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Thread: Can one enter astral realm before leaving body?

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    Can one enter astral realm before leaving body?

    I have had episodes of sleep paralysis on and off over many years but just a couple months ago I started having vibrations at night out of the blue without me having any intention or interest in doing so. Fortunately I had already read that these were associated with OBE (which I never had any interest in) so now I have started studying about this so I know what I'm getting into.

    I have followed through with the vibrations only a few times because I'm not very confident yet and mostly I have had nonsensical visions preceded by sounds of chimes. One instance though felt different than a vision. I had very strong vibrations to the point where my teeth were nearly chattering and I made sure to feel strong feelings of love and I was thinking "high, high" (maybe worrying too much about encountering bad things) and then I was in the clouds and I saw what I deduced to be an angel. I tilted my head back and saw a huge light like the sun. The angel came closer to me and as it did I began to feel my legs start to levitate, like it was coming over to help me get out of my body. I said "i don't want to leave my body yet" and then it ended.

    I'm just curious how this could be - since I clearly had not left my body yet. Thanks.

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    Re: Can one enter astral realm before leaving body?

    If you focus on not meeting scary things, you will encourage this.

    And you need to realize that by and large, if you do see something weird or scary, that this is a test and you need to respond in the right way to pass the test. Generally, this involves realizing that this is an illusion and telling the scary thing to go away and then ignoring it.

    You may not intend to do this kind of thing, but your higher self may have other ideas.

    When you are in pre OBE exit state, you will become clairvoyant to some extent. You will also tend to shift in and out of the dream state, and astral states. When you get paralysis and the vibrations an OBE exit is in progress.

    Realize that, whatever state you are in, pre obe, obe, dream, etc, that you need to become conscious. And apart from exploring and having fun and undergoing occasional tests, the big test is to start taking control...and to begin interacting with the intelligence behind the environment. This is how commands works, and why. You are working with your higher self, or something higher to which you are also connected


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    Re: Can one enter astral realm before leaving body?

    Thanks much for the information.

    Actually earlier this year my mother passed away and on her last day she saw my grandmother (deceased) in the room with her. This experience erased all doubts in my mind that I ever had about an afterlife and affected me quite deeply as though I knew I had finally "figured it out". I've figured that these OBE experiences are probably the next logical step for my spirituality to progress. I'll be proceeding with caution...

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    Re: Can one enter astral realm before leaving body?

    Lucid dreaming and programmed dreaming are the best way to connect with deceased spirits.

    Enjoy the is truly life changing.


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