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Thread: Lucid Dreaming Devices

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    Re: Lucid Dreaming Devices

    The Rolls Royce of the one CFTraveler mentioned is supposedly the Laxman light and sound machine here:

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    Re: Lucid Dreaming Devices

    No doubt it is a perfect system for AudioStrobe decoding enabling you to implement many professional music CDs or programs. Anyhow, If it looks as good as it sounds I will have to get it.

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    I have a device called the Kasina. It is a pretty good light sound device. There are two types of eyewear. One where your eyes are closed and the other where they are open. I have both and prefer the eye open one. I fall asleep to easily with my eyes closed.
    I have ordered a specific lucid dreaming device called the ibandplus. It should ship by June. It detects when you are in REM sleep via a headband EEG that flashes lights on your eyelids to inform you you are dreaming. Hopefully in your dream you notice the flashing lights and become lucid.

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