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Thread: Growing taller

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    Re: Growing taller

    I had an internet friend who claimed he had lenthened his legs by an inch and a half by doing "weighted kicks" while training for martial arts. Years ago when I had an interest in hypnotism I also read a strange story where someone claimed to have hypnotised this farmer in his early 20s who was scared to grow up, after curing him the guy was meant to have grown 5 ins overnight. utter unproved anecdotes both of course,

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    I think this is a pretty cool idea if it's possible, if people can send someone growing-taller energy to make him grow taller, without having to worry about the exact chemical or physical details, and when he's 6 ft he says "a wow I'm 6 foot tall now", and when he's 6 ft 6 he says "I'm tall enough thanks, you can stop now", and when he's 7 ft tall he says "I'm getting a bit too tall now, could you stop please?", and when he's 8 ft tall he says "please stop", but the magicians just say "be careful what u wish for lol", and when he's 9 ft tall he says "fine I'm a giant all ready let's just see how tall you can make me", and the magicians start thinking about the physical changes necessary and they change his nerves so that he can feel his feet and walk around fine without needing crutches, and eventually he's so big that his brain feels soon to start feeling uncomfortable under its own weight, so they stop growing his head and just keep growing the rest of him, and when people ask him how he became a giant he says "magic", and people say "really?", and he says "yes", and the magicians responsible show themselves and everyone says "wow that's interesting, I has assumed that was impossible".

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    Re: Growing taller

    One's ego assumes one's natural form - divine is a natural word - I have been one to interpret faith this way. My eyes used to look all angry and sad, then I cared about them. They are usually diamond-like they should be, now. The key is to ascertain what of the form needs reproving. It is not so important to know how, for that love has the ways it needs.

    This also is why I don't think ego has to be a "bad word" - it does do something, if you let it, connect you with the universe as life sees itself... positively.

    EDIT: As well - it is only natural to care about how you look. It is not narcissim, it prevents narcissism. Narcism is when you care about that in others.
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    the nature vs nurture debate

    Spiritualised humans are default 40% nature, 60% nurture ("light/love").
    Ordinary folks stick with 60% nature, 40% nurture ("love/light").

    Understanding both sides of the coin is called grace.

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    Re: the nature vs nurture debate

    How to become more than 60% nurture? And how to exceed the default 100% overall?

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    Re: Growing taller

    I also wonder how glucose is related to this topic of nurturing, as it is said that glucose is a fundamental source of energy in the organism. Glucose is a result of photosynthesis (a synthesis between atoms and sunlight, or in other words between yin and yang). I think it is a key question here, as body strongly seems to rely on glucose.

    Can we decrease amount of glucose needed for the body? Replace it with the direct light and qi / prana nourishment (instead of indirect photosynthesis process with combination of oxygen)?

    It is interesting to note what traditional chinese medicine (TCM) says here, combining the pancreas with Earth element and sweet taste (glucose is referenced to this taste). Its role, along with stomach and spleen, is in TCM more important than the western medicine suggests, stating mainly about insulin involved in the digestion process. Glucose is also said to be a main fuel to brain (brain is related to Air element, and oxygen atoms plays a big role in the processing glucose; brain is absent in TCM medical theory). However, spleen is referenced in TCM as a source of thoughts. Of course this means that oxygen, photosynthesis, and the Earth-related organs are directly related to brain, the nervous system and mental functions of the body. Glucose as a quality (not just molecules as presented by science) with its relation to the sunlight and oxygen seems to maintain the most important functions of the design which human body is.
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