:
    what people on this forum would do if they chose cancer experience for their lives

    This also suggests the answer... read on.

    I'm not going to share any experience on something that I have not experienced myself, as requested. But I don't think it does matter. I also don't do any researches other than those which are practical to me in a direct way, nor I trust the scientific method in giving such practical clues in a reasonable amount of time, as it has been a mental design / framework for a different purpose. I may share only what I see from my childhood about an ill people.

    Every illness is an effect, not a cause. People constantly forget that. People on this forum as well.

    Human being is a multidimensional being, and the physical is the last dimension of the manifestation process. Illness must occur on non-physical level to manifest itself - there is no other alternative.

    Every illness has a certain pattern.

    Recognizing the pattern is your own, personal way to healing.

    It is particularly a mental pattern (more than any other pattern). Cancer is especially an explicit manifestation of mental patterns - patterns reflected in your thoughts-patterns, and then in personality. It's easier to see patterns in others than in selves.

    When I look at people with advanced cancer, I can see the very similar pattern about them. I can see a mental and emotional deeper "sorrow" - which may take a form of sadness, frustration, depression, big life disappointment (like betrayal), heaviness etc. From my view, cancer is a pattern of taking your youth-forces, energy and joy away from you.

    A strong emotional attachements are typical candidates for a mental cancer to happen. They reflect the patterns of our believes, which in turn create (manifest as) our energy patterns, which in turn manifest the physical body.

    A person who suffers from cancer first went through a personal "trauma" experience (clearly seen in his or her non-physical presence) - which is in fact something that "weakened" his or her fundmental believes: like a belief in others to always support him or her (and the disappointment could take a place in a form of a betrayal of a loved one - typical for women, from the parents, etc.), or being cheated in a life project (I believe that Steve Jobs could suffer from that). This is the pattern that has been challanged at some point of life (likely to happen in a time of a difficult astrological influences), the pattern that was very deeply rooted in the personality and personal believes - typically unconscious ones.

    These patterns handle the flow of life energies from your spirit. Cancer is simply a mental and spiritual factor that blocks the life energies coming, so that they stop to flow and not replenish the (normal) negative forces out from the body - the natural process that is present in a healthy body.

    This of course at the same time indicates the cure (healing): the opposite pattern. The pattern of healing is one of an honest lightness, joy, freedom, putting the thoughts into ligher and happy areas. IMHO cancer is a very mental illness, more than most of other illnesses (like flu).

    How to achieve that? First of all, don't force yourself to the opposite extreme; instead, allow natural healing, joyful process to emerge naturally by your firm and constant (re-)focus on the aspects of life that are of the qualities I mentioned - the opposite to the ones that disturbed the healthy pattern.

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    Re: What would you do if you had cancer?

    Quote Originally Posted by newfreedom View Post
    Mine's easy....... i'd follow the Body Electroniocs healing advice, since i already do / am in an energetic/ spiritual connections....

    in mine eye, N.H.S. conventional Healing failed my parents miserably.......... struggle, suffering, pain, no resolution.... NO HEALING occured only time given, with LESSER symptoms.......

    .....this is MY experience & i am aware it is not others........ gud luck to all others, i pray you get the Best there is, without suffering, trauma or un-necessary PAIN x~ x~x ~x
    This is interesting & humorous to a certain degree !

    i got my cancer diagnosis early this Jan. after having a mole removed that had grown 3 times it's original size over a period of a few months.

    N.H.S. care professionals diagnosed me with an 'at least' stage 2 malignant melanoma condition & following on from this i was then 'kindly offered' [strongly advised to take / have] more N.H. recommended services & treatments, which after some time of contemplation i later declined.

    Currently using Essiac, some supplements, diet changes [of which i need to get back on] & Wholesoulwork
    " the core of spirituality is to optimize your personal evolution" ~ Robert Bruce

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    Re: What would you do if you had cancer?

    Thats the view for me. I believe I manifested this health condition, creation took care of how it physically came about. Thats a niche view I imagine most people dont share in their own circumstances.

    Once I came to that conclusion, I took full responsibility and got on the front foot , cutting out toxic relationships, food, thought patterns etc.

    However, I have no proof of anything, only evidence of what I did to come back from Stage4 Lung

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    I'm not a believer of 'alternative' treatments. This is because they all treat cancer as if it was 'one' disease with 'one' cause- and neither of those is true. It is a group of diseases that have one thing in common- producing growth of abnormal cells. This is the same as saying that 'all' viruses are alike, and they can be defeated by 'one' thing.
    This is counterproductive, because it introduces the idea that you caused your disease- not in a metaphysical context, but in a physical, material, situational context, and this is the same as blaming someone for what happens to them. It does nothing for the disease, doesn't help the person going through it, and introduces the idea- counterproductive for someone who believes they create their reality- that somehow, they must 'deserve' it.
    I do believe a healthy body, or healthy practices helps your body fight off whatever is causing problems- but this is in a logical, matter of fact, cause-and-effect way.
    I take the supplements that I have researched for what my problem (in particular) is, and do not believe the sensationalistic pseudoscience (beware of lysenkoism) that is out there in the internet, designed for either clickbait or selling things that are cheap for more money than they are worth.

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    Re: What would you do if you had cancer?

    I think I did that some time ago and annoyed the Admins. Forums have their limits in sharing whatever it was.

    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyWoman View Post
    Post deleted so as to avoid conflict. Apologies for sharing my thoughts and my reality.

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    Re: What would you do if you had cancer?

    ariesr, could you share (if it's ok with you) what you did to come back from it?
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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